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My story: Epididymitis and finally hope


I will be yet another guy who joins here with a similar story but I vow to make tomorrow better than today and keep everyone updated.

I had vas performed Nov 2017. 6 weeks later noticed lingering pain in right epididymis. Had trouble connecting it to any particular causes that would trigger it. Went through typical antibiotics. Bactram, Cipro (had to stop due to reaction but more on that in a bit). Ultrasound revealed the dreaded epididymitis. Tried Doxycycline. No relief. Told to wait 6 weeks and see if it improves. During that time I was convinced it was congestion based on my own feel of my body on volume of output, swelling, etc. I started papaya seed powder about 3 weeks ago to alleviate that and also for AI concerns. Also learned that hot soaks and heat helped but ice hurt. Pain meds really did nothing.

I went to a wellness doctor last week because I believe strongly in alternative methods supplementing traditional routes. I suffer from migraines and actually have a handle on those now in my life based on alternative treatments and better understanding of body. During the interview what struck her as odd was that ice hurt and the pain I have now is different from post-op recovery. Also found out my reaction was actually to Aleve which was new but likely brought on because my body was not able to process antibiotics anyway after taking so much in a period.

After a chiropractic eval, it was abundantly obvious that I was way out of alignment. Things that I never noticed were made clear to me. My wife was present and amazed at things the Dr showed. Legs uneven, hips tipped, etc. Turns out they all contributed to some compression and no doubt a negative effect. After some adjustments I instantly felt the acute pain in epi lighten. This wknd was best yet and I now can understand the radiating pain is likely due to that. My focus was just on the epi but the issue was larger. My system was off and the vas likely introduced a new pain feedback loop that I wasn’t able to handle. It seemed like ground zero was the epi but the root issue was something else.

I am going for comprehensive bloodwork this week to test everything from white cell count to T-levels, to PSA to thyroid. Learning about my body’s ability to react to this will be powerful. I plan to continue down this path and will provide updates but I was nearly in tears in front of my wife and Dr when I stood up with 60% less pain after one adjustment. Today I have hope.



Congrats. I have no doubt of the benefit of chiropractic, PT, pelvic floor PT, and exercise in reducing the radiating pain. I know that the PTs and chiros weren’t BSing me when they found muscle tension, inflexible hips, and tight hamstrings. There’s definitely a vicious circle that causes vas pain to expand to the whole pelvic and lower extremity regions.



I went back to urologist today and he thought the radiating pain was strange and unlikely to be caused by vasectomy, however admitted that if something was less than normal neurologically before the procedure, that it certainly could seem more pronounced after. Essentially supporting the theory of introducing a new pain feedback loop. You could have pain firing back to your testicles.

He proposed waiting 3 more months, pursuing alternative methods I’ve looked into (chiro, acupuncture, etc) and then if they don’t help, he wants to discuss removing the epi. My sincere hope is the other methods will help here because I am very much not into more surgery unless it becomes very clear it’s last resort. He also recommended an orthopedic visit just to assess if structurally everything is good and not contributing additional pain.

I also went this morning for comprehensive bloodwork to establish some baselines. Looking forward to getting those back and beginning other care just as a new hope. It was funny when urology nurse took BP after giving blood in the morning and I was way lower than normal!




How’s this for alignment? Stick with the posture and alignment therapies. They’ll help more than anything. Pelvic injuries will screw you up.

This was me at 1 year out. My damage is on the right side so those muscles are extremely weak. They can no longer support me upright like they did before so I’ve become the leaning tower of Pisa. This has taken a huge toll on my back and neck.

Everything has to line up. When something is off, the whole Thing doesn’t work right.



My non-medical opinion from years of observation and personal experience is that removing the epi’s is the last surgical option to pursue. Makes no sense when reversal is available as an option.

Please do some research on this and get 2nd and 3rd opinions. I’ve seen 4 of the most prominent urologists who treat men with PVPS and had a phone consult with another making 5. They’ve all been named on this board at one time or another. Not one of them suggested epi removal as a first or second surgical option. Also, don’t discount Pain Management (meds, injections, etc.).



That’s interesting because that is exactly what is happening to me. Pain is radiating out and my nerves in my legs are going mental. Constant twitching on my calf muscles and sciatic pain as well as from the groin and hip area.



My thinking very much aligns with yours. It would take a mountain of compelling evidence from several sources regarding my case to make me take out epi’s. Even though he said 3 months let’s talk, I don’t see myself there.

Interestingly enough, my bottom end vas is buried on another plane to also help prevent failure. This along with 1cm removed from each and also double tied and cauterized means it’s complex. He says that epi removal would actually leave the remaining piece of bottom vas in the body. Odd to me to leave a free floating couple of cm’s of vas cord in there.

Another “highlight” - I was apparently the “2nd guy in thousands I’ve done to have pain like this this many months after” …thanks I’m glad I won the unlucky lottery…



Just an update on my side. I’m noticing significant strides in the past few weeks since addressing spinal subluxation/misalignment. My blood tests and T scores came back well except I was very low on vitamin D. I’ve begun a high-grade vitamin regimen along with D supplement and also a turmeric-based supplement to address some inflammation). I certainly notice increased energy and while some days I feel “heavy” down there, the pain doesn’t seem so acute in the epididymis. As an analogy, if that was once ground zero, or a bullseye of pain, i notice less pain but in a more generalized area. It’s as if the pain is zooming out or something if that makes sense. I also notice less periods of inflammed epi leading to flare up pain.

I really think it’s likely that the subluxation issues were there but tolerable and only after vas was introduced to the region, a whole new array of pain loop was set into a frenzy and I basically never got over it and never recovered from that stage after procedure. My optimism and hope has now replaced the dark acceptance that I might always live in pain and have to just deal.

I heavily recommend going to an integrative health doctor who will invest in finding out if the body is in top form to heal. If we are at full health, our bodies to amazing things. We often have a slow gradual slide to less ideal and then put band-aids over underlying issues.



I vowed to continue updates and just checking back in. I sincerely believe that my long winding journey through thinking I had congestion due to epididymitis was actually in fact just the introduction of a new pain loop that was amplified with spinal and nerve compression that had existed prior. There is real science behind this and my efforts to focus on chiro care and core strengthening combined with stretches that help pelvic floor has been my healing path. Esp if you are someone who sits all day then you MUST work hard to get the body to open back up those pathways. We’re not as young as we once were and a surgery like this really just highlights a pre-existing state. If anyone is feeling tenderness in their lower back or hips, it’s likely L3, L4, L5 or sacral subluxation that should be investigated to supplement care.



This is interesting you say this @Process76, as am that guy… congested related pains due to EPI but also a guy who sits all day and has leg/hip/back related issues. As you mentioned these pains could of been masked before the VAS and brought to the forefront after the VAS and all the pain and stress it brought with it that probably triggered my other pains to the forefront. I had Osteo/Chiro/Pelvic treatments but nothing worked for me but i don’t rule out the connection between all of this. Maybe i just need to find the right practitioner who can put me on the right path to healing…



Hi @Process76, did acupuncture help you at all?



Acupuncture wasn’t much of an impact. I’d say that chiro and then working hard to do pelvic floor stretching combined with overall core work was the best. Initial chiro work relieved over half the pain but then the body can re-adjust and i was able to get to 95% with stretching that target pelvic floor. Sure, i have some days that are tougher and lots of sitting or strenuous work can bother me but I’ll take this over what I had any day!