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My story, 1yr update

Apologies for length of post here in advance. Long time passive viewer of this site and want to thank all of you contributors for sharing your stories as it truly did help with answers in the darkest of times… Here is my story: Sept. '19 marks my 1yr vasectomy anniversary. Routine procedure, no pain for first few days even joked with friends and family how painless it was in comparison to what i thought. Day 5 or so felt backed-up so went in for release and noticed a slight tinge feeling on my right side right after. Unusual as it was i gave it no thought, almost felt like i popped a stitch or something but fairly minor pain just an odd pinch like feeling…Felt ok as the week progressed nothing extremely out of ordinary other some slight discomfort on my right side, by day 9 i went to bed and felt a noticeable dull ache on right side as i was laying down for bed. Told my wife how odd if felt and that night couldn’t sleep. At 2am that night i discovered this site and others and for the first time and had a full-blown panic attack with all the stories i read about PVPS. How did i not know of this beforehand? How was PVPS not spelled out in the pre-surgery paperwork?.. Had several co-workers and family to get it done, if they were fine, clearly i would be ok and this was low-risk right?!..

Fast forward 3 weeks, I had now been back to my original Uro 2x, as the roller coaster of pain continued. Some days it felt ok, as low as a 1 on the pain scale and other times it flared up to where I could hardly concentrate at work or even sleep. Some nights it kept me up all night and the longer I could not sleep I would panic and pace around the house (don’t recommend this guys) If I did sleep, I would wake up within 2hrs from the pain knocking at my brains door. The Uro gave me a few rounds of NSAID scripts along with a steady diet of recommending baths and rest. They treated me a bit like a crazy person…told me its inflammation and not to worry. At one point he told me to go out and get Vit E if there was scar tissue causing pain…Around this time I went in for my first Ultra-sound. Results came back fine, found a cyst but nothing out of ordinary. By the end of the 2nd month I decided to seek a 2nd opinion I was getting nowhere with original Uro, he was dismissive and short. Described my situation to the new Uro he was younger guy, perhaps he was my age at most (35). He walked in the room and was convinced he had to remove my Epi. He told me that was the best course of action from his experience although he had only done it once. He did not notice congestion but figured that was what it was… After getting home and doing my research I couldn’t believe that was his first approach, so needless to say I never returned to him.

By December I had not done any much of any physical activity (not that I really could) and I was getting really depressed. What killed me more than the pain was the lack of sleep. It made me literally crazy. I saw my GP and got on all kinds of anti-anxiety meds. Saw a pain specialist and they got on Gabapentin. The pain morphed into full on nerve pain where I felt tingling sensations all around my inner thigh and pelvic region as it shot up through me like electricity. My pelvic floor began to lock up on me and I was now having to get up to go pee quite often. Saw a pelvic floor specialist and felt immediate relief. I could finally get a sense for how tight my right muscles were right below the “sit-bone”. I have to thank this site for being the ones that recommended Physical therapy as a way to reduce pain as I would have never thought of it had it not been for this forum. I also tried crushed papaya seeds from Amzn from this site but diddn’t notice much of a difference.

It wasn’t until I went on a work trip and was in terrible pain the entire trip only to come back on a 3hr leg from California that had a ton of turbulence did I wind up in the ER. I really thought they were going to have to remove my right nut the pain was so bad, I thought clearly something was wrong (twisted etc.) they did another ultrasound and guess what?! Nothing! not really any inflammation or anything to note. Sent me packing with some pain meds. This was a real low point, I didn’t get up out of bed that weekend and had a breakdown in front of my family, I was really at a loss for answers and just felt helpless. The pain was attached to my brain and It was playing mind control on me. I was a real F’n mess.
I was now thinking of surgical intervention of some-sort as although it had only been month 3 I was clearly not getting better and my quality of life was completely shot. I wanted to enjoy being around my family and not being a total grump, I wanted to be active with them again and most importantly sleep soundly again through the night! I found a Dr. who specializes in reversals and who wrote some early literature on PVPS here in my hometown. I decided to get an appt. scheduled with him. He was booked solid for 3 weeks. Days felt like an eternity as I awaited my consult as the pain only seemed to worsen and I was at my breaking point. I saw him and it took him about 2min in the examination to say that he thought the right vas had been tethered to my spermatic cord high up on the cord where the surgical titanium clip was. He said he did not have a crystal ball to know for certain but said he was 75% sure that was the main issue. He scheduled my for surgery the following week a day after Christmas. He was going to re-do my right side and cauterize the vas and remove clips and clean up any scar tissue.

Surgery was just over and hour and I woke up in a ton of pain in the first 24hrs but immediately could tell I had some relief on my nerve. He told me he saw exactly what he expected. The clip had latched on to my cord and his words were that it had tethered…The pain was noticeable but manageable as I slowly recovered on the couch, It went from nerve pain to actual normal incision pain…this was tolerable! Enough that I logged some solid sleep. My right ball would move around constantly like the skin or something that contracts it when it’s cold was in hyperdrive but sensations were starting to normalize…I felt like I had lost 3 months of my life but that I had been given a new lease on life. In some regard I felt like this Dr. saved my life, because the life I was living was a walking f’n nightmare. It was hell on earth. Its torturing to see your family do things and you have to sit on the sidelines of life in pain, stewing on why you did the procedure…full or regret…just the worst experience that only some of you on this board can empathize with.

Fast forward to today, I am not completely pain free – I have a sizeable lump where the incision was, pretty sure this is scar tissue. I have had several flare ups, one here recently that lasted 4-5 days… not sure if its phantom nerve pain or what but its not as intense but it does remind me of appreciating the days before the Vasectomy of being completely normal. I am not convinced I don’t have some congestion pain either, which is why it can tend to flare up after sex but not all the time. I continue to work out as normal as that helps me so much mentally. Its best not to think about it (easier said than done). I don’t complain to my wife or anyone and tell the Dr. during follow ups that I am good because I am good and Its better for me not to even think about it. I may not ever be 100% but I have found a way to tolerate the pain and live with it in hopes that someday I am completely normal again. I am not opposed to a reversal down the road if the flare ups are more frequent but for now I am happy with my progress.

To all those in search of answers, continue to seek the best help you can get from medical professionals that actually listen and understand what you’re going through. Again, thank you to all those posters out there on this site and others like it for sharing your stories, although at times It can lead you down a dark rabbit hole there is some great content on here. Hopefully one day there is a documentary or some publication on the dangers of Vasectomies!


Who was the reversal doc? Sounds like a smart guy.

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Dr. Nangia

Said I was the 3rd patient he’s fixed for same issue.

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Thanks for sharing your story @Hawk34. We have several adhesion complication stories on this site and yours is definitely detailed and unique.

Again, thanks for sharing, and let us know how things pan out in the long run.

Dr. Nangia is one of the original “good guys”. He did his fellowship like Dr. Parekatill under my reversal doc, Dr. Thomas, at the Cleveland Clinic. I talked with Nangia back in 2008-09 during my first post-reversla relapse.

It seems like the uros who actually care about us and see the risks of vasectomy seem to come from only a couple of trees here in the US going back 20-30 years. Thomas, Marks, Werthman, and Levine. Guessing all the good guys in the US today are disciples of one of those four. A couple others in Canada but their names escape me at the moment.

Keith Jarvi for one. He has collaborated on a couple of papers about PVPS that take it extremely seriously.

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Is Nangia in Kansas City?

I vaguely recall he was at University of Kansas when I spoke with him.

Yea, he’s still at KU Med in KC.