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My sexual functioning permanently decreased by 75% after my vasectomy at age 32, what could the doctor have cut to cause this if that was the case since it bled for 25 min during surgery?

I had a vasectomy 10 years ago at age 32 but something went terribly wrong after my vasectomy, the worse nightmare that a man can ask for which was my sexual functioning was permanently decreased by 75% with erections that felt over exerted and worn out sexually. To function like normal I had to reduce it from 6 or 8 times a week to only twice a week and even at twice a week I ejaculated quicker or the erections may be slightly over worked. If I tried to function a 3rd time especially 4th(which I don’t dare do ever since then) in that week, my erection would be very over exerted, tired out or painful like a burning erection. To make you understand more clearly, of the men that cannot achieve a second or third erection after ejaculation but try to, that second or 3rd erection would hurt due to being over worked sexually, well thats how I felt permanently at 3 especially 4 times a week after the vasectomy whereas before 6 to 8 times a week was no problem.

Heres a summary of my vasectomy-

I arrived at the surgery room in general hospital and my doctor had me lay down on my front in order for him to do the incision (quite high) into my scrotum. He clamped my left vas deferens and informed me he wanted to do a special method to guarantee the success of my vasectomy by turning (or twisting-if I remembered his explanation correctly) the vas a number of times to a certain degree and asked me to turn to my right side as he kept my vas clamped. Then as he kept the clamp in place (or making adjustments with the clamp or applied a 2nd clamp if im correct[?]) he asked me to turn all the way to my left side as he kept the vas clamped. Then after (whatever he was doing with the clamp or applied another clamp) he asked me to lay on my front again for him to do the cutting of that vas and as soon as he cut it it bled for 25 minutes as he continued applying the cauterization heated tool and liquid over and over again to eventually stop the bleeding, his exact words as he was doing this was, “I cannot tie the vas until it completely stops bleeding”.

He did not ask me to turn to my sides when he clamped my right vas, maby it was because my right testi is quite high in my scrotum perhaps and there was no bleeding at all to my right vas when he made the cut, so why was their 25 min bleeding on my left vas but not the right? When I had a reversal from a different doctor 3 years later (in which the reversal did not bring my functioning to normal as before vasectomy), no bleeding at all occurred on both vas deferens, so another question is why was there 25 min bleeding during vasectomy on left side but not during reversal? Another patient of his I noticed left a review 7 months after his vasectomy (some years after my vasectomy) stating he has extensive problems getting an erection and the doctor told him it will return, but its been 7 months.

So my other questions are, any possible chance he cut something in addition to the vas that he may of clamped along with it or applied a second clamp onto something else (like a nerve that controls or affects the erection for example) close by the vas since it bled for 25 min and most of all because of the permanent 75% reduction that occurred after my vasectomy. For what exact reason did my doctor ask me to turn to my sides as he held the clamp in place(or placed additional clamps), was it to turn or twist my vas to a certain degree as he said as a special method just before cutting, is this a method applied and used by doctors and how often? How would that improve the success of my vasectomy? If anything my vasectomy was the worst disaster of my lifetime. certainly no success.

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Hi domnic,

I highly recommend you look into reversing your vasectomy. Do this only with the best reversal surgeon you can find. This happened to me too. I’ve spent years researching. It’s not what he might have did or how he might have cut something else. This is what I believe,

Some of us react poorly to vasectomy because our body has never seen sperm in the blood stream. It’s likely because our blood/testes barrier is different to other people. There is recent research suggesting that proteins excreted from the testes help the immune system cope with some sperm in our blood however for us (maybe less than 10%) our body hasn’t seen these proteins and so when sperm is introduced through the vasectomy it causes all sorts of problems. The immune system sees this as an attack and in turn causes inflammation of the testes and reduced production of testosterone.

I am 1.5years post reversal and my sexual function is back to 100%. The hell you describe is a hell I know… get out of that hell pronto.

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There is recent research suggesting that proteins excreted from the testes help the immune system cope with some sperm in our blood

Any chance you could point me to a link or a study?

Thanks for the replies. I do understand from whats reported online that vasectomies affect men differently, for most no affect or difference at all, whereas for some they notice a difference, to there is a small percentage that notices a major or extreme difference like in my case. I did receive a reversal that seemed to have made no difference at all, I was still not able to bring my sexual functioning (that doesn’t even involve intercourse because I don’t really care for that) to full extent as before the surgeries (6 to 8 times per week/ to 2 times per week after surgeries)(its slightly less now since I aged 10 years since then).

THIS IS WHY I asked that question to find if in the extreme rare occasion that a doctor may have cut something he wasn’t suppose to either accidently or purposely. I asked this because of the 75% sexual reduction that has occurred after my vasectomy.

Heres the question-How often do urologists hold the vas in place with a clamp and ask the patient to turn to his side as another clamp is applied(if he did it exactly that way), and as patient turns all the way to his other side as clamps are still held in place in order to turn or twist the vas just before cutting in order to improve vasectomy results? Do urologist preform this exact procedure, if not then why did my urologist ask me to turn to sides as he held the clamp(s) in place, for what exact reason?

NOTE- In his report of my vasectomy, he incorrectly stated that an exact procedure was preformed on my other vas when he clamped and cut it immediatly and didn’t spend what seemed 10 minutes of asking me to turn to my sides while applying clamps and then cutting.

Is there any possible chance my urologist had me turn to my sides in order to find a certain nerve or other tissue close by that if clamped along with my vas and cut simutaneously it would affect a man’s erection and sex drive? Remember that it bled for 25 minutes when there was no bleeding when he cut other vas, and no bleeding at all when I got the reversal.

Are your testicles any smaller. One of mine has shrunk and a urologist from another city that done my reversal said that the dr had cut the blood supply to the testicle during an epididectomy. How ever I had similar problems after the original vasectomy. I feel that some of us are dealt to

ALSO could only reversal one side those
Epididectomy are what make you permanently sterile. Cannot reverse so if you change your want and want to be fertile again you can’t

My testicals seem to have just slightly shrunk through the years. My sexual reduction occurred immediately at 32 and was never able to bring it to 6 or 8 times a week, only twice per week, now its about once every 4 or 5 days.

I know this thread seems far fetched that a doctor would intentionly cut something to reduce a man’s sexual capability, but its the fact that a 75% reduction occurred has leaded me to ask these questions.

So no other doctor in the world clamps the vas that way by having the patient turn to sides in order to twist the vas before cutting? Or is this method practiced by other doctors? He took alot of time applying and adjusting the clamp(s) as I made those turns, maby 10 to 15 minutes. What exactly did he clamp along with the vas. Was it only the vas that he clamped and cut?

One thing for certain, its 2020 and police officers must have a camera on their person in order to protect the public as well as themselves. Well this should be policy and law for doctors during surgery as well because its our life they have in their hands just like when being approached by a cop just in case something terrible happens there will be proof as to what.

Since my surgery was not recorded, i’m thinking to book an appointment to get an MRI, not from a normal MRI machine that I already received years ago, but from the most advance MRI in the world that will show more precise details to prove precisely what my doctor has cut.

That seems very odd to me. I lay on my back and the only clamp that he used was to grab at the vas. At no stage was I clamped and turned just cut tide stitched and home my vasectomy was the original one they never cauterized only cut a section out and tied both ends. The reason I had an epididectomy was I had PVPS. Otherwise my vasectomy was pretty routine. I was also in my 30,s it altered the orgasm by 30%. I am really sorry mate that your experience was like it was. At 32 you should not be having any sexual issues.