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My reversal recovery journal

A few people have asked me to up date the group on my reversal recovery. Rather than hijacking others threads, I am starting one here. As you have seen me state, please nothing negative as I am focused on recovery and need all the positive healing thoughts in my mind. I feel obligated to post as I used this forum as support and advisor. I am still going through recovery so I am not sure the outcome but truly believe I will heal. (Must have belief to heal the body).

So back background:
-Vasectomy April 15, 2019 (dark lame day). I was very anxious during the procedure which did not help.
-Pain pretty constant after the vasectomy. As I understand more now, I was dealing with inflammation and then nerve issues.

  • switched urologist in week 8 as mine was not proving helpful or empathetic. Saw dr werthman in LA and really liked him. Also spoke with with Dr Turek and really liked him too.
  • received steroid pack for inflammation as Aleve wasn’t cutting it. Most importantly, doc referred me to pelvic floor therapy though I had to find my own local one.
  • started pelvic floor therapy July 1. At first I wa led a skeptic. In hindsight, best decision and money ever. She got both the nerves and scare tissue down. I will go deeper below in my understanding as to why it’s working.
  • saw massive improvement over 3 months as nerves calmed down as did inflammation. Saw PT 1-2 a week. We even toons fam beach trip in August
  • Unfortunately, my epi’s did not calm down.
  • whenever this misses and I tried to enjoy the new found non baby freedom, pain would spike for a few days, which would then re trigger inflammation and nerve pain. Viscious cycle.
  • looking at options, I wanted to focus on healing long term and decided on reversal end of sept. I want Christmas and summer 2020!
  • I was very VERY nervous as if this was the right decision. I still have some concern but mostly feel it was right.
  • the first 1-3 weeks were absolute hell. I got the lowest I ever got in life. Like low low low.
  • i fortunately started reading books and really turned my mental side around which has definitely helped my physical side.

(So this post is the background. I will post my next entry now from another posting I posted at the 3 week mark. I will try and keep this up to date going forward, though I am purposely staying away as I focus on positiveness as I recover to 100%)

Day 20 update:

reversal was 20 days ago. Initially, recovery was bad and I did develop a pretty good size hematoma when I moved from the car and felt a zing. I would say the first 2 weeks were terrible, much to do with mentality and pain. I felt broken. In hindsight, much of mental state significantly hurt my healing, probably same with the original vasectomy. Currently, stating around day 11, I am taking virtually no pain meds / NSAIDs based on the theory they slow down recovery. I have moments when I do need to take them but limiting them to 2 200 mg ibuprofen.

Knock on wood, but i seem to have tamed inflammation at last. Today, I have had some pain free moments and will continue to focus on them.

Below, I will go over what I find to be working at least for me. Before you read this, please note this can be seen as very hippy dippy. Please do not respond anything negative as my focus is on 100% recovery and I need all my mind on the positives. With that said, here’s what I found to be best:

  1. I am realizing how strong my body can be of i allow it to. Stressing significantly sets your body back from healing. Naturally, I am stressed so this compounded the problem. 2 fantastic books I read helped me get my mind straight. “You are the Placebo” and “The Tapping Solution for Pain” both have hugely impacted me for the positive. If some people can heal their back or other parts, why can’t we. These have changed my mindset which is showing up in my healing.
  2. Based on those 2 books, i am meditating daily. I was never one of those before. This significantly reduces my pain levels when I do it. This morning at 5 am, I did the complete 45 minute meditation from the placebo book and I was pain free and happy this morning. I trust in the future I will become pain free if I keep it up. My body can heal.
  3. I am resting a ton. Thanks god my wife is taking on the kids even as she works a ton. That’s helping.
  4. I completely cut sugar, coffee, alcohol out of my diet and am doing anti-inflammation diet.
  5. Supplements: zyflamend, bromaline for the hematoma, melatonin for sleep as I struggle with this due to stress, magnesium for sleep and turmeric. I just started taking Serrapeptase which can help heal and minimize scar tissue. Arnica pulls
  6. I am working from home and doing about 2 epson salt baths a day which is often when I do tapping meditations.
  7. I have started do lymphatic drainage which is a machine that supposed to pull out inflammation and help you detox. I believe it’s helping and I read it can help prevent scar tissue as well. Yep, the therapist does that area too.
  8. I will return to my pelvic specialist next week as doc said i could do come week 4.

I have my ups and downs. Yesterday, my epi’s were hurting which I do not like as that what I am concerned about long-term. However, given not past week 3 and barely taking pain med, I think i am on the right track.

Once again, I think our bodies can heal us if we put them in the right place which includes mentally as well as physically. If you are open to trying anything, like I am / was, I encourage reading either or both books as I would not have be as far along without them. I know it sounds weird, but it’s working. Especially if you are a stressed by nature like me.

As stated, I am avoiding this forum as much as possible during my personal recovery. When I recover, I will be an active user to help others. What I ask the most is for no negativism on my very out there thoughts.

God bless you all in your recoveries. (and I am not religious)

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Today’s update.

I am 4 weeks and 1 day past reversal.

  • still in pain which tends to spike at night.
  • primary pain seems to be nerve pain. It either shows as stabbing spikey feeling throughout the nuts or vice like throbbing pain at the base of the nuts.
  • despite the negative above, I feel like I am healing. I am waking up each morning feeling less and less pain. Some mornings have had none.
  • I restarted doing pelvic floor therapy which has been incredible. On Monday, she worked solely on my stomach and it reduced so much pain. I felt a good numb up to kneck and on Tuesday no stabbing pains. Like none. And very little today.
  • I am restarting this twice a week for the next 2 months. She will work outside in like stomach / leg areas and then slowly back to the center. She can’t even touch the nuts until another 4 weeks per her and the doc. Regardless, she needs to focus on outside
  • saw my doc today. My swimmers are swimming and fertile. So that just mentally feels good
  • I am a bit skeptical of docs but he fully supports pelvic floor therapy as he first recommended me there. His explanation of why pelvic work helps “your muscles are tight and constrict the nerves. Then the nerves fire causing the muscles to constrict. It’s a cycle and the explanation makes sense.
  • I feel I will beat this as i have already beat nerve pain once and I am starting therapy much sooner this time and more aware. Plus mentality is better
  • pain is primarily sitting in the base today and a little fire feeling. I have pt tomorrow which is going to tackle that uncomfortable spot (all I will say about that)
  • meds / supplements: I am pretty much sticking to the supplements above. I was taking a bit too much so I am reading labels. For example I don’t need to take stand alone B cuz the nerve pills have it. Little to no pain meds. Though I have a meeting I have to go I to the office next week and definitely planning on taking pain meds to get
  • food: i have cheated slightly at moment a with an occasional cheesit or carb but sticking to it for the most part. No sugar, no alcohol, barely dairy, no coffee (I miss coffee)
  • still 2 baths a day for the hematoma and pain
  • new book finding interesting and helpful: “Mind Over Medicine”
  • still doing healing specific meditation in the morning.
  • my wife is being amazing and I need to shout that out here. She’s taking on 2 young boys, working her busy and doing everything at home so I can heal i owe her months off after this
  • overall, still have a road ahead but I fully focused on recovering and my body can do it if my mind leads it’s
  • the hematoma will likely be with me for 6-8 months based on the size but it’s manageable.

Anyways, onward. I am happy to answer questions. I just want to keep any negative healing stories out of this blog as I am knee deep in my recovery.

Best wishes to all the guys and girls of the guys on here.

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Thanks for sharing - great stuff! I’m about 2 weeks behind you but trying to do much of the same (not quite as diligent with mediation though). FWIW, this is all very consistent with what I’ve heard from Dr. Mark and Dr. Gronski…both really focused on the mental aspect and encourage PT.

I’m interested in hearing more about the lymphatic drainage whenever you are up for it. You mentioned a machine…is that something you do or PT?

Happy to respond. The lymphatic drain was done by a different person. It seemed to help inflammation but I really can’t tell if it did or not. I did 3 sessions and have 3 more since I purchased a block.

I haven’t done it in a week or so. I had really hard time sleeping the night of treatment. Nothing I read or asked about mentioned that as a common side effect so maybe just coincidental. This whole surgery process has really messed up sleeping in general for me between the pain and the stress / worry.

I will be using up the remaining 3 but likely spreading it out in 2 week increments. It’s supposed to help with scar tissue, both prevent and break down so I will return in a few weeks we i am getting past the 6 week mark. (I keep hearing that 6 - 12 weeks is a healing milestone post surgery.)

Long story short, my inflammation did go down that week and a half I did 4 treatments. I can’t say for sure it was the result of the treatment or just coincidence. I am not certain I got my “money’s worth” but i am not trying to be penny wise, pound foolish on healing so I am not sad about trying it.

Hope that helps. Not really sure if it does.
I have also tryied acupuncture. I got some weird sensations and it was kind of stressing me out so I stopped. I don’t like needles.

and as a follow up, I have no idea if meditation is working, but I figure it ain’t hurting. All the more “hippy” books i am reading day it’s the best medicine. I am not always stoked to do it but always happy after.

Maybe I will keep it up when done, but who.

How are you doing and feeling 2 weeks after. Hopefully you are getting supported and can rest.

Thanks again to both my wife and my boss who’s encouraging me to work from home for being super cool throughout this.

Hi @Sbnick, thank you very much for your update.

Who did you do the reversal with?

Dr werthman in la. He does not specialize in pain per se like the Pur Clinic in LA. He’s more of a fertility and reversal specialist.

Overall, I liked him. He’s not the most compassionate positive doc as he gives straight forward no bs answers. He did not push into a reversal and went through other options first. I did like how his initial instructions were to see a pelvic floor specialist which I appreciated.

He did a fine job, though the healing side is on me and my body

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To do an update 2 days later, this nerve pain is really a roller coaster. Yesterday, I woke up feeling fantastic. Unbelievable. Though, writhin 2 hours, the base was firing. Grrr

I had pelvic PT yesterday and she focused quite a bit on the surrounding areas of the base which significantly improved the base.

However, last night was some of the worst pain ever at the surgery sites. It’s my understanding that this is to be expected as she trying to release the muscles and the nerves one step at a time from out to in. So as one area gets released the next layer down is firing the loudest.

Both the doc and PT keep reminding me that I beat this nerve pain the first time around so I can beat it again. I am positive despite the roller coaster ride of nerve pain. My epi’s feel great relative to pre reversal. Just need to finish the healing (6-12 weeks) and keep calming down the nerves to be 100% recovered. I am hopeful i will have an epic Xmas with the fam.


I know you’ve had your ups and downs but I can tell your head is in a much better place now than a few weeks ago. Keep positive; it sounds like your improving. Your success is all of our success.

Today marks 5 week post reversal.

I still have work to go but I feel like I am turning the corner.

  • I have had some nerve crinkly feeling in the mornings when walking to school but very little and cold mornings.
  • nuts are still sensitive and a bit sore but seems to be less and less.
  • i am seeming to be able to sit in a more normal position. My Pelvic PT had focused on that area in my last 2 sessions (last Thursday/yesterday) as I have a long meeting in the office tomorrow.
  • I am excited that I just know I will fully heal. My mind is leading my body through it. In 3 weeks, my pt can work directly on the surgery sites to release the nerves and fascia. My body is remembering / relearning what it’s like to not have pain there. It’s amazing.

Anyways, still work to be done, both physically and emotionally. Definitely have / had aspects of ptsd.

Going to keep working on my mind through meditation, keep up with pelvic pt for at least 2-3 months, keeping off of coffee and alcohol (coffee is what i want the most), keep working from home, and taking all the supplements with barely taking pain killers.


So happy to hear about your recovery. Again, I can tell a big improvement in your state of mind the last few weeks.

Did your dr give you any advise on what to do and not to do to fight inflamation and reduce be risk of scarring? I know you said your avoiding ibuprofen but I’ve seen it said that fighting inflation with it can help reducing scarring, but it can slow healing so it’s a double edged sword.

Congrats on your progress! Sounds like you’re getting stronger and better by the day. Why no coffee though ?

Thanks man. He did not. I used a combo of my PT, the acupuncturist I saw a few times, the lymph drain person I saw and the internet. First time around, I had massive inflammation at weeks 5 and on. This time very little come week 5. I am sure eating well, rest, meditation and ditching coffee all helped. Prob more than anything stress reduction and taking it super lazy / ez.

Pleased you are pn the mend man its a long recovery road. I never knocked off coffee I still drink more tea than coffee but still drink it. I can’t see why you stop coffee. Can somebody enlighten me.

Honestly, at first I just figured healthier the better. As I was fighting inflammation, i figured coffee would add to inflammation.

Now as I am dealing with the post surgery nerve issues, my pelvic pt said caffeine can stimulate the nerves. She herself loves coffee and won’t tell me not to. For me, i figure why take the step back in fighting my nerves right now. As soon as they can calm down completely and return to their happy state, I likely will return to coffee at some point. I have at least 2 more months to deal with nerves as it’s 3 more weeks until she’s work on releasing the fascia directly in the nuts. So I give it a month past that.

(Again, focused on 100% recovery - please no negative comments to the otherwise in this thread as I don’t want my mind tailspinning)

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I wasn’t trying to be negative, I was just genuinely curious. Relax man, wow.

Oh man. My bad that was NOT directed towards you. Not at all. More I meant I am trying to avoid hearing stories of people not recovering or complaining. Just as I am putting all my mental attention into getting healed. Happy for peeps to ask questions.

And again, no clue if it’s working or not. I feel good in the mornings but I can barley sit a chair or move. So yeah road ahead.

Again my apologies if you thought that was directed towards you. Not the case.

Francis, again no idea if coffee is bad or good. I just figured I would get as healthy as possible to give me body the best chance of success to heal.

Someone asked and nsaids / pain relievers. Once again, no clue if they truly do or do not help healing.

I have been learning to deal without them and I got inflammation to virtually zero with cucumerin (it’s from tumeric) and non- inflammation diet. I had to people tell me I had a toxic liver as I took tons of nsaids after the original snip. I figured I would tough out the pain after a week and a half from reversal and I have been doing ok. However, I am not completely opposed. I have a 3 hour meeting tomorrow I have to go I for and have my 4 Advil ready to go.

Here’s some literature I was reading. They said the results were that they don’t delay healing under 2 weeks. I figured why not try it without.

“ Chen MR, et al. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2013.

Show full citation


PURPOSE: Non-selective (NSAIDs) and selective (COX-2) nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are commonly used for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Their role after orthopaedic surgery has been infrequently described and remains controversial because of unclear effects on soft tissue and bone healing. This study critically reviews the available literature to describe the effects of NSAIDs and COX-2 inhibitors on soft tissue and bone healing.

METHODS: A Medline search was performed using NSAIDs or COX-2 inhibitors and tissue healing. The combined search yielded 637 articles. Following exclusion, 44 articles were deemed relevant with 9 articles on soft tissue healing and 35 articles on bone healing. The available evidence is based primarily on animal data (39 studies), with considerable variation in study methods.

RESULTS: In regard to soft tissue healing, there is insufficient evidence of a detrimental effect when using either NSAIDs or COX-2 inhibitors at standard doses for ≤2 weeks. For soft tissue to bone healing, a limited number of studies demonstrate impairment in healing. However, with respect to bone healing, indomethacin appears to have a clear detrimental effect, with less substantial evidence for other NSAIDs.

CONCLUSIONS: Short-term, low-dose use of NSAIDs and COX-2 inhibitors does not appear to have a detrimental effect following soft tissue injury, but is inhibitory in cases involving bony healing. However, additional well-controlled human studies are necessary to draw more definitive conclusions regarding their role. Clinically, the prudent use of anti-inflammatory medications following sports medicine injuries and surgeries appears to be a reasonable option in clinical practice unless bone healing is required.”

Good luck everyone!

Thanks for your reply. You seem to be doing okay all good