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My Recovery so far. (Opinions wanted)


I had a non scalpel Vasectomy just 2 months ago. Since then I just had two or three days of relative calm (totally pain free). The rest of the days I have pain in the left testicle from 2 to 8 depends of the day and eventually the right one in the same scale and them still shallow. Im still using a jock strap because it help with the pain. And I take anti-inflammatories on demand depending the pain. Also im taking hot baths of calendula flower that helps with the swallow. Reading the forum im also started to take papaya seeds (the natural thing, here in south america a papaya is very very cheap and the powder is not common). Certain nights I have problems to sleep because the pain (certain sense of inflamation and paint) im using already a pillow between my legs to sleep).

So, in your opinion how my recovery going? do you have any advises? specially to sleep? How About the jock strap? Do yo think that its ok to continue with it?

I already talked with 2 urologist (one with a normal testicular ultrasound) that told me the same: give it more time. Well, Id love to do it, but I really wanted to sleep :stuck_out_tongue:


In my opinion, you sound like a lot of new guys. I don’t see anything to out of the ordinary in your text.

Not really. Try natural remedies, over the counter remedies, or ask your doctor for something. I can think of a long list of stuff that might help you sleep, lol.

My guess would be to keep yourself supported to some degree. You should look into all options. Lot’s of guys wear different stuff. What works for one may not work for another. There’s several underwear threads on this site. Use the search bar to find them threads. From boxer briefs, to compression shorts, to whatever. Some guys even like to wear a jock strap, or a pair of compression shorts with a pair of boxer briefs over the top of them. The possibilities are endless. Wear what you feel best in.

Sounds like you have everything else under control. Grinding your own papaya seed powder should be easy enough. Perhaps a coffee grinder, or something similar would do the trick.

Hope that helps.

Hi! Thanks for your answer. I’ll look for the info that you suggested!

The only advice I can give you is to thank your doctors for their input, but keep pushing for answers. Pain should have resolved within the first 2-4 weeks, so if you’re frequently immobilized 5-8 weeks out then I think that’s as good a reason as any to keep pushing.

It’d be great if your pain just sorted itself out on its own in the next 4-8 weeks, but you don’t know if that will happen. It can weeks to months to be seen by a specialist, so if you push for a referral now then you can get seen as soon as an opening is available.

But if you delay – and it doesn’t get better – then you’re only delaying the help you need.

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Hi, thanks for your answer, Im trying to get an appointment with a eternal urologist.

Respect my sleeping problems, Im having serious issues. The pain wake me up about 2 or 3 in the morning Im. Not sleeping at all. Last night putting in the jock strap helped. Also the pillow between the legs.

Update 25/01/19

I went to another urologist that make me a doppler and it returns normal again. No new recommendations except for ice in the nights. Also I stopped the papaya seeds (I was taking the real thing, raw papaya seeds smashed) because that cause me a lot of additional pain (I guess the right way to take it is in powder) and also stop the Hot cannendula baths. Stopping all of these and wearing 24/7 the jock strap and ice pack in the nights is working for me, most of the pain is gone and Im sleeping much better at nights (I still use a pillow between my legs). I still have moderate morning pain or in the afternoons but its tolerable.

Hope this helps you guys, and I’ll update when something happen.

Update 02/08/2019

Its been about 8 Months of my vasectomy, and well after seeing 5 different urologists, finally one of them give some real advice of my condition and pain medication.

It apperars to be a cicatrization issue that causes the pain (very rare, but we all here win this lottery pain). Now, my situation has improved greatly, after I finally get some pain medication (Dypirone, I guess it is banned from EEUU), I started to sleep just fine. Eventually I took less and less medication, and now I just take a pill when the pain starts, that is pretty rare (one time a in a month I guess). I still use a pillow between my legs in the nights buts thats all. As I said before, the pain comes witouth any reason, but its more tolerable.

Hope this can help anyone in a simmilar situation. Feel free to ask anytime :slight_smile: (I guess we all know how miserable you can feel about this -non risk- -super easy- surgery).