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My PVPS story and resolution


I agree I think there might be some connection there - yet one more place for doctors to investigate if they ever feel like making themselves feel bad by validating the possibility of PVPS [sigh].


Same thing here.I was totally denied reimbursement cost.They won t pay for pain(which is rediculous).But I was at a point I would have paid 100K to get it done.


@David i just read your journey very good description. You give us hope with that story. My journey has only just began i hope i get cured next month with reversal. It will be 10 months post vas living in hell like this. Your a good man brother. Thanks


Glad to hear my story is still helping/giving hope out there in the awful world of PVPS.
FWIW I am now 6 or so years post reversal and still good [knock on wood].


@David Curious if you can do regular physical activity? Exercise? Run? Very curious! I have a Skype session with Dr. Marks in 2 hours


[big knock on wood] I have no physical limitations to this day (now about 6 years post reversal) with regard to the pvps nightmare I had.
I have not gone back to wearing boxers as I have gotten used to wearing the boxer briefs and I kind of don’t feel like tempting fate either [heh].
I walk (vigorously) 4-5 days / week. Go on a 5-8 mile hike maybe once every 1-2 months. I can run and sprint although I am not into that. I do some pull ups and push ups a few times a week no issues either.
Lately and luckily my wife and I have been having ‘relations’ :slight_smile: almost every day now for a couple of weeks and no pressure pain or any other badness.

Congestive epididymitis after vasectomy

@David Thank you so much for sharing your story and documenting it to help others. My husband has been having pain throughout his lower abdominal area, pelvic region for the past month - he had his vasectomy just about 3mns ago. We’ve been to a gastro so far, done CT and MRI scans… they found (What most likely) is a sperm granuloma. My heart is breaking that he is in this pain and PVPS might be the cause. How easy was it for the Urologist to confirm that this was indeed the case…? Thanks again and thanks for keeping this conversation open and up to date… it has been by far the most helpful of all I have read.


I figured out to have a reversal based on the following:

  1. me doing a LOT of research + I am an engineer so I am thinking about this as I feel it. Things like 1 hour or so after sex (usually the next morning) I would notice a lot of pressure in my epis (I didn’t know what epididymis were before PVPS). I noticed how more frequent ejaculations correlated to increased pressure pain in my epi/vas area.

  2. a visit to my doc and local urologist both said I had an ‘enlarged/enflamed’ epididymis

  3. in the end I had to try something for the pain as it got worse and worse. I figured I would try to put things ‘back together’ as the least (further) damaging option and go from there.

That is one of the many really crappy things about PVPS. It’s something that is not in enough patients and doc’s awareness. And even for ‘experts’ with PVPS it’s hard to distinguish the root of the pain - could it be pressure pain (like my case) vs nerve damage vs side effects from immune response vs secondary issues etc.

Hope that helps


Thank you so much! We see the urologist on Tuesday who did his initial V. He has a lot of pain on sides and under his belly button - not many people have described those pains, but more in the groin itself… He did have that lump found, so we shall see! Did you have a traditional VR or a epididymovasostomy? Im glad you found (after lots of trouble, pain, and your health) relief… Im praying it is not this.


I had a traditional VR. Dr Marks would have done a epididymovasostomy if necessary. I remember telling him I was concerned of a blowout leading to the need of a epididymovasostomy. He said in his and other urologist experience they have never seen a blownout (when doing a reversal procedure) within the first 2 years after the original vasectomy. He said if I did have a blow out that ‘I would be a paper’ - meaning worthy of publishing a paper as the first to have a blow out within 2 years post vas.

So I would say you have some time on that front. I had my reversal done about 9-10 months after my vas.


Did your husband have those pains right after the vas or have they developed over the last 3 months?
You may want to search the user @kevinb as I remember him having a lot of pelvic and abdomen pain. Use the search tool and search previous threads about those specific topics as I’ve read a lot about those issues.
From what I understand, this type of pain can be due to nerve pain and not congestion but that’s only based on what I’ve read in the past.
Good luck with everything. Trust me, I understand what you are going through. It’s hard watching them go through this and know there isn’t a lot you can do and it’s scary.

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I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the specific issues your husband is dealing with. It’s been 5 years since my vasectomy… and I have my own thoughts about the whole thing. I’ve not spent much time on the page in a while, but am always happy to help.


Hi @kevinb
Yes, please answer away!!! I’d like to have some insight… so you did not get a VR then…? Do you still have pain, how are you managing it, etc… I know I read through all of the comments on this thread- but it was maybe 2am and I was upset and bleary-eyed. Please tell me all you have to share so I can be well informed.


thanks for the heads up! Im going to try and not do too much more “What if” searching until we see the 1st urologist tomorrow - Im already all crazed with this overload of info! what ended up happening with your husband? how did it all pan out?? Yes, Im so upset and I hate that he’s hurting and not sure what to make of it all. He is too skinny, unhappy, and worried.


So, I got the vasectomy in Feb of 2014 and eventually did a reversal 15+ months later in May of 2015. Though there was some improvement in the 15 months after the vas, I was still having enough pain that I was hopeful the VR would fix it. Looking back, I’d say the VR was helpful, though it certainly wasn’t a cure-all.

Here are the 3 main symptoms that I suffered from:

  1. Testicular pain – mostly on the left side, but some on the right. It was almost completely tied to contact – just mainly overly sensitive. However, sometimes certain activities caused increased pain (i.e. - if I’ve been on feet for a long time, sometimes post-ejaculation they’d ache a little, and just normal activities that put pressure – pushing off to stand up, putting my legs together, etc.). I don’t feel like the VR did too much to help with this. I think original doc did some nerve damage that just isn’t going to go away. It did improve some over time, but it seems to be done improving now.

  2. Iguinal Pain – this was awful after the vas. It did improve some before the VR. However, even now, if I try to do heavy core workouts – particularly situps – it seems to agitate this issue. When this flares up… loud yelling, singing, or coughing can cause significant pain. I’ve mainly just learned not to do situps.

  3. Abdominal Pain – This was very troublesome. but I’d say it has gotten better over the years. It used to be very painful to compress my abdomen (like when I would bend over to tie my shoes, etc). It would also start to burn or ache if I ran very far. I went to a gastro doc (even did a endoscopy) to try to figure this out. Progress was slow, but steady. I haven’t ever got back to a running regimen (mostly because of a bad knee), but I have been able ride a recumbent bike and do other exercises (just not situps!)

For the most part, my life is back to normal. Yes, I still notice some pain every day – when I turn just the right way or try to push off to get out of my car, etc. But I’ve learned to adjust. I feel blessed. I’m able to exercise for the most part. I coach my son’s baseball team.

And my sex life with my wife is better than ever (I hope she would agree) :slight_smile: We’re having sex 2-3 times a week. And hey, after 16+ years of marriage… that feels like an accomplishment. I mean, she doesn’t mess with my balls anymore – not that either of us ever really cared about that anyway. Of course, the dumbest part is still using condoms (after all that pain). But I’ve learned there are many worse things in life than condoms (if only I could go back in time and tell that to the early-2014 version of myself). Overall, I’m thankful that we can still have an enjoyable sex life together. I’ve learned to pray a lot. God has used my remaining pains to remind me that there’s more to finding joy than simply a lack of difficulty in the here and now.

I hope that was helpful. Hit me up if you have any particular questions about my symptoms or decisions regarding treatment.


@kevinb thanks so much for your response. We went to the urologist today - he said my husbands abdominal/Ingunial pain has “nothing to do with his VS” I beg to differ. We asked that he be given antibiotics and celebrex as well for inflammation. (just in case we are missing something) he did not do an ultrasound - wasnt sure if that would even really indicate or show if he has anything going on with his epididymis or not - but he did not even offer - did you have one done? Did it share any findings if you did?

Who did you have do your reversal, and was it covered under insurance? We are in NJ - and yet to find someone on a message board that has used a Dr. in the NY/NJ area… but want to know who is using who.


My issues also presented kinda like a hernia. Super sharp pain (enough to drop me to my knees) on my right side around my belt area (right in the area where the inguinal canal runs). And I did have a testicular ultrasound done but the doc said it showed nothing abnormal.

I honestly don’t know if it was anything I did… but the super sharp pain eventually subsided. Some burning and groin discomfort persisted for a while though. One drug that I found to help slightly (though I can’t say how much) was amitriptyline. I also did some pelvic floor therapy, though I don’t know how much it helped… other than teaching me not to push when I urinated – since that was also causing some pain.

I’m in the Houston area, so I used a guy here named Larry Lipshultz. After doing a phone consult with Dr. Marks in AZ, he said that Lipshultz is one of the premier VR surgeons and that I shouldn’t travel anywhere since I’m right here by Lipshultz. However, Lipshultz wasn’t a PVPS guru by any means, though he was sensitive to the fact that I was having such a problem. My wife went with me to appts, which helped as well.


yes, my hubs pains def made us go to a gastro first because we thought it was an inguinal hernia! He is always complaining of pain in that same general area.

I might end up reaching out again- but it is def helpful. I am having lots of trouble finding someone who knows what PVPS even IS or willing to acknowledge it. We see a 2nd urologist on Friday and Im going to straight up ask him - since he did not do the initial surgery he has not ties to my husband… you know?

Thank you. I will 100% be going with my husband to all the appointments!


Hi all,

I am getting to the point of looking to schedule my reversal. I will likely wait until Jan 2019 so then I will at least instantly meet my deductable for the whole year.

My insurance DOES cover the CPT coded 55400 vas reversal, but the two reversal guys that were recommended to me aren’t in-network unfortunately.

Has anyone had a reversal in the OH, KY, Indiana area and can recommend a doc? I can then look them up with my insurance to see if they are in-network.



I have not had a reversal but have consulted with Dr Shane Russel in Ohio also in the library on this site. He is on my short list of possible reversal surgeons