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My pain thus far... looking for help

Hello everyone. This is my first post.

I had my vasectomy two years ago and experienced pain for about two months following the procedure. The pain pretty much went away on its own.

Fast forward to two months ago, I started having a constant, dull, nagging pain in my right testicle. I had an ultrasound done by my urologist and was told I had a small epididymal head cyst on that testicle and to just take the max dose of ibuprofen/Tylenol and ice it. A few weeks went by and no improvement to pain. He then tried an antibiotic with no success and now I’m on steroids with no success.

Then a week ago, I noticed a new pain with my other testicle (left side) when I ejaculate. This pain is more of a sharp pain and hurts a lot more. When I ejaculate, my left testicle feels like it moves out of my scrotum and into the left side of my groin. I have to physically massage it to get it back into my scrotum. It hurts a great deal and is ruining sex for me.

I saw my urologist again yesterday and after he profusely apologized for the symptoms I’m experiencing and told me how rare I am in the case of having postvasectomy pain (sure!), he prescribed me Flomax to try for a month. He said if that doesn’t help that he will try giving me weekly injections of a nerve blocker for six weeks. I asked him about a vasectomy reversal and he said that would be a last ditch effort if all else fails but that he would want to try several things before resorting to that. I also don’t want a vasectomy reversal if I can avoid it. But reading some of the other stories on here doesn’t give me much hope that anything else will work, even a reversal.

I’m sure many of you have been where I am right now and I would love to hear from you. Thank you!

Hey Flyaway,

Sorry to hear you are having pain this late in the game. I had a somewhat similar situation. Everything went fine during initial vasectomy. Very little pain to speak of. Then about 2 months ago (roughly 5 months after the initial procedure)I started to get pain and discomfort during arousal on my left side. Naturally this caused an issue when attempting to have sex.

My concern was getting pain this long ( 5 months maybe not that long, but I felt good pain-wise up till then) after the original vasectomy. I was now aware that even when things go well initially, you can still get pain down the road. This bothered me. I began to think about other issues down the road that may or may not happen and decided to go the reversal route. For me personally, I just felt I would prefer to put it all back and then see where it goes. I didn’t want to try other things as that just seemed to put me further away from prevas and I wanted to physically get back to as close to prevas as possible.

I’m not suggesting you go the reversal route, everyone is different and you know your body best and what it needs. Just wanted to give you my take as the more experiences you can pull from the more informed decision you can make for yourself.

Hope your pain subsides, best of luck

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