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My low test, PVPS journey so far - who else has experienced this?


It’s been a while since I posted on here. I’m at the 9month mark since VAS. Since then I have been researching to death medical papers and texts on the topics of VAS, fertility, immune responses, you name it. I’ve been to all the specialists with the usual results not even worth mentioning (it’s in your head)

I’m an engineer and I’ve almost had to give myself a biochemistry degree to understand some of the past medical research into this. At least I have some nice new medical words to add to my vocabulary!

I’ve got some very sound theories on my own case and why some of us end up like this. I’ve tested these theories by writing letters and even giving a presentation to some members of the medical profession. Interesting that they started to look at listen when legitimate theories based on solid research are put in front of them. They can no longer brush off us few fringe dwellers. Will write another thread on this later as it’s a separate topic.

I just wanted today to talk about my symptoms to see if anyone else is experiencing them.

Summary: 8week post VAS mark testosterone plummented. Absolutely crashed, I was a mess. 16weeks some slight recovery. Over the months slightly, ever so slightly small recovery. It’s a daily cycle… ie. one day I could feel really good. The next really bad. The ‘cycle’ started to swing more heavy. Some days extremely good then crash. At 7.5month mark dull ache started.

I found the higher the pain went, the higher my testosterone levels. I literally started to recover in one way and suffer in another. I found I could deal with the pain if it meant my test recovered. I find the lack of test worse than the pain. That may change as the pain increases, and it is. This week the pain become stronger. It’s definitely feels like congestion. With that sharp pain increase, huge increases in testosterone. I can feel it surging through me making me feel alive again. I wake up with morning wood and night time wood wakes me up it’s so hard. Libido through the roof where it used to be. That lasted two days. Yesterday the pain turned to sharp stabs up into the abdomen, then as I wondered… I started to feel funny… goodbye to the testosterone. I took some ibuprofen last night. This morning? No night erections, no libido, can’t get an erection if I tried and no pain.

The two are heavily connected. Has anyone experienced this?

my theory: I have an open ended VAS done but no VAS is truly open ended. The ends clog up with sperm, antibodies, fluids etc. All of us are at risk of congestion. This leads to build up in the epididymis and pain. What is also does though is stops sperm from it’s daily barrage on the body. I believe that halts the immune response for a while allowing the testis to recover. My sharp pains were possibly the block letting go. Huge amounts of sperm shoot out, the reaction starts up again and my body no longer produces testosterone like it should.

I’m booked in for reversal in three weeks. After my huge recovery this week it had to thinking if I should postphone. This morning I think I won’t be postphoning.

Hoping for the best.

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I’m not sure what to think about your theory. Your years behind me far as trying to recover from a vasectomy, leaking sperm, etc, etc.

I have a ton of theories myself, hard to say what’s going on in so many cases, but I do believe something is definitely going on, and as you already know, individual cases will likely vary. It’s pretty bizarre this stuff doesn’t seem to effect everyone. Doesn’t seem to anyway…

Good luck with your reversal, hope it helps.

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Hi there,

During my post vas pre reversal time, I had an increase in bodyhair growth. So I assumed my T l
was up. I thought it came from hyperaemia of the testis due to inflamation. Now I am on TRT…

Hi @nylem appreciate your insight and theory. Just recently over the last few weeks i would guess my T levels are rising because i have been experiencing morning and during the night woods almost daily, but with that my congestion/epi pains have also increased. before this time no morning wood, and i know my T levels were low, and pain was better. So i can kinda relate with your theory am going to get another t level test done soon to see if and how high did my t levels raise… As for reversal ultimately this is your decision for me am at 10 month mark post vas and mentally told myself give it 1yr and then go with reversal if am not recovered in a way i can live with.

I had my VAS in June, 2017. Pain started in Feb 2018. Testosterone tested in April 2018. Results below. I think they are normal, but I don’t have any other points to compare to yet. I am going to retest after my reversal in a few weeks.


I used Directlabs online and got blood drawn at Quest. My HSA card worked online, which was nice.

I don’t know man. You could be right but there’s really no way to tell. If I were you, I’d focus on preparing for the reversal and making sure I was all ready for maximum recovery and reduction of inflammation and scarring. Make the absolute best possible outcome for yourself.

I am seeing Dr. Shep in Louisville and am taking an entire week off work after the procedure. I’ve got supplements and warm baths all lines up. Babysitters on call. I find keeping my mind focused on the optimism of getting some kind of relief and return to myself to be the best strategy, instead of going into infinite theories of my suffering.

Hi @NC79 you seem to be experiencing very similar to me. I’ve had a lot of T level tests. I found that your body adjusts to the lower levels and things get a little better without any actual increase in total T. That being said I’d guess mine is higher now than it was on my last test because I am getting morning and night woods. Not daily but more regular. Still I am nowhere near where I was. My thoughts on it are, my body is unlikely to ‘fully’ recover. ie get back to where I was. Clearly my body doesn’t like what happened so putting it as close to back the way it was is going to be my best chance.

It would seem though that everyone reacts differently to VAS. @myballshurt That is a good T reading. My total T is floating around the low 300 mark. You have almost three times. I’d be very happy with that. Shame about your pain because your T survived which makes me think your immune system was ok with sperm. As it appears is most guys.

Well good luck guys. I’m going to need it too as I think I all out of good ideas for once in my life. The VAS was the worst one I every made. :slight_smile:

Yea, his numbers are definitely high compared to what many report on this site. I’d be pleased if my numbers were as such as well.

Figured I’d also mention that I do know of guys that can prove they were in the 300-400~ range at some point pre vas.

Here’s a website that easily converts ng/dL into nmol/L and vice versa. It also gives anyone a general idea where they stand in the scaling.

Hi @myballshurt when are you scheduled for reversal? Also what supplements are you stocked up? All the best with the reversal and to a speedy recovery. Keep us posted.

Nothing crazy, and I’m looking into others.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Fish Oil
Other antioxidants and vitamins

Hi Guys,

It’s been just under two weeks post reversal. I did have good news but for me it’s turned to tragic news. I’m at a loss and looking again for answers.

So the story, travelled interstate for the reversal. All went very well. Booked a nearby homestay so I could go and rest for a few days straight after. My partner came with me and was an immense help to me and I thank her for that.

Op was fast and I returned to the accommodation. That morning, morning wood! I was getting some morning wood prior to the op but this did feel more like a solid typical morning wood. I was excited. I started to notice things felt ‘different’. I got morning wood each day except one I think. I really started to notice a difference on the third day when we went to the local pub for a drink and I felt like I could beat up every guy in there (haha, me wearing a diaper and in pain from the op). I thought, hmm this is different. I have higher T!
Colours also appeared more vivid for a few days ( don’t ask me).

This trend continued. I returned home on the fourth day and slowly and carefully nursed myself to recovery. On the 7th day I though it would be ok to return to work… I only work in an office. This day has haunted my dreams since :frowning:

All was ok at work but you get into that routine of ‘rushing’ and being careless. My partner insisted on driving to pick me up. I was on top of the world that day thinking and feeling back to normal in terms of testosterone. My partner said I was like a cat on heat. Pain was almost zero only a week after.

My partner arrived to pick me up. On entering the car I rush across to kiss her and caught my left between the seat and my leg. The seats have those like parts that hug your body and they poke up. It hurt… a lot.

Within an hour I felt nauseous and anxious. I didn’t feel myself and I got that sinking feeling. I was concerned… low T? I eventually told my partner and she of course said, think positive…

I woke up to no morning wood, dropped libido and highly anxious. I became concerned for damage to the vas repair. I went for an ultrasound, saw my GP and spoke to the reversal surgeon. All are fairly convinced I would not have tore open the join but I’ve not recovered. I’ve had no morning wood since, I feel drained and probably worse than before the reversal. Nothing came up on the utrasound other than a lot of inflammation both sides but considerably more on the left epi. Unable to see the join on the vas with ultrasound

It’s only been five days and I’m slowly falling apart mentally. After going through everything I have been through, to then have my body return to normal and then have it taken away is devastating me. While most would say, ‘it’s only been five days’. I say this.

I had more pain and inflammation after the op and my T was rising and didn’t stop rising (I believe). I got some pain after the trauma in the car in my left due to inflammation I expect. That has really settled down now but there is ZERO change to my libido. I’m not getting morning woods. I feel nothing like I did before I caught my left (immediately after the op I felt great) and I feel a whole lot like the 8 week mark post vasectomy when this hell all started. It’s like I’m going through the whole thing again!

After the op I clearly had a peak of T in the mornings. That was missing before the reversal and it would peak around 10am. Currently based on feeling, I increase T at around 10am and it lasts until around 9pm. I am not producing much T at night and I’m at my worst in the morning. I’m an emotional wreck. This usually starts with me telling my partner I don’t feel well and talking like an anxious woman (driving her nuts) then bouncing to life at 10am.

Last night she said she is doubting our relationship :cry: I really don’t know how much more I can take.

Can anyone tell me if they had a similar experience in terms of feeling well after the op then crashing later… did it get better? @raising4girls . I know you said your T took years to return. I also know you said you had some major change straight after op. Could you relate at all to this or have a I really caused myself permanent injury and return to a low T hell?

I know I need to wait, months, possibly years but I can’t help the feeling that the car trauma caused some sort of reaction, whatever it is to return to my body. I’m already considering a redo in months if there is not improvement… I may have to go to the USA to get this done. I doubt any surgeon here would redo based on my story. I’m also considering TRT because I simply cannot handle living like this.

Well not such a great story but thank you for reading it.

I can’t really comment on your post since I have not had a reversal. I have felt the energy loss and hormone issues since Vas. Lack of sexual desire etc along with pain. Use to want sex every day and now doesn’t matter. Maybe once every 3 or so days. My question is after you have a reversal does this reconnect blood flow in the Vas defers which may help with T and hormones? I guess if a reversal scars over this should theoretically still help with T and hormones if blood supply reconnected and you get lucky and T levels go back to normal. Random question I know and I find your first part of journey interesting with the surge of what may be T. I have seen several post along these same lines. Hopefully it’s just a bump in the long recovery process. Please keep posting with updates

Hi Ben,

The reconnection of the vas is unlikely to relate to blood flow. The current main theory and one I support is that the reconnection stops millions of sperm entering the blood stream every day. These sperm cause an immune reaction. It starts with inflammation. With that comes blood flow, white blood cells and treg cells. A pathogenic reaction occurs in some of us. Our immune system attacks us on the basis that the sperm are foreign. This causes further orchitis (inflammation) and atrophy of the testis.

The current medical field is in denial of this theory.

I’m hanging on for recovery. I know it’s possible. Don’t give up. Consider a reversal but the decision is yours. There’s no guarantees.

As a friend said to me. What’s your mojo worth?

not being an expert in all these things. i am super helpful for this information. it is easile explained unlike other information that i am reading about this. thanks.
and what do you mean by what’s your mojo worth? thanks

Hi Thaing,

There are many medical papers produced that show a similar pathogenic reaction in mice, rats and dogs that causes orchitis of the testis. For some reason every person in the medical field want to ignore this. It’s doesn’t happen to everyone and in similar ways the medical experiments show that only certain genetic traits trigger the reaction.
If it was to happen to everyone, there would be complaints everywhere and vasectomy would not be done to people.

What’s your mojo worth?

mojo is like your ‘manliness’. How man you are. What I was saying is that a lot of people say they don’t want to reverse because of cost. I ask you? What is your manliness worth to you? For me? I would give every material possession I have to get out of where I am. Everything… I want out and I want my mojo back

These paper, the cellulair changes after vasectomy are from the late 70’s and early 80’s. They know for ages and yet deny. It’s a big lie! Uhm you got pain? Strange, no really dunno. RTFP read the fucking papers! EH yeah but these are like 40yo. They are too old…

Hello Brothers,

It’s been one year since I’ve posted in this forum. One year and two months since reversal and almost two years since vas.

It’s taken me this long to gain the courage to talk again but by F am I going to talk to all of you!

I am ok. The reversal literally saved my life and me. It wasn’t a fast recovery and it’s not over yet. It also isn’t a steady uphill. I had some huge ups and downs but now things are much more even and normal.

Here’s a summary of my experience.

Pain did go immediately but there has been some light pain randomly but it’s different. ie, it feels more like surgical recovery pain than PVPS and it’s been getting less and less. Now I can’t even remember the last time I felt it. As I was getting this pain, as I described above I felt a small libido hit. No joke I swear the pain and T levels are connected.

Now what is it like? Morning Wood almost everyday. Erections no problem. Interested in sex again. Pumping iron again. Calm, focused. Ejaculations are at least three times the strength and feeling. Maybe even four. Literally shots to the chest like it used to be. Mind blowingly good :slight_smile: Daily sex is no problem where as pre-reverse once a week was a struggle without viagra. I jog, do starjumps, ride bicycle 40klms, Ride a motorcycle and I wear loose fitting silk boxers 100% of the time! No pain, no problems. They dangle like nature intended.

What do I have to say to each and every one of you that are trawling this forum as I used to, looking for answers? I can advise from my experiences. Vas was the worst thing to ever happen in my life and a reversal changed everything. I am PRO REVERSAL!!! DO IT!!! Do not sit there and listen to your GP, surgeon, MD etc… I got nothing but trash and I’m embarrassed that the medical profession of the globe is so primitive. Pick the best surgeon to do the job that you can. Do not cut any corners! Cost, experience, time researching etc is nothing compared to the possible solution it may bring you. I had to lie to the surgeon who did my reversal. I told him I wanted kids, had my partner (new relationship) fly to Sydney with me and tell him the same. I told him nothing of the pain and reduced hormones and I suspected were related. If you have to do this, DO IT!!!

And how are my hormones? Since Jan this year my total T is up 25% and my free T is up over 30%. Consistent upwards trend over the months I’ve tested. My GP how is the only person who would even listen a bit to my symptoms is starting to look in wonder. She said, ‘that shouldn’t be happening’. ha!

Some more advice to each and every brother suffering… your health as a man is everything. We are men and masculinity defines us. This was an eye opener for me about my health as a man. I’ve changed my diet, exercise, and habits… not everything but a lot. Our hormone levels are as much a product of our environment, diet and habits as they are from the knife of the barbaric vas surgeon.
Look after your health and wellbeing. Eat right, exercise and most of all don’t forget you are a man! Oh and maybe consider a reversal if you were as bad as I was. Literally a game changer but also take in the advice of others as with everything, it is a game of chance.

Life is better for me now!


It’s good to hear from you again @Nylem. Your feedback is appreciated. You certainly sound a lot better too.

I have heard several stories like yours in regard to having lie to their reversal surgeon. I’m not suggesting that’s a good idea, but it would seem that in some cases, thats the only option some men are left with. The last guy I recall having to do something like that kept getting told his pain and problems were in his head by multiple urologists, and by at least one reversal surgeon. That one imperticular guy had a positive story to tell at some point after the fact.

Keep us posted, and good luck.

“ Mojo” Interesting way to put it. I’m normally a very confident dude, since vas and testosterone crashing I notice that I walk with my head down, question everything I do and say, basically my confidence has disappeared. Even my dog doesn’t listen to me like she used to. I guess the fact that I’m partially crippled and made a massive mistake could be throwing me off off as well. I think it’s a bit of everything but the hormonal change is definitely a factor, I just don’t feel like myself anymore.

I always thought the pump at the gym and the feeling following a heavy workout was due to increased blood flow, or maybe the feeling that I accomplished something very tough, I’m starting to understand that it was mainly the hormonal surge that was giving me my mojo.

Great news! Thanks for coming back and sharing. Interesting theory about T-levels tied to pain. It makes sense.

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Hi men,

A quick update because most who come out of this ok don’t get back on the forums to give feedback.

It’s been about 1.7years since reversal. I have regularly had my bloods done (about every three months) since the reversal.

My total blood serum testosterone levels have doubled since reversal.

Last 8months I have been taking a number of test boosting natural supplements that have likely helped this happen but it has just gone up and up and up since reversing. Still pain free as well.

If anyone would like some assistance with health, supplements and items that can assist in getting you back to optimum T levels, I have gained a lot of knowledge. Firstly however, if you are reading this in hope, please consider a reversal. That was the key to this. I’d spend 100times what that reversal cost if I had to, now that I know the difference between before and after…

Hope everyone is well.