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My journey before Denervation of spermatic cord

July 2018 i had my vasectomy, it only took 3 days to know there was something really wrong!!! I remember being in so much pain after going back to work. I could barely walk or sit. The really easy cut has destroyed me from the inside out! Made things worse for my family in general. Cant pick up my kids like i use to, cant have sex like i use too… many phone calls to the urologist. I will never forget when seeing my urologist 3 weeks post vas the words that came out of his mouth… I’m sitting down in lots of pain with tears running down my face… I remember a dull ache in both testies. left cord felt like someone was pulling it. Burning in my lower adnominal groin area . I like to say it felt weird in my prostate area too. i tell him I’m in alot of pain he looks at me and says you just need to give it more time. Are you depressed or have anxiety, you know this could all be in your head. i cant describe the look i gave. but he took it back and said he didn’t mean it like that. As always the conservative treatments start. Ibuprofen, amoxicillin, prednisone, sulfamethoxazole/Bactrim, doxycyene, amitriptyline, acupuncture strectching exercise’s for relaxing pelvic floor therapy, pelvic floor therapy. spermatic cord blocks. minor relief at times caused even more pain. gabapentin, tramadol. MRI ultra sound. I’ve considered reversal I’ve considered Botox with doctor p. But settled with denervation of the spermatic cord both sides with doctor shoskes, nerve blocks on both side took away most the pain… Current pain left and right testies ache. vas epi spermatic cord feel weird tender/sore. does not hurt to ejaculate. but pay price after. feels like it just needs to explode down there but just cant shoot that big load!!! prostate at times feels weird . At lease that’s what i think feels weird, lower adominal groin area hurt. almost feels like hernia but 3 doctors claim its not… pushing pulling holding hurts! I feel a pull in lower right abdominal. not a bulge a pull like a pulled muscle. could this be my body tensing up from all the pain possible id imagine. I’m not much of a story teller or typer, or miss spelled words… honestly im pissed im doing this. But everyone should be heard and deserves to hear my results. Denervation December 8th a young pissed of 33 year old who had everything going good till the brutal cut that sucked the life right out of me… stretching alcohol and pain pills mask the pain temporarily fades. Enough from keeping crazy thoughts out of my head. sorry for everyone suffering everyone has a slightly different battle i intend to crush a destroy this pain!!! hopefully to put everything back in to place before its to late for my kids my family my marriage…

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Good luck. I’ve been treated by four different uros at the Cleveland Clinic including Dr. Shoskes. I think he’s as good as they come. I wish you the best.

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Good luck brother. I will be curious to hear how denervation of the spermatic cord pans out for you.

Keep us posted.

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Hi @Timothy_Jones, I felt I had to write you as for the first time in a really long time since I have been on this site, I can find myself to a large extent in your story.

We had the snip at the same time, July 2018.

In my case, I had pain right at the surgery, left side, and ever since. Initially, thought it is surgery pain, the congestion, but I was early on convinved it was nerve pain. I’ve been waffling over reversal for a long time, and Dr. P recommended it as first-line treatment. In my case, diagnostic blocks gave mixed results; it was only the last try, on the GF left, that gave me relief; unfortunately, I don’t trust my local doc as he hit a nerve (the GF?) when working on the right side, so results are inconclusive. In any case, I favor Botox first, over denervation.

What specifically makes you want to cut nerves over trying Botox or any other form of ablation?

And have you considered cutting the nerves higher up (GF only or triple neurectomy including II and IH)?

I wish you all the best with your decision and please keep us posted!

Time and money can’t afford the travel. I have great insurance. If Florida wasn’t so far away I’d for sure do botox first. I guess im just hoping this works. If it eliminated just 40% of pain I’d be happy. I’ve seen all the unsuccessful denervation on this site. I’ve also talked to someone with similar problems that had denervation 15 years ago releaved all his pain. So I’m just hoping all goes well…


Update! on the 1 hour drive to Cleveland cliniic to have denervation done. my testes took a beating. was about a 7 out of ten on pain. testes were aching bad vas cord felt weird, surgery was about 5 or 6 hours ago. as of now my incension area is what’s hurting. Now i will for sure say meds and everything have not fully worn off. really no swelling or bruising in teste areas or incension sites. My left teste use to hang way higher then right because of cremaster. Now with it being cut it hangs lower on leftside very interesting… warning for me and users of this site. as of right now i feel 100% pain free in both testis. But this could be possible due to medications before during surgery or after!! im excited I’ve never been this pain free in 3 years. im hoping in the days following pain does not creep up on me. like i said its really early but feel like things are going in right direction so far. Thankyou everyone for the valuably information from the site I’ve read for years… I will continue to give weekly updates on how the healing process effects me. oh also no numb patches anywhere like some people have reported i was expecting it to be in thigh groin area but dont seem to have any numb patches of skin to best of my knowledge. im also standing up as i type this. im about to eat and start the icing process now!!!

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Please DO give us updates. This forum hasn’t had a lot of positive reports on SCD, but I think there could be a sample bias here since, I speculate, that many men get cured and move on with their lives.

Also, selfishly, I came VERY close to pulling the trigger on having SCD about 2 years ago. The last set of cord blocks got me to pain-free most of the time, so I put off the surgery. I had seen Dr. Shoskes several times, and you’re his first SCD patient I’ve seen post here to my knowledge.

I will keep you updated for sure. The most shocking thing was to see how happy and talkive Dr. Shoskes was. I could literally feel his positive energy from him and nurses. It really put me at peace… I realize things are really early and a lot can happen. But this is the most positive I’ve been in years. He also said I should walk move around to not be bed ridden. Lift no more then 10 pounds for two weeks

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Ya surgrey is for sure a last resort. I’m glad your almost pain free.

Interesting but not shocking. I experienced something similar with a Pain Management specialist at the CC. Not the warmest or most engaging guy in one-on-one office setting, but a totally different man in the OR (at the CC, you go under sedation even for injections). He was very clearly in charge of the room, yet jovial and warm. I was much more impressed with him “on the job” than in the office and I guess that’s where it matters. Not that Shoskes is a bad guy or anything, I just found him a bit introverted compared with a couple more gregarious and outgoing uros I’ve seen at Glickman. But, I was confident he was good. I would’ve had a difficult time choosing between him and Dr. Parekatill who, ironically, did his fellowship and was an associate urologist at the CC earlier in his career.

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Most people wouldn’t like doctor Shoskes in office in my opinion. A perfect example would be when I said I wanted both sides done. He said I’ve only ever lost one testie from compilations. You know it could lead to testosterone therapy. I smiled and said I fully understand the risk. Then he said doing one side usually fixes the problem. I more less said 1 stone kills two birds he smiled and said ok then I can do December 8th. Now if you have not done any research this could really scare A lot of people. I had a notebook full of pages of my notes from his face I could see he was taken back A little surprised when he asked about conservative treatments and I opened a full page of notes. I have to say he was impressed…

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I am curious how the cord blocks can be a permanent fix for some. Any insight?

Not sure I’d call my fix “permanent” but I think it’s simply a case of the agents (anesthetic, analgesic, steroid, and botox in my last two) settling down aggravated nerves. I don’t think it’s possible for everyone. Some apparently suffer enough nerve damage that they’re permanently in the on position for pain. Mine are, my guess, just damaged enough to be weak, but not permanently damaged.

I liken my case to people with bad backs that they throw out but are able to recover or old athletic injuries that flare up and require treatment, but not surgical intervention. Something like that.

Read up on Wallerian Degeneration. Dr. Parakatill cited it as an explanation for my situation.

Will do so.

I’ll be meeting Dr P for the first time on Tuesday. Quite nervous, as I have been exploring orchiectomy on my right side where the sperm cord and epididymis is fat, tender and painful.

Of course, just days before this meeting the left starts up with the pressure pain. I had this in the very beginning but it went away for a few months. A hydrocele had formed and there is an enflamed vein at the back of the testicle, which is where the pressure originates from. I think all this happened as a result of the inflammation on the other side.

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Helpful to read this information and I hope the SCD worked well for you Tim Jones. I had a very similar vasectomy experience to you almost 2 years ago where I had a terrible hematoma bleed (I related to your story). I’ve been in non stop scrotal/groin/leg and low back pain ever since. I can’t stand for more than 5-10 minutes at a time due to the throbbing pain that runs down my legs. And this has been the case since day 1 of vasectomy.

I had the SCD surgery done with Dr Larry Levine in Chicago in June 2020 and he also removed what was left of my hematoma mass. My left testicle pain has gotten better since the surgery which is a positive. Unfortunately my pain shooting down legs or ability to be on my feet and doing anything active has not improved. My legs throb all the time and I wake up very sore and stiff every morning.

I’m only 35 with 3 young kids and I’m not really sure what to do next. A pain specialist talked about a nerve stimulator surgery where they put a device in my back but I’m nervous about that.

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Hypogastric Plexus Block I might be trying that soon

Ok thank you I will look into that. Did the SCD surgery provide any relief for you?

Yes still have problems with right nut