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My Journey, Anxiety, and Hope

I’ve made some bad decisions in my life, but depending on the future of my recovery, this might be the worst. I’d like to thank the goodfellas that have posted about their journey as I was extremely helpless about 1-2 months ago, when I actually found this site. Below is my personal journey to help others that unfortunately develop(ed) PVPS and how my recovery will go as I have scheduled a Reversal with the PUR clinic on November 13:

Dec '18- Vasectomy completed and was a terrible experience. I felt a lot of “touching” during the procedure and had major nerve pain on the table, mostly on my left side (which has been problematic). The doc stated he gave me double the amount of anesthesia he normally administers and was surprised I was still feeling things. I have a belief that a nerve was touched during this period.

Feb-Mar '19- Visited original vas doc 3 times over the next 2 months. He told me “I have been doing this 24 years and have only had 1 confirmed case of PVPS; I am confident you will not be #2”. First visit, 2 weeks of Celebrex. Felt pretty good while on it, but little sex drive for the most part. Went back and told doc, I think I have Epididymitis. He said, “I doubt it, as it is an infection, and you don’t have the symptoms of the infection.” I asked him how it was treated and he gave me Cipro. That med destroyed my stomach and didn’t help. The last time I went back, he seemed that he thought I was making this stuff up in my head, but as you all know, it is very real. I went from having to masturbate 5-10 times per week, to 1-2 times per week, and it not feeling like I was giving myself any sexual relief. I also had 2 sexual experiences where I had total ED. That maybe happened 1-2 in my life previously and it really affected my confidence.

Apr-Sep '19- Found a new urologist to try and “cure” me. Probably visited this doc 5-6 times over the months. Went on 2 weeks of Celebrex 4 different times, with one full month of Ibuprofen. After 2 ultrasounds, which showed too much blood flow to epididymitis, bilateral hydroceles, and a cyst on my testicle that was filling with fluid, I noticed he was in over his head. The last time I saw him, he offered to inject a nerve block. This actually calmed my nerves and muscle down for about a day, had the best erection I had all year…then my nerves went crazy for a week or so. Nerve vibrations went down to my ankle some days. Tried another sexual experience (with Cialis), ED again. My symptoms can be summed up as testicular dull aches, nerve pain going down my inner thigh/buttocks (left side), back pressure in lower abdomen, aches behind testicle, weakness of pelvic floor muscle, testicle ache when getting “turned on”, weak erections and losing them quickly at times.

Oct’19- Really depressed and hopeless I researched reversal specialists and found the PUR clinic and set up a phone consultation with Dr. P. He looked at my records and asked me a lot of questions that gave him explanation of above. Right there and then, I decided to book the reversal. In the weeks since the consultation, I have been an anxious mess as some days I barely have pain and then there are others that make me want to get it over with. I have had 2 sexual experiences that were good but aided by Cialis. I just had another experience this week that I did not have my “aid” and stopped it before I would have been let down. I am very active, work out 5 days per week, running, cycling, active sports etc. My question is to those who have had serious sexual performance diminish and lower level pain but true PVPS in that area, when were you able to get back to being active again and does the sexual performance get better? Has anyone been in similar situation?

I will post updates post surgery. I will try to have a positive mindset but sometimes the mind overpowers…

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Thanks for sharing your story.

Many have reported a lot of better things post reversal, including what you are hoping for, but I wouldn’t expect anything immediately. By saying that, I’m not suggesting that it’s impossible that you will not notice an improvement in a matter of weeks tho. There’s to many uncertainties to say one way or another.

Reversals are a crap shoot on many levels. The recovery process and timeline can be far more challenging than anticipated and/or expected. Some get lucky, and some don’t when it comes to all of that. Many fall somewhere in-between too.

I’ve heard far more positive stories in regard to reversal helping men with post vasectomy sexual side effects than not. If I had to guess at a percentage of each category - the numbers would be incomparable. Example’s - low est 70% / 30% or high est 90% / 10%. No accurate data has ever been compiled by anyone that I am aware of. Furthermore, my guesstimates include all categories of vasectomized men, not just pvps guys.

Please be advised that a vasectomy reversal has a chance to make you worse off too. That’s not the norm, and it’s just one of many reasons corrective procedures get refered to as a crap shoot. In all honesty, you really don’t know what you will get. It’s a roll of the dice. Hope for the best, and be prepared for the worst.

Far to many :confused:

If you have any specific questions, please ask.

Good luck, and keep us posted.

Edited - Didn’t feel comfortable with my original guesstimate % numbers. Reader beware - they are just guestimates. I still feel comfortable with my original statement - the numbers are incomparable.

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Appreciate the response. My specific question is - to those who have had serious sexual performance diminish and lower level pain but true PVPS in that area, when were you able to get back to being active again and does the sexual performance get better?
And I understand there is no definitive answer but just want to gain a general understanding of those who have had my symptoms with recovery success/timeline, etc.

Active yes, ED not so much.

Without going into too much detail, my reversal was 13-1/2 years ago. All in all, a good recovery, though I’ve relapsed with some nerve pain. Have been able to return to a normal life, though, for 10 or 11 of the past 13-1/2 years, and reversal was the first step toward recovery for me.

On the ED aspect, the uros and my GP are probably right to point to other factors. I turn 55 next month, and a lot of guys my age need a boost. In addition, I was diagnosed with high BP on a US Air Force pre-commissioning physical in 1987 when I was just 22 and have been on BP meds ever since. Those tend to, especially over time, contribute to ED since they’re working to reduce blood pressure, and getting a boner requires a rush of blood to the genitals. I can’t argue with that.

Odds are good you’ll get some of your manhood back.

Got it. Thanks for the info. I am 36 with always a very high sex drive prior to vas. I am in very good physical shape with no medical conditions. It is kind of ironic, but being physically active has helped me forget about the testicle issues (mostly happens when sitting upright) so I’ve been obsessed with keeping active this past year and has gotten me to peak physical shape for my age range. But I’d prefer to be a stud in the bedroom than on a sports field now!

Hi, sorry your here. Hope the reversal goes well for you. Be sure to keep us updated.

How is your pain level? I’d imagine it hurts but I couldn’t imagine exercise at the moment.


Speaking for myself, reversal helped me in the ways you are hoping for yourself, but it was no picnic getting there. I’ve dealt with a lot of other complications and problems which you can read about if you search for them.

There is a search bar on this site, and you will likely find it handy. Generally speaking, the search bar is a way faster method of reading specific testimonials - rather than waiting on them in real time.

My experience’s with reversal were back in 2010 - 2011. I’ve had two reversals, and they were nearly 1 year apart. Sometimes it can be easy to tell about the good, but believe me, I’ve been through hell on many levels in the past.

Good luck brother.

I have been replying to things on others’ threads, but I thought I’d give a comprehensive update:

Reversal Surgery Completed 11/22/19
I was a mental headcase and stress ball in the 2-3 weeks prior to surgery. My luck, I even caught the flu so bad the week before that I had to reschedule the surgery. Anyways, all the worry, stress, anxiety was for nothing! The process went incredibly smooth, I went home that day and for the next 4 days felt way better than I anticipated, mostly because they gave me an injection of lidocaine that lasted for 4 days. During this period I was super sore down there but felt the sexual sensations that I had pre-vas, so much that I would get erections after thinking about something sexual and during sleep.
After the lidocaine wore off, I definitely felt more sore, but still was in a pretty low pain level that I didn’t need to use any opioids. I literally iced for 10 straight days, laid outside, on the couch and watched a lot of Netflix!

Day 10-14

Went back to work at day 10, I have office job so not much movement necessary, but definitely was sore the first couple days. I went out for dinner and sat on a hard chair day 13 that was a mistake and I paid for it the next day. Day 14 my right side (non problematic side) blew up very badly so that the vas was the circumference as my index finger and my testicle inflamed a lot. I called the Dr. he told me he this was a hematoma and prescribed me an anti-biotic and told me to lay down flat for at least the next 2 days which I did, and the inflammation went down tremendously and was not painful after that.

Day 15-21

After the inflammation of the hematoma went down, I decided to release a couple days after. I have to say my erection was rock hard and the sensations that I used to have came back, and the release was legendary! Then about 2 days after that, my sex drive went down the toilet again and my epididymis on my left side (problematic side prior reversal) started acting up again. I have to say the sensations are not exactly the same but I feel the tingle throughout the day and the whole area is very tender still, which is to be expected at this point in time. Then last night (day 20) I noticed most of the inflammation had subsided, so I decided to do a physical exam on myself (not recommended). I noticed my left testicle was extremely smaller than my right one, about an inch smaller. My scrotum looked deformed as my right side filled it up and there was a lot of extra space on the left side. Today, on day 21, I called Dr. again and he basically told me I am freaking out over nothing, there is nothing that can be medically done, and told me how I shouldn’t be “measuring my testicles” or reading stuff on the internet anymore! He left me with a script for a scrotal ultrasound which I have scheduled to make sure everything is okay.

So, at day 21: it has been a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster but the pain of the whole procedure was less than I had planned for, my healing has been faster than I expected; however, I am concerned that the chronic epididymitis that hamstrung me for 11 months has come back and I hope it will work itself out over the coming weeks and months. And also, that I get my sex drive back!

Any comments from those who have had reversal regarding anything I wrote and questions from PVPS fellas pre-reversals are welcome. Let’s not make this into a feeling-bad-I-got-lied-to-from-my-urologist fest.

Day 80 update:

Have zero symptoms that I previously had. Back to 90% of physical shape (running, other sports, etc.) and I’d say I’m 80% of pre vasectomy erection strength and sex drive. I’ve been in zero pain and most days I forget it was an issue to begin with. There have been a couple of occasions that the connection areas have been sore from overdoing it with sports or a lady riding me too hard. But they only lasted a couple of days and I’ve taken a NAISD and was fine. The sensitivity has slowly been coming back and have been starting to have the orgasms I had pre vasectomy. I believe my issue was truly congestion where my body was not absorbing my sperm into my body and it created a lot of unpleasant sensations. Hopefully over the next couple months I can approach being close to 100% and put this chapter behind me. Email me directly if you have specific questions as I know how difficult it is to deal with this and make decision of what to do. Regards.

Hey man, glad to hear you are doing better.

I just read through your symptoms, and your symptoms mirror a lot of what I am currently experiencing with the exception of weak erections. So far I have not had that, but I am not getting any spontaneous erections during the day, but I do get night time erections that wake me up due to the ache in my nuts when the erection happens.

Few questions for you if you don’t mind

  1. Did Dr. P do the reversal?
  2. Did he do anything about the bi lateral hydroceles or just leave that alone?
  3. Did he do anything with the cyst that was filling with fluid? Was this a spermatocele?
  4. Was there any significance to “too much blood flow to the epididymis”

Thanks and again, I am glad to hear you have made some improvements. I know it would be tempting to just flee this place like a bat out of hell, but I would ask you keep notifications on to maybe answer some questions in the future.

See my response below:

  1. Did Dr. P do the reversal? Yes
  2. Did he do anything about the bi lateral hydroceles or just leave that alone? Nothing, it went away.
  3. Did he do anything with the cyst that was filling with fluid? Was this a spermatocele? Nothing, it went away.
  4. Was there any significance to “too much blood flow to the epididymis". Not sure but if I had to guess it was causing inflammation.

Thanks and again, I am glad to hear you have made some improvements. I know it would be tempting to just flee this place like a bat out of hell, but I would ask you keep notifications on to maybe answer some questions in the future. Will do.

Question: My Doc wants me to obtain a basic semen analysis. Where have you went for this and cost? I saw this company and looks interesting as it stores your sperm as well (hey you never know)-

Anyone tried them or something similar?

Get it done at a local lab. You should be able to make some phone calls and figure out where to get it done. Will you’re insurance cover it if applicable, and so on. I had insurance, and my copay was less than 75 bucks. Seems like it was around 30 bucks, I’d have to double check my records to be certain.

I did mine at a women’s health center. They were set up for all that stuff on site as they specialized in male and female fertility, making baby’s, obgyn, and so on.

The room had a sink and a toilet. It had current magazines and videos, and a leather couch. I didn’t feel uncomfortable taking care of business at the facility. But I didn’t need the couch, heh.

Sperm dies fast. It’s also sensitive to heat, cold, etc. I have worked in logistics before. The majority of their employees could give a flip about your important SA results. There’s no way that I would expect accurate results doing it that way on a good day either. Find a lab.

Hope that helps.

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