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My history of pain


My name is Iliya, I’m from Ukraine. I do not have a vasectomy, but from the beginning of June 2018, I started to have pain in the left spermatic cord. Perhaps it started after not a strong blow in the training (fight), infection can, it is now difficult to say. In the middle of June they performed ultrasound, which showed no changes, except varicocele 1-2. He performed magnetic resonance imaging, which showed the intake of inguinal lymphonoduses and left-handed eppidimitis. They put him in the hospital, took 3 antibiotics (injections, pills and droppers). We were discharged from the hospital in 18 days. The pain did not pass, the feeling is that it has become stronger. In connection with the pain, the doctor assigned several blocks to the spermatic cord, the injection composition (2 ml - lidocaine, 2 ml - steroid - hydrocortisone, 2 ml - antibiotic - gentamicin). After the injection, there was a hematoma, when lodocaine was decolored, there was relief, then pain was even greater, only 2 such injections were injected into the spermatic cord. Feeling that the doctor damaged their nerve or something ??

As a result, the pain was still very strong, the doctor prescribed an antibiotic, ciprofloxacin, ibuprofen, physiotherapy for the affected area. Nothing helped, it’s been a little more than 2 months, the pain is very strong, it hurts the spermatic cord on the left, gives a little to the testicle.

Unfortunately in Ukraine there are no urologists and in general doctors who are engaged in chronic pain. I have a panic fear that the pain will be permanent. The urologist sent to a therapist who prescribed amitriptyline 25 mg per night and 75 mg lyric two times a day. It helps with sleep and probably removes some of the symptoms, more precisely masks.

At present, I have passed all the tests for infection, including bacterial cultures of urine and ejaculate. In the latter, enterococci were found. Several times ultrasonic control of the scrotum passed, except for a large varicocele on the left that they see nothing.

Local doctors with chronic pain can do only eppidimiectomy or an orchiectomy. Denervation is not done at all, and many do not even know what it is.

They can also heal with antibiotics and do blockade of the spermatic cord (I’m afraid that it can also cause pain and harm, twice already done and it seems to me that the pain is greater).

I had a Skype conversation with Dr. P, after he heard he offers denervation with varicelectomy simultaneously, and now he will calm down for a while and take wait-and-see tactics for a while.

But it’s so painful and scary for me that I’m ready to cut off my testicle with the seminal cord … while I’m holding on, I found this forum, I read it in horror, how many are tormented and that even surgery does not help. If this operation relieved the pain, I would not hesitate to fly to Florida, though it is expensive for a resident of Ukraine, but … read the forum, about the denervation … a lot of negative reviews?!? If this operation relieved the pain, I would not hesitate to fly to Florida, though it is expensive for a resident of Ukraine, but … read the forum, about the denervation … a lot of negative reviews?!?

I write with the help of an interpreter and if not against I will describe the further development of events. I wish everyone good health!

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Hi, I can relate to your story somewhat.

I took a nice tap to my left testicle while at work many years before I had a vasectomy, and all the major craziness began.

I believe I had a small varicocele for many years before the incident at work. Several weeks after the tap at work incident (as I recall), my left testicle started riding high, I was having pain, and the varicocele seemed inflamed. Back then I didn’t know much of anything about varicocele’s, vasectomy, testicular pain, etc. I didn’t know if it was cancer, I didn’t know anything. It was a pretty serious event, but nothing like what I experienced post vasectomy.

I had an ultrasound that confirmed the varicocele. My urologist back then was shocked it was causing me so much grief. He told me there were some things that could be done, but didn’t get into details. He suggested time was on my side, and that the pain would likely resolve itself. After several months, I’m not sure how many exactly, perhaps 6~, things did resolve to something close to baseline. The only thing I can really say is that I didn’t notice it much anymore unless I sat on it wrong in my vehicle, or if I would feel around to much.

I tried tight underwear during my attempt at recovery, and I definitely felt that they made things worse. After everything I’ve been through since, that same trend continues. I wear something somewhat supportive, but not something tight as that would cause more problems.

I’m glad I never had any blocks, needles, etc stuck into such a sensitive area back then, and never have to date. I’ve just read to many bad story’s regarding blocks. No right, or wrong answer here. To each their own, nothing is risk free.

I have no comment far as the doctor you are considering seeing Florida. I would heed everyone’s warning, and/or advice on this site regarding the surgical procedure you are considering. I only know of one on this site that was mostly cured by the surgery you are considering. Far as I know, the recovery was rough, and took as long as a year to achieve what they refer to as a success.

I do know of many other testimonials regarding the surgery you are considering, but don’t know much beyond their testimonials far as their entire stories, recovery timelines, what they experienced, etc.

If I can be of any more assistance to you, let me know.

Sorry your dealing with this, and good luck.

Hello RingoStar, Thanks for your feedback. I’m a little scared for the blocks, the doctor did without ultrasonic control … and it was at the end of July, then I also did not know about the blocks, denervation, about this forum … I’m sorry that I did not find it before. Now the doctor prescribed amoxicillin to drink 500 × 3 times a day.

Yea, I hear you. I know of to many people that wish they could go back in time because they feel they learned things the hard way that they wish they could take back. That includes me.

Have you been diagnosed with an infection? Given your daily dose of antibiotics, I’d guess so, but I don’t know. Once again, risk vs reward should always be considered.

Yes, I would never consider having blocks done without ultrasound, doppler, etc guidance. Even then, from my point of view, and in fact, your still rolling the dice on many levels under guidance.

I’m curious why blocks were even done on you. Typical blocks are typically not something that people get permenant relief from. Usually it’s more like days of relief if it was even successful in the first place. In fact, I don’t understand why they are so common for just that reason. Why your doctor thought blocks were worth the risk so early in your timeline is beyond my logic.

I certainly don’t know everything, yet I’m always here to help where I can. Feel free to ask me questions here on the open forum, or private message through this forum if your not comfortable talking about some of this openly.

There’s many reports of more pain from typical blocks on this site. Reports of them not helping. Many reports of hematoma from them blocks to.

At us blocks do or make with the therapeutic purpose, there is no at us such concept as diagnostic blocks … Therefore in the block add also an antibiotic … With what has begun at me, I do not know even … There was not a big impact on trenerovke, during performance reception, but manifested itself in a couple of days. In the hospital, antibiotics were given from all possible bacteria: ornidazole, cefotaxime, ofloxacin, post-discharge was still doxycycline and ciprofloxacin. Now there are enterococci, most likely they appeared from a massive attack of antibiotics.

It’s hard to say what you got going on as a whole from here. I’m not sure if your varicocele injury was even comparable to mine.

I haven’t heard of many stories where a man was given a block/s in a short period of time, and it ruined his life in the long run, although one story comes to mind. I think that’s pretty rare, but I honestly haven’t seen any statistical facts from large studies to say one way or another with any certainty.

Hopefully you get better like I did years ago without any surgery. Keep us posted on your progress.

I forgot to mention earlier that when I originally injured my varicocele like I described in my first reply - when I said I had pain, I meant localized pain within the varicocele area, pain traveling up my spermatic cord, and abdominal pains.

When I said it took around 6~ months to resolve itself, it was probably more like 9~ total because I’d say the 6~ month timeframe began after I had the ultrasound. Whatever the case, the entire ordeal was considerably less than 12 months total.

Hello, Thanks for the feedback. I would have seen this forum before, I would not have done much in the treatment.

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Try to stay positive, you really might get better in time.

Sounds like your doctor already has you taking an NSAID, and perhaps something else to ease the pain as well. Just an NSAID alone might do the trick. That’s pretty much what I was told to do when it happened to me. The stuff I took was all available at common stores, not from a doctor. These aren’t entirely risk free either, so be safe, and be smart when it comes that stuff to.

Don’t be to hard on yourself for taking your doctor’s bad advice like your the only one. It’s happened to countless guys on this site alone.

The doctor that seemed to be of help, and good advice to me with my varicocele incident was the same guy that said I was a good candidate for vasectomy many years down the road. I was so stupid to listen to him (I was pressured to do it by a loved one, and others as well). Boy was he wrong. It was some of the worst advice I’ve ever got in my life.

PS, I would also advise you never get a vasectomy either. Bad idea.

Please keep us posted to. I would like to know how your story pans out. You don’t have to post updates often, just drop us a note sometime in this same thread.

Thank you for writing me, it supports me.

Are you saying your not sure if the pain began directly after this “training/fight” incident? Please confirm the best you can how long between this training/fight incident and the onset of pain.

Are you saying you’ve had an ultrasound in the past before? I’m assuming you mean a grade 1-2 varicocele, which is on the small to medium size.

Are you saying you spent 18 days in the hospital? Please confirm this.

You’ve got quite a story @Iliya. I’m not sure about many things, including if your story is anything like mine years before I had a vasectomy. In my case, I wasn’t sure what caused my varicocele to be painful as I had a delay between the tap at work incident, and the onset of pain, symptoms, etc. Seems it took several weeks to start bothering me, and that’s what had me so confused back then far as what might be the problem. I’ve also taken numerous taps to the groin during my career, and nothing happened.

Were you diagnosed with an infection after this injury/event?

I see a lot of things in your initial post that are confusing to any reader far as trying to completely understand what’s all happened here. I don’t think its a language, or cultural barrier either. It sounds like a complicated story in general.

This part only adds to the confusion. You ended up with a hematoma after you had your initial block/s, and based on your words, the block/s made you worse, and you suffered complications from it as well.

I see you posting in numerous threads looking for input, or advise, but in your other posts, you don’t mention all the stuff you mentioned here in your initial post in this thread.

Obviously you’ve never had a vasectomy. Just trying to be of some help to you.

Thanks for pulling his post into various elements. I think he once said he’s using a translator, so some of the English for us provincial Americans is challenging.

Yea, that was said in the initial post, and I agree, there is a bit of a language/communication barrier here, even though I said I didn’t think it’s just that. The case does sound complicated if I’m understanding it correctly. I’d just hate to see this guy fly all the way to the United States from the Ukraine on blind faith, especially if there is a communication barrier.

@Iliya does mention already having a consultation with a doctor here in the states, and it sounded like the doctor suggested a one two punch with neurolysis and varicocelectomy at the same time. I know these two procedures can be done at the same time with one incision, and this combination is not unheard of with the doctor he’s consulting with in the states.

All I know is, @Iliya, make sure you fully understand everything your getting yourself into before you consider flying all the way to the states and having such procedures. You need to know typical recovery timeline statistics, failure rate, what should you expect afterwards, for how long, etc. Once your back in the Ukraine with your local doctor’s again, that’s going to be your only support beyond telephone, Skype, email, etc.

Perhaps flying to the states is a good idea, perhaps it’s not. I don’t want to talk someone out of making a decision that could possibly solve their problems, but at the same time I don’t want to talk someone into something that could lead to other problems, including failure, debt, making him worse, etc.


Thank you for your messages.
When I write on this forum, I use the translator Google, if it’s not clear something, I beg to piss me off)).

I did not have a vasectomy. After reading this forum, I advise you not to do it at all.

A small varicocele on the left, confirm all the ultrasound, and I passed them for 2 months 5 times. Local doctors said that varicocele can not give such pain, as I describe?!?

A small varicocele on the left, confirm all the ultrasound, and I passed them for 2 months 5 times.

Strongly ill start on the left in the scrotum on June 11, in the evening. The sensation was as a recovery strong, but the temperature and visual increase, the redness of the scrotum was not. A week before, in training for wrestling there was not a significant blow to the groin, while conducting the reception, but everything quickly passed. On June 12, he did ultrasound, which showed a varicocele and a magnetic resonance tomograph, which showed the ingestion of inguinal lymph nodes and epididymitis on the left. Based on the results of the tomograph and on my symptoms - severe pain, put in the hospital, there passed general clinical tests, the infection was not taken. Three types of antibiotics were prescribed empirically, dripped into a vein, pricked and drank tablets. During the treatment, the pain continued, the neuropathologist was examined in parallel, thought that the pain might be from the back, also consulted the surgeon for a hernia, and did not find it. By the end of the treatment in the hospital, performed two blockages of the spermatic cord, the doctor said that it is also included in the treatment?!? … the injections were performed in the area of the spermatic cord. The mixture included an anesthetic. After it there was not a large hematoma, which quickly disappeared, there was no effect of a large blockade, perhaps not the correct composition, only two ml each. each substance in the syringe; there was little anesthetic, as was the steroid, the emphasis was on the antibiotic, which should have a better local effect?!? After this forum, I did not give the opportunity to conduct these procedures. I hope I did not get any worse.

Currently, I take 3 weeks of amitriptyline 25 mg per night and 75 mg twice daily. Also different vitamins. Pain is always, but different from 1 to 6. Ten days ago began to run and perform various physical exercises, during this period does not hurt. There are two proposals for the implementation of the denervation procedure. One offer from USA from PUR CLINIC. Doctor P., when he learned that there varicocele, he suggested to remove it in one operation … everything is fine, but the ocean divides, in general it is very far to it to fly and go. The second proposal from a neighboring state, they make a classical denervation there, but before that they conduct a full survey.

The second proposal from a neighboring state, they make a classical denervation there, but before that they conduct a full survey.

In Kiev, we still have a urology institute and a pain clinic, but of course they do not have the same opportunities as in the US, but they offer advice, everyone needs money)).

For today it is not clear what causes the pain.

I will describe my further actions.

Thank you all and I wish everyone good health.

Thanks for the information. Yes, varicocele’s can be painful, but I’m not sure if that’s your problem, or your only problem. Try to do some self diagnosis on yourself. Do not trust doctors will do all thinking for you correctly.

If you are considering surgery, you need to feel comfortable that you, and your doctor’s are making the right decision. I advise non surgical options first (conservative). I would not rush into de-nervation, or any surgery unless it’s your only option/s.

Here’s a couple interesting articles to read.

The article below has some interesting text, and pictures in it.

thanks for your advice


A small update. Month I take amitriptyline 25 mg per night, lyrics 75 mg twice a day and levofloxacin 500 mg per day. Against the background of drugs, I think more in the lyrics and amitriptilin have decreased, I sleep well, I can work, I also started to run. Two days ago, there was another Skype consultation with Dr. P, he suggested that these medications should be consumed for 1.5-2 months, he said that the dynamics are not bad, but no one can tell how the state will be after the abolition of these medicines. Still offers surgical treatment in the form of denervation with simultaneous removal of varicocele. The local urologist suggests that you simply remove varicocele, and then, if the pain persists, conduct a series of blocks. I think to visit another clinic whose doctors carry out both studies of inflammatory processes and all types of operations on the scrotum organs.


Hello! I visited the clinic where they offered surgery, denervation or resection of the appendage. After the consultation, they were first sent to a neuropathologist and psychotherapist. They offered another two months to sit on amitriptiline 25 mg at night and lyrics, raising the dose to 300 mg per day. When they examined the found area of ​​fibrosis in the region of the epididymis of the left testicle, after this examination the pain increased slightly and the pain was already present for several days. I drink ibupofen.