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My doc wants to try a dorsal root ganglion (DRG) stimulator. Thoughts?

My pain management doc wants to put a dorsal root ganglion stimulator in my spine to try to reduce the pain signal from my scrotum. He’s done about 50 dorsal column stimulators (similar procedure) and 2-3 of the ganglion stimulators. Says the surgery is not higher risk than any other. I’ve never heard of this before. The battery would have to be changed every 6.5 years. If it doesn’t work, I could just have another surgery to remove the device. Device is manufactured by Abbott. Thoughts? Not sure what to do. For now, I’m going to try CBD, which seems lower risk.

What is the nature of your pain? Is it burning pinching type neuropathic or testicular sensitivity/aching?

chronic soreness type pain on the left side, I suspect it’s nerve related, I also have a left hip problem which seems to be nerve related

I have had a lot of luck with metformin. I take 1000mg a day. I take a day or 2 off a week as well. It has modulated/tamped down my nerve pain to an extent where I feel almost normal.

I don’t see how this medicine works on nerve pain. Do you have to test your blood sugar while you’re on it?

My fasting blood sugar was around 100 and the last year I’d had trouble losing weight despite a lot of rigorous exercise. After 4 days on a thousand mg a day a lot of the burning pain I had just went away. I’m 6-2 in about 214 right now. A good weight for me is probably around 206. So I’m not fat or terribly out of shape. It just helped me and I have no idea why. It turns out that metformin is a substance that is known to help control some kinds of chronic pain. Of course it’s an old drug and it’s dirt cheap and no drug company can make money off of it so you won’t see it being marketed for that. The way I look at it is it’s a very low risk cheap way to try to control pain without cutting on yourself and making it worse. I don’t think the mechanism of action has anything to do with blood sugar control by the way. I’ll post an article so you know it’s legit.

Pretty sure that @Acschiro and Jesse both tried this. Hard to know if this is a better option (better risk/reward equation) than surgery like SCD or neurectomy. Really hard to know. Please keep us all posted. You may be taking one for the team if you go down this route.

Just wanted to follow up on this thread with @Acschiro and @sdhc81 - does any of you guys have tried out DRG stimulation for a longer time period (months-years), and with what success?

I had this offered by Pain Management (for my lumbar problems, not scrotal pain). Looked into it and felt it was something I MIGHT try before surgery but not until I had tried injections. DRG is semi-permanent in that it’s implanted.

Quick in-office procedure takes it out (the pulse generator, not the leads) according to my pain doc.

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My pain doctors also suggest that