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My Bilateral Orchiectomy Journal

Hi @Thissucks hows it going? Have you done a recent update on how you are still doing? I’m very interested in your long term success. Any problems at all? I have very thick upper legs because there is no room because i used to be a sprinter. Anyways if you have posted any updates or feel up to it i would sure appreciate it…i hope you are continuing to improve and you will never have to deal with the pain and bother again. Good luck. I hope all is well. By the way was the operation this year; 2017? I should know this but if you could…thanks

Why would you remove the scrotum?

Hello brothers. Sorry for the absence. PvP was such a traumatic experience I had to get away from this site for a while. I’m doing great! Thanks for the concern. No regrets. Everything is back to normal. Sex is great again! No CONDOMNS and billions of toxic sperm entering my bloodstream every year if I were closed off (looking at the positive). Having no balls is really no biggie. When life gives you lemons… lol



Good to hear from you. I think if I knew it would make me pain free I would be right behind you.

You had a reversal too correct? I can’t remember what procedures you had done.

I wish this forum had the ability to list a footer in every post with a little history of what procedures everyone had. It’s one of my big complaints with it. It would be nice to see a blurb about a guys history without having to go somewhere else.


He had a vasectomy redo, and a reversal w Dr Marks prior to bilateral orchiectomy.


Thanks. You agree though right? After my vas I was put on klonopin to calm the anxiety and stress from the pain. After reversal I tried three times to wean off of it. It’s harder to quit that stuff than heroin. I finally quit in July of 15. I used a site called BenzoBuddies to just get an idea of how long it would take me to get off the stuff. On that site most people had little histories of when they started taking them, when they quite, how they tapered. It was very helpful. Back to the main topic…

It’s good to know a guy with multiple surgeries was made pain free from that surgery. I know it did not work out for others though which I’m going to throw out there because I think it’s also important to note. I don’t know if we have a scorecard on that proc but I can think of 4 guys on the forum that went that route.

Yeah thankfully it worked for me. Glad this nightmares over. I sacrificed my nuts at the altar of modern medicine. Well, at least my two sons will NEVER get this mutilation done. If I went through all this to save them from having this procedure done then it was worth it.

Hello Thissucks, how are you getting on? I have got a bad pain, posted topic earlier, had problem with testicle on/off for some years now, but flared out lately, and am seriously considering orchiectomy. What was your experience like?

Hello Paul. My orchiectomies were a success. If your pain is within the spermatic cord you have a good chance. Since it seems it’s scaring from your Epi removal it looks promising for you. I’d recommend inguinal.

Just switched to once a month T injections at 300 milli something. Gotta say I’m lovin the injections over the gel. Out of sight out of mind. Curious to experience if spikes and lows occur after injections and right before. Will keep posted.

Hello Thissucks. Had my left testicle removed last week, it’s weird not to feel pain anymore. I am still sore, wound is healing well. One thing that happened is that I developed a numbness and odd pain near my groin, radiating to my leg. It’s not awful, but very uncomfortable. I gather this has got something to do with the incision. Did you experience anything similar? How long did it take to resolve itself? Cheers and have a good weekend!

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Hello Paul. So happy to hear it worked! Yeah I had that in both sides. It was even so bad it felt like a sunburn and clothes touching it hurt. It’s the illioinguinal nerve that’s been irritated. Went away after about three to four weeks. Soreness and numbness will persist a little longer but you should see improvements every month

Never thought I’d see the day when I would be jealous of someone getting their testicle removed. I need to pursue this more.

I’d give my right nut…


lol. me too. But the left.

Nearly 2 weeks after and :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:. First 3 days were PAINFUL, but now not regretting it


Hey Thissucks, have you experienced any abdominal pain at all? 3 weeks in and I seem to develop a pain which can be compared to a strained muscle in pelvis and stomach area. Soreness and numbness from the op disappeared nearly completely. Thanks

@Thissucks-just tagging you as the poster above was following up.

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No I have not. I am happy for you the soreness and numbness is gone!

Still happy? I have an appointment in a week to ask for a bilateral orchiectomy too…

@Thissucks hey bro. Please let me know about your condition and specially i am concerned about the sex life. Is it normal sex life and pleasure? And after how many weeks you have t injections? Any side effects of t therapy? Thanks. Please let me know your conditions…