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My Bilateral Orchiectomy Journal


Really pleased for you… hope you can get rid of the niggly issues. Must of been awesome to do some good exercise

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Haha yep, my brother was considering getting a vas around the same time I did.

He’ll NEVER get one now after seeing my ordeal.

That groin numbness will probably go away, but it’s gonna take time. I had the same thing you describe after my hernia repair 7 years ago. It felt weird and numb for probably a good year afterwards. It’s 99% back to normal now, and I suspect you will be too.

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Thanks for that insight. The numbness really doesnt bother me its more the swelling and tenderness thats a little uncomfortable. When I feel the area where my cord used to be it still feels like i have a cord cause the inflamed tissue. But every TC guy experiences that so im not concerned.

Regarding not having balls for a couple weeks now I will say its not as bad as I first thought. I remember a few months ago when I realized my reversal didnt work I was an absolute basket case cause i knew removing them was my only hope. As the months progressed i psyched myself into it. The scariest thought was not being a 29 yr old manwith no balls but being a 29 yr old man with no balls and still in pain. Being pain free now I can honestly say Its been the best decision. Im not recommending it to any man cause it is a tough last resort decision but from my experience so far its well worth it. I rolled the dice with two painful balls and thankfully it worked for both. Sure I wish I only had pain in one and only had to remove one but hey then id still have to wear those damn condomns! Lol



@IamHurtin Im continuing my orchiectomy journey here. Im doing great!!! Went on a hike today in my local mountains. Felt good. No more ball pain!!! Just surgery healing still going on- swelling, numbness, etc. had sex three times so far. Felt AMAZING! No condomns!!!

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@Thissucks thanks for the update. I think there are several of us that anxiously await your posts. I for one would gladly donate my right nut to the pain free cause. I envy your courage. Please keep narrating your journey out of hell. Thanks.

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Happy to hear you seem to be doing well with this @Thissucks.

This aggressive form of treatment certainly isn’t for everyone, but at this point, this may be the answer for you.

A little saying I remember from the old school is, “what worked for one, may not work for another”.

I still think this is a risky move on many levels, and I about guarantee that if everyone took this approach, the saying from the old school will hold true.

Good luck brother.

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Yeah Im by no means recommending it. It’s pretty much the most risky decision a man can ever make.



All things considered, this is a great story. Happy for you @Thissucks

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Hello @thissucks …I’m really happy for you. seriously. i was wondering. How long were you in pain? How did you come to this drastic decision ? I’ve herd that the switch from your own hormones to synthetic can be quite annoying… It seems that you don’t feel that way. At this point I really couldnt care less if i have them or not. So who made the decision …you or your urologist? And did you choose one of the utological surgeons discussed on the forum or just a local one. And isnt mt baldy in the Carolinas? What was the name of the surgeon that you chose? How did u pick him/her? And how long has it been since you had your surgery? I have been 4 years since the reversal. 4 years in pain. I was playing tennis and running before…so i’ve about had it with these damn things. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks



Thanks for the kind words. Had vas early last year. Had 10 pain bilateral blowout. Since then I believe my problem was irreperable scar tissue damage leading to chronic inflammation. First surgery did a vas redo. Removed granuloma pain but pain still present. reversal in Jan with Marks. Autoimmune issues cleared up but pain still there mainly around vas and epi. I also had right testicle stuck to my scrotal skin up high. I first thought it was cremaster constantly pulling it but realized it was scar tissue. Thing about scar tissue is its VERY sticky. Oftentime congestion and nerve issues are mentioned in PVP but another killer is scar tissue adhesions that create chronic inflammation. My epis were also destroyed. The bilateral blowout created a irreperable damage IMO. The pain has always been 24 7. Never let up. Never comfortable. Because of this I just couldnt wait. Had to fix it quick cause job and family were on the line. My Uro is a family friend and awesome guy. Been working with me from the beginning. I had to sell him on the Orch. intuition just told me it would work. Also my Uro has done hundreds for Cancer so I felt confident in his ability. He wanted to do one at a time but I asked him to do both he reluctantly agreed if I did a cord block. Cord block didnt work. He said chances decrease dramatically if cord block doesnt work. I told him I still want it. He did it relucantly. I dont blame him, what uro wamts to take a mans balls out if he doesnt have terminal cancer, and me being a friend at that. I live in So Cal. For me it just boiled down to the fact that life is short and I was bedridden hours a day watching my kids play around without there dad. I figured if it didnt work I wouldnt be worse off and at least I know i tried everything. Im on T Gel. I rub it on my shoulders every morning. I feel normal, but I will probably switch to injections later on. Sex is back to where it was before my vas. Feels great! I know theres a psychological concern with being a man with no balls but for me its been the opposite. Having balls post vas was tormenting as they were a constant reminder of the worst decision of my life. Im glad theyre diced up in some garbage somewhere.

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This is very interesting. I’m 60 yr old and I’m sick of messing with these
things and am considering having both the things removed and thrown in the
trash. I really don’t care about them any more because they don’t do
nothing but hurt me. You usually get rid of people that constantly hurt
you, right? And apparently I’m not as intuitive as I’d like to be. I have
even more self doubr since this idiotic group of decisions. Why would i
want to keep the damn things!? Was there a particular type of operation or
way it was done that was different than any other type or a removal
proceedure? Can you give me his name or can he recomend a top surgeon
around Sacramento? How long was your recovery? And exactly how long did it
take to heal so you were doing all these things? And lastly how long has it
been since you had this operation? P.S. To the guys that are emailing with
me…is my real name showing up or is my site handle IamHurtin showing
up? Thanks

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@Thissucks, I too admire your courage. Your story is literally a first to me far as how things seem to be going for you post bilateral removal.

The biggest difference between you and many unsuccessful stories I know of is you never had de-nervation. I personally think that was a wise move.

If your testicle were destroyed by vasectomy to the point that you describe, I’m not seeing where you had any other realistic options.

All this talk about a man not being a man, etc, etc, you’ve still got balls far as I’m concerned.



I hear you. If you can locate the source of your pain to anywhere within the spermatic cord then removing it inguinally could be successful.

My surgeon is a Kaiser doc so you would have to have that insurance to have him do it I believe. Many Uros though are experienced when it comes to inguinal orchiectomy for cancer. It’s a fairly simple procedure. It may be tough trying to convince one to do it but persistence pays off. If you ask the doctor to do one at a time they may be more willing.

I had mine four weeks ago this Wednesday. Ball pain gone overnight. Still got some incision and groin swelling and some hardness but that’s normal after orchiectomy.



Thanks Ringo! Appreciate those words!



Hello @Thissucks. I am really interested in some of the things you are feeling since your surgery. (1) Have you always been a fast healer? I haven’t. The speed at which you are back on your horse and riding fast is really interesting. (2) Am I right that you got a cancer doc to do the operation and not a Urologist? (3) you say that it is a fairly simple proceedure. Don’t they have to take out all of the veins, arteries and nerves feeding the testicals? And you didn’t have any problems there either? (4) sorry but I didn’t catch how long that you had been in pain? (5) there are now so many ways in witch to get testosterone into your system (a) jell (b) shot twice a month etc (3)and i didn’t know if you’ve read this yet but there is also a small capsule of restosterone that they can implant under your skin that can last from 3 to 6 months. Just didn’t know if you had looked into that or not. I am very interested in this proceedure and doing it myself. The lack of success with operations, the fact that they cut into my epididimis (which i believe to be one of the more painful things that are constantly reminding me), and the operation that i had is causing tremendous pain in the mornings and when I run and several other issues. I don’t ever again want have an operation on this area …I would like to be done it for once and for all.
It may take me some time to find the right doctor/surgeon to preform this operation so do you think that you could continue to post on your pain level and/or your progress at least monthly for the next 4 to 6 months? I would really like to be done with this once and for all like yourself …so please continue to post “any” and all things that you notice.
Man, am I sick to almost death in dealing with this problem…1/2 of my family wouldn’t even know me if i came home happy! Like i used to be. Thus damn thing has been going on so long. Thanks for being man enough for saying the hell with what others think it looks like & Heres hoping to your continued progress.



Thanks @IamHurtin! The thing with having no balls at least for me has been like that saying his bark is worse than his bite. The thought of having no balls is worse then actually having no balls and living a pain free life. Most men never even think about their balls. So many times during my pvp I thought to myself I wish I examined my balls more pre vas so I could compare their once healthy state to the gnarled up mess they had become. But I just never thought about them. Not having them feels the same to me as having them. Most wives are disgusted by the looks of them anyway so that’s not an issue either. HRT makes you feel 100% normal and their are so many options you just do what works and experiment. Some days I don’t even put on my gel in order to feel what no t feels like. The biggest negative is energy but on the other hand I get great sleep those nights cause my body feels more relaxed. Then when you want to go back to normal it’s only a few shoulder rubs away. I’m by no means 100% so don’t get my wrong. When I say I went on a two hour hike I mean a two hour shuffle haha. Incisions and groin is still very tender and swollen but nothing compared to ball pain. Since my Uro is apart of a HUGE health care provider he does everything from cancer to penile implants.



Regarding the surgery itself doc makes incision in groin and pushes testicle up through groin and pulls it out with the cord. Cord is clamped then cut. Gunernaculum is also cut which connects the testicle to the scrotal wall. I had so much scar tissue from previous surgeries 75% of my testicle was stuck to scrotal wall which led to more cutting to free testicle from scrotal wall. I do have more hard spots/tissue then the average tc patient because of that. Compared to denervation or reversal orchiectomy is a lot more simple from a surgical standpoint.



Just to clarify, with bilateral orchiectomy, orgasm/ejaculation feels the same as before? And semen still comes out?



Yes that is correct. Sex feels the same. Semen looks basically just like a vasectomized semen. More clear



Well thanks for your reply @Thissucks. If they go on a rampage and take all opiates away from patients I may not have any other options. It sounds better than I am now. i have very little interest in sex because it can hurt SO BAD 8 to 16 hours later it is sometimes barely worth it. It may end up destroying my marriage but I wouldn’t blame her. i have so little interest I know she thinks that I don’t love her but she has been wondeful as long as i don’t complain…but sometimes that can be really hard. I wish I was the strong silent type. But I’m not! I used to be strong…before all this shit happened to me! I don’t like to be on narcotics all of the time so I let them where off a lot and she has to listen to me cuss sometimes while I wait for the meds to work. I try Advil first and then Gabapentin (which is no treat) then I have to go to old reliable. I Can’t take antidepressants so I use an Xanax for the mind. But I have to keep it to a minimum or wait a few hours because Xanax and opiates don’t mix so well as you may know. And all of this can take quite a bit of time! Which is no fun. I think I understand why some people use a needle for pain…although I never would. Well thanks for the input at least I know there is an option that “might” work if I can’t take it any more. Please keep us posted so we know if it works long term. I will be talking to some urologists and see what they think about full removal. Nit looking forward to it…because they have been so unhelpfull to Me so far. Thanks for your input. At this point I really don’t care if i have them or not … They’re more enemy than friends at this point. If I wasen’t worried that the operation might mess something else up in the process…I’d do it next week! Good luck.