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My bilateral epididymectomy story

Today I had a bilateral epididymectomy (both epi’s where totally removed)

I passed by at least 8 urologists + the GP. In short this is the list of things and drugs I tried in the 18 months prior to this operation

painkillers (paracetamol, ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac)
dalacin c
Papaya seed (5 weeks)
Serrapeptase (6 weeks)
bactrim forte (to counter an UTI)
CBD oil and consentrate
Cannabis (THC)
Cialis + Oxytocine (Syntosinon)
Codeine (120mg in one dose, didn’t help)

no-clip standard vasectomy
open-ended conversion (5,5 mnd post vasectomy, the sutures (vicryl) where as new)
a cord block that I didn’t feel jack off
a part of the cord was removed due to it being hardened out (fibrosis)

a dozen of echo’s
lots of touching my nuts

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I hope you have a speedy recovery! Please take care of yourself and please keep us apprised as to your improvement.

I hope this brings the relief you need. Thanks for the update.

I’m in terrible pain! Yesterday I slipped and fell 3 meters down the stairs. I hurt my wrist, upper arm, lower back and tush. Oh and the balls are killing me! :slight_smile:

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@derberlinersmurf, At least you still have a sense of humor, haha.

Hang in there brother.


We are 40 hours post op and the pain is starting to go away. I’m on pre-op level again so I think I can manage without painkillers from here on forward. Yesterday I woke up at 4am in pain and I only survived the day on a cocktail of booze, weed, codeine and naproxen.

How bout an update @derberlinersmurf.

still not 100%. They referred me to a pain clinic but since no drugs or even an epidural seems to attenuate the “pain” I’m not really interested anymore… The sharp edges are gone and at least some times it seems like I’m pain free. But in the end it will take some time, the operation was 5 weeks ago and on top of that I have had 18 months to adapt to the situation so I don’t know how to evaluate my current situation.

Well, it’s good to hear from you anyway.

I’m with you on the 18 months thoughts.

I know surgical pains can take well over a year to resolve themselves, and that’s in regard to any invasive surgery.

Good luck brother. Keep us posted.

No improvement in the last month. Started a new pain treatment including psychological therapy but gave up after 2 weeks. I give it another 3 months and then I go for the bilateral orchiectomy as well.

Sorry to hear that derb.

If you ever want to chat, shoot me a message.

Hang in there and stay strong. You’ll get pain free. We’re all pulling for you.

Worst case if you go for an orci you’ll get T from a needle and probably feel better than most of us old timers here ;).

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Tomorrow will be 3 months post operation and it still is not OK. Since no pain killer helps I don’t think it’s a pain related issue so I’m giving it another 3 months and then will go for a bilateral orchiectomy as well. Both my urologists aren’t in favour of this but since the experience of the guys in the bilateral orchiectomy journey topic are so positive I will join too. Actually one of my nuts is sticking to my scrotum too (probably scar tissue). I just want to be able to focus on something else, I can use magic mushrooms and those balls just ruin the trip. It never stops!

We are now 5 months post op. Still no improvement and since 2 weeks, I have been taking Lyrica again. Don’t notice any difference so far. Will make an appointment with the urologist next week to discus the options for another operation. If necessary that would be getting the bilateral orchiectomy…

I am 3 and half post op now and still no improvement…where you testicles stiched to scrotum during you epididymectomy?

Did you find a surgeon willing to do orchiectomy?

I don’t know for sure, but when I asked the answer more or less was that nothing was stitched to the scrotum.

Well I’m not sure about that either. I have 2 appointments this month with 2 surgeons and I’m going to ask both about the options and risks and if they are willing to perform a bilateral orchiectomy.

Keep us updated…i think mine was stitched,not sure why. As difficult as it is im trying to give it long as possible for improvment before taking a next step, but one things for sure i cant deal with this lifestyle and pain im currently in for long term. Im still confident that pain could improve for up to a year post op. Look forward to seeing how you get on!

Sorry to hear the epi removal hasn’t worked for you. Prayers and thoughts are with you.

I had epididymectomy performed as well, unfortunately wasn’t successful for me too :frowning:

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How much time did you give it before concluding it was unsuccessful?

Can I ask why all of you opted for epi removal over other alternatives? Were you presented with other alternatives (reversal. cord denervation, etc.)?