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My bad experience


I think the retired USAF Colonel went well beyond simply publishing facts on the internet. It sounds like he made threatening statements.

None of us wants to be sued. PVPS is already costing us a small fortune from lost-time off, meds that insurance refuses to cover, inability to work as effectively as we’d like, etc. For that reason, 99.5% of my posts don’t mention the cruel vasectomist by name, the man who denied ever having a bad outcome and then, later, saying “I send my pain guys to…” some other urologist. My vasectomist said “what do you want me to do, cut off your testicles?” I think reporting facts like all the useless attempts the vasectomists take that waste time and money and show their ignorance are completely fair game BY NAME.

Opinions, name-calling, and saying things like “avoid this guy at all costs” might get you sued.


I read the article and what that colonel was doing seemed like harassment and threats.

If you keep your posts factual there should not be an issue.
Name of guy, date of procedure, informed consent given. You can then list your symptoms/issues, the impact on your life and what treatments you’ve tried.

It’s fair to comment on aftercare or lack thereof too.

Again, most of my issue is about the lack of proper informed consent. It’s a fair criticism and it’s factual based on what we know about the procedure and standards published by the urological associations and national healthcare services in 3 countries.


Just don’t mention names of the doctors and everything should be fine. Private chat is always a way to give feedback about the doctors you know.