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My bad experience


I got a vas done on Friday the 13th. All seemed fine till that afternoon when started getting pain and swelling on right side. Had to take jock off. Was icing and meds but getting worse. Called urologist at 230. Told it’s normal reaction and tonice and pain meds and see you in a week. No interest in seeing me,
Kept getting bigger and more painful and everything said in the brochure they gave me to in-line was to get it checked.
I knew urologist would blow me off again so went to urgent care. They said they could not treat me so to go to ER. I was so swollen I could not pee.
ER took me right away. They looked at me and ordered ultrasound and blood work. After those were done they gave me morphine and called my doctor. Tried to pee before morphing but could not.
My urologist refused transfer to hospital he was on staff and to see me. He was upset he was called on Friday and argued with me. Said I pee there or hospital can use a catheter and see him next week.
After the morphene kicked in, I could get it out to pee and hospital was happy and released me,

Called urologist Monday and he was off so I got his partner. He said rare but not uncommon and to ice and rest and Tylenol. He said I could see him but would not change anything.
So it’s now Tuesday, day 5 and my right side all purple and bruised into leg and just above is yellow green. Laying down is fine, but painful to stand and walk and remove jock to go to bathroom or shower. No redness I can see or fever but I think it is bruising and hardening to be large hematoma the size of my hand.
Been trying to work from home but hard while laying down and may need note from him for short term disability,
Never got notes on how to treat this. When can I take ibuprofen? When can I start baths? What else can I do? What is healing for this and what is a warning sign of something bad? It’s like this is a closely guarded secret!


Damn you sound just like me. I have mine 7 days ago. I went back to see my Dr. after 6 days he saw my swollen sac (size of a grapefruit) and said, WOW, you had a lot of bleeding. He said the yellow color you talk about is the blood dispersing in to the body, starts red, then black and blue, then yellow. He said it was a good sign, it didn’t feel too good.

I asked Dr. about what I could do, meds, or hot tubs or supplements, he gave the answer I see in all these chats, TIME.

I’m no Dr. but once your sites stop bleeding you can probably start with the hot tubs, even if it’s not helping me it makes me feel like I am doing something to control this craziness. I am also taking Tylenol and advil, switching every other time. Doesn’t really help, still have the burning from the fluid in by groin and probably pulled muscles from the new bowling ball between my legs.

Dr’s say more swelling or fever and that is a warning sign of more bleeding and infection. Other than that were some supportive underwear or Jock and wait. Sucks, I and many others are in your same boat. Hope it heals fast but what I see it will take months, not weeks.


Welcome to the delightful field of urology. These jackasses are hardly worth the paper their license is printed on.


Yeah pain is same today. Also the Houston’s is in the taint too. Going to see if the urologist will see me before Friday. He has not seen it yet.


If you have a bad outcome, their worthlessness in helping you becomes all the more apparent. It’s funny how it morphs from this is “normal” to this is “rare”. Sometimes it goes the other way from this is “rare” to “see it all the time”. Usually when you talk to different office staff, doctors, nurses that’s when you get the “he told you that?”. “I get one of his patients in here a week”…

This is why there should be mandatory uniform informed consent but it will never happen in the US with our healthcare model. The most you can hope for in a free market like ours is that lawsuits will make force the issue. As usual it comes down to having to do your own homework and protect yourself. Sites like this help document these things.

Where are you @Jockobutch and who was your provider? Guy sounds like a real peach. It’s when things go south like in your case the wheat gets separated from the chaff and you see what type of person you are dealing with. At the very least can you share with us what you were told about the chance of complications like pain etc…?


I am in Downingtown,PA USA. I was asked to sign s consent form I did not get s chance to read right before the surgery. As far as pain and complications, just told the usual rest for 5-7 days, Tylenol and anti biotic. I was given a brochure that said if any swelling etc to see your doctor, but then he did not want to see me. I left a voicemail to try and get an appointment today otherwise I will get s second opinion


Here’s the problem with urologists and vasectomies. They simply don’t understand what is going on. No one does. “Most” people don’t seem to notice the effects of the procedure so medicine in its infinite wisdom deems it a safe procedure. After all, it’s profitable, helps with population control, and guys love the thought of worry free sex. When $@&! hits the fan, that’s when their lack of knowledge really shows through. They are absolutely clueless. That’s why you see prescriptions for antibiotics and NSAIDS. It’s really a shot in the dark and a way to buy more time in order to give the body a chance to do what it does best…heal itself. If that doesn’t work, my utmost apologies because the risk/reward percentage of every option after that is very poor.

In my opinion, it’s extremely careless to continue to perform a procedure with a chronic pain rate of 15% (British Journal of Urology, 2007) when we have no real understanding of how to rectify the issue.

Most urologists live in denial every day about what they are doing to men. That’s why you are running into these issues. I was one of many that was told by my urologist that he’s only had two pain patients in 30 years only to be told later by his nurse that he has about 2 per week.


How can someone sleep at night.


The thing is there are plenty of slick websites for vasectomies. Unless your search for scrotsl hematoma or the other side effects you know nothing. Even then only forums like this give straight dope. Others just say 4-8 weeks to go away but nothing to high degree of pain or missed time at work. We are all told a week or less.


It’s easy, they are surgeons. Back surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, they’re all the same way. The difference is, vasectomy is elective most other surgeries aren’t. When a back surgery goes south, the doc can fall back on “well, it was a car wreck, I tried my best.” Urologists are simply idiots. Most of these guys try and blame everything else. Think of all the guys out there right now who were told by their urologist that their prostatitis, ED, epididymitis, or back pain wasn’t caused by the vasectomy. I bet there are tens of thousands out there and even more guys that never even made the connection to vasectomy.


Had the follow up. A blood vessel was nicked. Told heal in a week then time to reabsorb but pain lessen in s few days. Can start ibuprofen and alternate hot and cold packs.
Also bought Mirscle Plus Arnica bruise cream. Has Arnica, vitamin k and other all natural stuff to promote healing for bruises and hematoma. Found it on another blog of someone in this same fix. We will see how it goes. Out of work through next week and follow up on the 30th.


It’s amazing to me that guys are hesitant to mention the name of their provider on this forum even after suffering some pretty bad outcomes. If you paid someone to put siding on your house and you weren’t happy with the end product or service you would mention the contractor but guys get weird about naming their providers here.
It’s part of the dynamic that allows informed consent and in some cases after care to remain so poor when it comes to vasectomy.


@MikeO This would be a good reason why a lot of men won’t post a lot of specific information. While most of this forum contains strong truths, there is a lot of opinion which could legally border on questionable facts. It’s not worth having any one here face legal issues, and it would definitely not do us any good to have the forum shut down.


I can agree with both sides of the argument on this one I totally understand where everyone is coming from ie naming not naming etc.

But personally I have named the guy that done mine,I have got some reasons why.Of course I will admit I do have a certain amount of anger built up and I should move on from that for my own health reasons.

But this guy lied to me told me I was the only one even though I found a guy on this forum that also had a bad outcome with him,I also want to hopefully help some other guy from making a bad decision.

This is an elective procedure this did not happen to me through an accident,common decency in my opinion is thrown out the window with regards vasectomy in favour of capitalist greed.

I would also note that the guy that done mine when I was in my infancy of this forum he said “oh they are just a bunch of whingers” so as far as I’m concerned I owe him little or no respect.

I would note when discussing my issues with my reversal surgeon his exact words where “you won’t find many doctors getting a vasectomy as they are aware of the issues”

Some won’t agree with above but that’s just my own view on it all,I would hate to see anything happen to this forum but I haven’t said anything untrue regarding my own case it is all the complete truth.


The fact is that this is a large and lucrative business. If the doctor down the road claims zero problems after 5,000 procedures and you claim that 1-3% of your patients developed chronic pain, guess who’s going to lose out. What makes this different from most other surgeries is that what you’re asking for is what’s causing the pain. They can’t just go back in and clean it up a little to fix it. You literally asked them to pressurize your epididimides. Of course, you probably didn’t know that’s what you were asking for. Most of the time you’re just told that the body will harmlessly reabsorb the sperm and not that it will be happening under some duress.


Agreed and I very much am aware this is a very lucrative business and that the bottom line is vasectomy isn’t going away anytime soon because of this.


Yeah, I definitely don’t agree with or like the article I posted. I am just posting a reason many of us don’t want to name the doctor.

In an equal system, we should have the ability to fairly provide recourse but as of right now, the systems skewed. I believe everything I’ve posted is the truth but I know I’ve created some emotional posts that to an outside person could be questionable, so I chose to keep some anonymity.


Yes doctors have sued over negative yelp reviews. They have high priced lawyers on retainer as part of malpractice and we do not. Is there a way to send private messages on here? That way people can directly ask privately.


Yeah @Jockobutch. You definitely can PM on here. I’ve privately asked multiple men on here who were there reversal docs.


Thanks @Kyvas!!
Just an update. Day 10 after vas. The daily soak, heat pack, turmeric supplements and miracle plus bruise cream from amazon have helped. Left side normal. Right leg bruise going down nicely. Right side hard but a little more spin felt from hematoma. Still painful to stand and walk more than a few min, but at least healing. Most of right side returning to normal color from the purple.
Have not tried sex or a anything yet. Waiting for more hematoma reduction before I do that.