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My 6-month post vasectomy update

It was 6 calendar months since my vas on the 5th and I wanted to post an update for anyone interested in how things have been progressing for me.

I’ll spare you the details of my journey up to this point as those can be found in my previous posts. In summary I had vas Feb 5th, had post surgical pain that lasted beyond the touted 7 days, testicular soreness continued for weeks with a couple of follow ups to Uro, things started to improve for me at week 8, from week 8 until approximately week 14 I made a lot of progress was off of all pain management measures and was certain I was going to make a full or near full recovery. Then I had a setback during last week of May.

The month of June really sucked for me. In May I was doing really well, I was off all pain management measures (jock, icing, NSAIDs, …etc). I still had some minor discomfort here and there, but almost always associated with certain triggers like sitting or long walks. But I was convinced was was well on my way to a near full recovery. Then I had a flare up the last week of May and spent most of June managing pain/discomfort again as I worked my way back. I started keeping a daily pain journal back in May, and I’m happy to report that July was much better than June in terms of average daily discomfort. I think I’ve only taken one single dose of ibuprofen in the last month, and it was at the end of a VERY active Saturday with the family a few weeks ago. I’m wearing normal briefs, and still icing once a day generally. Most days I don’t feel like I need to ice but it’s just become routine. I also have been taking Zyflamend and Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements that are frequently recommended on this site. Right now I’m feeling happy with where things are trending. For tracking my daily pain/discomfort, I use the Mankoski 10-pt pain scale. I’ve modified it a bit to fit my situation. Im almost always between a 1 - 3, so I’ve broke down my pain descriptions in 0.5 increments, and will log pain scores down to the 0.25. There is obviously some subjectivity from day-to-day, but I feel like it gives a pretty good depiction of trend over the course of a couple weeks or a month. I started tracking in late May and my avg daily pain in June was approximately 2.5, and my average in July was approximately 1.85. So trending the right direction for the moment.

I’ll occasionally get achy epis, or some minor discomfort in back of testicle, but over time the duration and magnitude of the discomfort has seemed to slowly be reducing. Im hopeful the plumbing down there is simply taking it’s sweet time to adapt to the changes that resulted from vasectomy, and that over the coming months I’ll be able to make a close to full recovery

I’m also happy to report that my mental state has improved substantially over the last 6 weeks. I’ve started to feel like myself again. I was a real mess there for a while in the early months.

I plan to continue monitoring and logging my pain daily, and at the end of each month compare the monthly averages to prior months along with how many days were 1-2, 2-3, 3-4… etc. As long as I don’t get worse, and hopefully continue to improve, I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing and hopefully the body continues to heal/adapt on its own.

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Is your Alpha Lipoic Acid supplement a cocktail of some sort with biotin? I had success with an ALA supplement but stopped it when I realized it was causing my hair to thin. Apparently one needs to also take biotin to combat hair loss while on ALA.

You are the first to mention the hair thinning/loss associated with ALA. But upon a quick Google search I definitely saw a number of individuals with same side effect. I know the popular supplement “NerveShield” contains 300mg of ALA and no Biotin, and I havent heard any issues with that supplement.

For myself, I’ve been taking 400mg of ALA daily for a little over a month and havent noticed any hair thinning, but coincidentally my once a day multivitamin does contain 30mg of Biotin (100% daily value.)

Thank you for the heads-up. I will monio my hair going forward. Did getting off the ALA restore your hair back to original state???

I was on Nuturna Max Strength Neuropathy. I think getting off the it largely halted any loss. It’s not noticeable to others as I have thick hair. I just started freaking out when I saw a ton of it in the comb and somehow figured out through searching online that ALA could be the problem. I was shocked at the number of reviews I saw that mentioned hair loss.

Thanks for that update, helpful. I am six weeks out with pain and swelling on the left side only, right side is fine. Urologist is calling it epididimitis. Was on an Bactrim and NSAIDs for a couple weeks. Helped somewhat.This is the first I have read about using ALA. Need to watch blood sugar when on ALA it reduces it. You are lucky you can take it consistently, it is rough on my stomach. Do you only have pain or swelling also?

I’m sure you’ve already heard this on this site, but at six weeks you’re still very early, and things are likely to resolve for you. So while a lot easier said than done, try not to stress too much.

I never really had any noticable swelling other than a bout of epididymitis around month 4-5. My epis were noticably inflamed visually and to the touch. Other than that most of my pain/discomfort can be best described as achiness/soreness. I’m certain I’ve been dealing with inflammation on and off, but not any major swelling so to speak.