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Muscles firing incorrectly

I’m about 3 months out post vasectomy, still in a serious amount of pain almost constantly. I have been trying to walk daily, get the legs moving at the very least. Today I tried something a little different.

Just a little background before I get into it, I’ll keep it short and simple. Open ended vas, still swollen in the area from my tail bone to my lower abs, plus groin area. Prudential nerve damage of some short, doctor agrees, trouble holding urine, issues with bowel movements, numb painful penis.

I have been weight lifting for almost my entire life pretty consistent unless injured, or on holidays. It’s been 3 months of doing very little since vas, this is one of the times my lifting has been put on hold , walking as much as I can, but just not getting anything out of it. I decided I would do a few sets of squats no weight, this is easy for me, I can squat a lot of weight normally. Well, it seems my glutes and hamstrings are not firing and the fronts of my legs are doing all the work. My question is why? Normally once in the squatted position, I stand up using mainly glutes, this is no longer happening. Also, my quads burn to the point that I can hardly walk after, this has never happened.

What I’m doing is a very easy simple movement that I’ve done thousands of times, now my body seems to be firing different muscles to do the same job, can this be possible ?

Another forum member, @Acschiro has done a lot of research on this. He’s a chiropractor and, sadly, got hit with a pile of nerve damage that affected his hips and more. If he’s still monitoring this forum, I bit he could advise. My layman’s understanding of what he explained to me suggests you likely have damaged nerves from the vasectomy. The nerves in the scrotum traverse through several muscles that control muscles, not just provide sensation.

Acschiro’s opinion is that many of us end up with misfiring muscles as you suggest. In my case, he and I both posit that my core went to shit shortly after my vas and that’s what caused my lower back problems later that year that ultimately resulted in lumbar fusion about 7 years post vas. The spine ended up wearing out prematurely because it picked up load the core used to support.

Your scenario sounds remarkably similar to what he’s described. I hope he chimes in.

The inflammation could also be causing some extra pressure on those nerves. My advice, since you are still only 3 months out, is to see a Pelvic Floor Specialist, but also try to get the inflammation under control. You may look into a steroid pack. Also, any exercise that you do from now, until the point you feel better needs to be done at very minimal increases. I too lifted weights fairly heavy, prior to the vas. Stupid me, thought I would do leg day the day I got the snip, because I wasn’t going to be doing anything for a couple weeks. I think the muscles tightened up from that and then when I got the snip, they didn’t deaden things properly on the first side, and my muscles tightened even more.

I didn’t give it enough time to fully relax before I started up again, and it got even tighter. As soon as I would start to feel somewhat better I would push myself again and get things even tighter again. It took me almost 3 years to figure out what I was doing, so I took it really slow (for the past 9 months). I am now finally getting back to feeling normal most of the time, and working out heavy again.

I’m not sure if this is the same deal you are going through, but I have found that overly tight muscles can mess with you body, horribly. First things first though. It sounds like you still have a lot of inflammation, if you are swollen, so I would say the first goal is to try and get that taken care of and then work on stretching and relaxing those muscles.

I’ve noticed something similar since my vasectomy, and wrote about it previously.

Specifically, I noticed weak core muscles, pelvic muscles, weak psoas, and a noticeable change in the way I move – especially the way I climb stairs which is more duck footed now with my thighs doing all the work, and a change in how I bend down to pick things up. Very awkwardly and apparently avoiding having my scrotum get compressed.

There is absolutely a new way that my muscles have learned to do things. I am uncertain whether this is due to some kind of mild paralysis or disinclination for certain muscles to engage, or whether it is due to pain signals that have unconsciously trained me not to move in certain ways.

This ted talk is interesting and goes over how nerves in chronic distress start to dump chemicals into the surrounding tissue, which can screw with nearby motor signals:

Take note of the girl’s damaged arm – the chronic pain has had a dramatic impact on muscle tone and even temperature regulation.

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Yeah I did dead lifts and squats the day before the vasectomy, I’m wondering if this made things tougher to get a hold of during surgery. I think some pulling is normal, and the procedure was fast, I mean like 2-3 min fast, but it felt like I was getting stitches in my stomach, this strange sensation like there was string being pulled through the skin in my lower abs. I actually gasped and to the point that I ran out of air, there were two other people standing there, one walked out, I almost asked him why she was in the room to begin with, she did nothing, and when she saw me gasp walked out. Anyway, the whole thing was strange, I’ve never speak about it, because I really don’t know how it’s all supposed to go.

The crazy thing is yesterday doing squats, I had zero weight, this is normally as easy as say getting up and down from the sofa. I wasn’t really even looking for a challenge, I just wanted to work on some different movements, they were nice and slow, very controlled, almost like a stretch type workout, just looking for that full range of motion to warm the muscles. Instead I was having a tough time with form, like I say I’ve done thousands of squats in my life, my balance was weird, couldnt drive/stand up with the weight on my heels, all very very strange, there is definitely something not working properly.

Yes going to try a pelvic PT, at the very least they can tell me what is working and what is not.

As far as the inflammation I guess I will have to resort to something like steroids, I keep thinking that even if I can control inflammation for a while, does it not come back? I guess I don’t understand why the inflammation, If it is coming from the body trying to rid sperm, anyway, I could definitely try it.

Thanks for the input.

Yeah hoping it’s due to moving in strange ways, I walk like that up the stairs as well. I guess the body/brain can rewire itself around pain, this is what I’m hoping. The idea that the motor function of certain muscles could be damaged is scary, definitely hoping that this isn’t the case.

Thanks. Sorry to hear about your back, and all the rest of it. This stuff is truely hard to believe until it happens to you.

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Has anyone ever noticed the way Dr Phil walks? I remember reading about him getting a vasectomy a long time ago. The guy looks as though his entire pelvic region is frozen, i always thought maybe he had been in some kind of accident, looking at it now, maybe something to do with his vasectomy, and reversal, who knows.

Anyway, when I walk I really feel like I’m walking like him these days, things are just not mechanically working the same at all, I feel like I’m 90.

Btw- I don’t watch the show, just seems like it’s always comes on in the background or something, especially these days sitting at home constantly due to this shit.



Vasectomy was not supposed to make you less of a man, but you appear to be watching Dr. Phil and complaining about your reproductive organs a lot more these days so…

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Regretthesnip, I did 30 days of NSIADs (Meloxicam 15mg) and that did wonders for my inflammation. The swelling did not return when I stopped, which was 12 days ago.

Unfortunately, I have new testicle, scrotum pain directly due to the PA at my Uro doing an aggressive hernia check on my sore side. I’m a bit pissed off at him for that, but this is another topic…

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Why did you withdrawal that post? I thought it was hilarious.

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It seemed less funny to me in the morning, and I didn’t want you to take it the wrong way. Glad you took it in the spirit it was intended and found it funny!

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Interesting that the swelling stayed down, maybe I’ll have to give a shot. Thanks

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Thanks for the feedback. 150 per hour for a ball massage, takes that much skill? Or is it just that no one wants to give out ball rubs for money?

Honestly, it takes skill. She’s literally telling me “here’s your spermatic cord, here’s fascia, and this is that”. Believe me, not a pretty job some of the things she did. It’s definitely not erotic one bit. She has speciality medical training and would go above and beyond and often go longer. I had to beg to get on her schedule as she’s in high demand and mostly for ladies. Most importantly, it worked amazingly. I don’t know about you folks, but this cluster F sucks and this is was pennies on the dollar compared to the reversal. The doc commented on how well I had improved from nerve, scarring and inflammation. The extra money to give better success was sure worth it to me. And I am not poor but definitely not rich when basic 50 year old falling apart homes sell for $1m and both my wife and i work a ton. Again, do what you think is best. For me, I cut spending everywhere else as I want to get healthy.

Also, she doesn’t take health insurance but some do. And candidly that’s a going rate for a basic cost of living income in CA plus all her masters stuff. Like I said she very clearly has medical training and it shows in therapy. Each to their own. Just giving you what’s worked for me.

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Cool, I’m sure there is someone in my area that does this, I’ll check it out. Thanks !

Good luck man. I hope that works as i nearly got to avoid the reversal because of her.

Like I said, nerves and scares were worked out in the first month by her. Once those we calmed down, she tackled the granuloas in the spermatic cords and epi’s. She would get them feeling great. I would walk out say yes! Unfortunately, they kept getting flared up which she could make feel better but not address the root cause. Hence, the reversal.

Also, I hope that gives you a little more insight on the medical side in the sense that she’s specifically calling out these parts over the weeks with her.

Good luck to you and everyone here.

My story is somewhat similar but with a different muscle group. My pain is from the pubic bone up to my abs. I’m in the army part time and literally went from 65 sit-ups on my PT test to 7 within 3 months time. Further, my body diverts to the left during the sit-up and I struggle to straighten it.

Fast forward to where I am now, the muscular imbalance has created postural changes that have affected the way I walk, etc. Nobody has been able to pinpoint exactly what transpired during the vasectomy but it’s clear to every PT I’ve worked with that I have a significant strength discrepancy on my right side, specifically my abdominals, obliques, and hip flexors. It’s tough to blame anything but nerve damage but that’s just a guess.

I start a private Pilates course in three weeks.

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So what happens with these weak muscles due to nerve issues ? Do these muscles just stop working and there is a permanent muscle imbalance in the body ? Or do these nerves grow back, and repair themselves ? I’m struggling to understand why PT helps with all of this.

I know your PT has special training, but is there anyway to articulate exactly what she does that helps? Like, is it something someone could try on themselves?

Any touching or proading the area seems to make it worse for me, then again I have no idea what I’m doing.