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Most painful orgasm ever


I had a vasectomy a little over two weeks ago. It was sore the first few days but then I was fine. One of the stitches popped out and that was a little rough.

Last night I masterbated for the first time. The pain I felt right before and ever climax was unimaginable, and all day long I’ve had this incredible intermittent cramp in my pelvic region.

Is this normal?



It’s not normal, but it’s not abnormal as in unheard of either. Right before climax your balls tend to pull up so you probably had the greatest stress to where you were cut/divided then.

It will likely get better with time but I’m guessing you were not prepared for anything like that.



No - and I mean I had sex last week and it was fine. It just hurt so much.



Two words that should never be used side by side. Sex and pain.

A hell of a price to pay when it’s not necessary.



Also,the tubing of the epididymis contains muscle fibers to push sperm along during orgasm so it’s under the most stress at that point which is why PVPS sufferers often experience increased pain after sex.