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Missing Vas on right side. Urologist damaged the nerve instead

Hey guys,

Wishing well to you all and your families. Thank you for sharing your stories.

On Nov 30, 2020 I had a vasectomy performed in a surgery center. Pre-op my urologist said it should be 15 minutes and I can take ibuprofen if needed. When I woke up I noticed on the clock that it had been 90 minutes and the nurse was shoving 2 Norco in my face. Urologist came in and said he couldn’t find the vas deferens on the right side.

Wow did I learn about pain. My scrotum was larger than a grapefruit. I was put on antibiotics and pain pills. After 10 days of no relief I began calling and messaging my urologist to no avail. So I called my PCP. She got me right in. Holy hell the look on her face… She said “Call your urologist NOW”.

Over the next four months I had poor communication with the urologist. Had 3 rounds of antibiotics and pain pills. The swelling lasted six weeks. Once that trama was gone I found new and different pain. It was like a constant hum of electricity at a pain level of 4-6 with intermittent lightning strikes of 8-9. Started taking gabapentin 300mg 3/day. It finally started to work after 25 days. Man that helped!

I have lost confidence in this urologist. Time for a second opinion. Wow what a difference! I got more from the new urologist in five minutes than I did from the previous urology group in five months.

Well the gabapentin started to wear off s we moved to Lyrica. New urologist suggested a Cord Block to 100% verify nerve damage. It worked. Sadly, after just five weeks I’m feeling the pain creep back. Denervation is the next step.

I attained all of my medical records with the first urology firm. The surgery notes from the urologist said he performed on the left. Opened the right and aborted not seeing the vas. HOWEVER I got the assistant notes as well with time stamps. He completed the left in 4 minutes and spent over an hour on the right. Even called in another surgeon for help. No telling what he did to that nerve poking and prodding for an hour.

I had same electric shocks however no Dr or urologist was smart enough to put me on lyricia or gaba. I had done research on this site to get those medications. I’ll I can say is research on here to hopefully find some relief. I take nerv shield which seems to help a little.
Sorry your here.

That’s terrible. Will your urologist not prescribe gabapentin for you? Tell your primary care physician and they may prescribe it. It’s not addictive.

I finally got on gabapentin but took me 3 months from when pain started. I had to bring it up thanks to this site. I have now switched to lyrica just to see if it helped any better. Nothing is taking the. Pain away.

Sadly that means it’s probably not nerve damage.

If the cord block gave you temporary relief in pain, then targeted denervation/neurolysis of the cord would be a good option. Just make sure that you get the neurolysis/denervation done by a physician who has a done a lot of these and who utilizes a targeted denervation (safer) technique versus standard traditional denervation (has more side effects).

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Thank you. I will mention this to my urologist.

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I will be calling you next week.

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Always remember, as much as it’s hard to think about. I had a nerve wrapped in a sperm granuloma. Had the granuloma removed and the nerve was damaged. Ive had 1 steroid shot since but I’ve been just fighting the pain for a year now. I would wait until at least the year mark before deciding on any surgeries. I am starting to feel better. Time is also a friend! Don’t jump too quickly, you have a lifetime to heal and not do more damage. Food for thought. My pain on that side is probably 90% resolved. It rarely flares up anymore.