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Missing the gym

Did any of you guys work out before your vasectomy? Pre vasectomy I was in the gym for an hour and a half five times a week. I really really loved it. I’m wondering if any of you guys that still have pain are able to hit the gym. I’m 1 1/2 months in and I’m still stuck on the couch. Will this pain eventually subside enough for me to get back to it? Give it to me straight please! Thanks you guys!

I eventually figured out that exercise increases scrotal pain. I just stopped exercising. Haven’t exercised since. I’m 4.75 years post-vasectomy.

Everybody is different. I think it’s important to stay active if you were an active person before. Obviously, some on here that are completely incapacitated don’t have that option. I am still not 100% and I’m over 4 months out, but I have been exercising since month 2. It is just as important to me mentally as it is physically. I’d say give your body time to recuperate but don’t give up the gym completely if you can avoid it. Just listen to your body.

4 years post op!? Damn what all have you tried for pain relief? Anticonvulsants? Antidepressants? Does that stuff even work?

What kind of exercise do you do? I’ve always been into heavy weight training. Right now I don’t feel like I can ever do heavy squats/deadlifts/bench stuff like that. :confused:

I do body weight stuff. Pushups, planks, burpees squats, etc. I swim, surf and ride my bike. You prob just aren’t healed enough yet to do heavy weights. My uro kept changing the story on how long I needed to wait to exercise. The 7 day story is a bunch of BS if you ask me.

The 3-5 days and you’re fine thing is complete bullshit for most guys. Externally I was fine in 3 days. It took nearly 5 months before I could run and get really active on my feet. Even at 5 months I was still eating anti-inflammatories like candy but I suffered from terrible congestion. If I hadn’t suffered from the congestion I would of been mostly okay at 6 months. Stay positive and take it easy when you start to feel better. It’s pretty easy to go from, “I feel better” to, “what the hell was I thinking?”

I just started back weightlifting a few weeks ago. I’m 8 months post vas. That being said, I’m going super lightweight and only a couple times a week. My entire entire pelvis flares up after a workout for a couple of days then drops to baseline. The pain is a good pain though because it at least feels like I’m doing something positive. I’m hoping that gaining some glute, hamstring, core strength, etc might help some of the pelvic floor spasm/weakness I’ve been fighting. Honestly, at 8 months out, I don’t think it could hurt anything. However, at your early stage, I would be very careful about lifting heavy. Might be good just to try something lighter for awhile. Seems simple, but a lot of us benefit from just walking. It’s simple but effective in a variety of ways. Good luck.

Thanks a bunch guys this is really helpful but also very discouraging to read. Have you guys looked into eating habits? Like anti inflammatory types of food? If so has that helped at all? I’ll try anything to be able to fuck my wife and lift heavy weight like I used to. It kind of defined who I was. I hate to be bitchy and moany about it but this really does suck.

How many months post vasectomy are you now? And how are you feeling now?

Do you feel like you can lift heavy if you wanted to? Are you feeling pain when you do body weight stuff? How many months post vasectomy are you?

I had a reversal almost 7 months after my vas due to terrible congestive inflammation and to remove the vasectomy clips.

At 6 months post vas though I was pretty active on my feet, able to run, jump and dive to hard ground. I couldn’t play nearly as hard as I used too but I could still get around. I had to avoid ejaculation at all costs since it made the congestive pain waayyyyy worse. If I stopped eating Advil though I was pretty screwed in less then 36 hours.

In the first 5 months after my vas I actually felt better when walking as opposed to sitting, standing or laying down. I seem to be one of the few that had an extremely positive pain improvement with Benadryl.

You’ll need to learn to listen to what’s going on down there, figure out what kind of pain you have and then go from there. There isn’t a, “this will fix it all” solution. Everyone’s problems are different.

@Ezekiel I’ll make a bet that eventually you quit thinking about the gym. It might not happen right away but I bet you eventually hang it up. Like you, I was extremely active before I got cut. I’ve given up most my hobbies, spend an hour every night in a hot bath and I look forward to going to bed early. No more gym, no more golf. I just don’t have any desire anymore.

How far out are you? I used to fuck my wife like 3 times a day and now (because I know how much it hurts) …

I’ve tried a lot of things. Most recent is reversal. That has helped some. I’m 14 months post-reversal today. I’m thinking about having denervation next.

@Ezekiel A couple things man. First off, you’re not being bitchy or moaning. This is the place to complain. This pain sucks and it is hard to deal with. Honestly, I had similar thinking to you pre vasectomy, I defined myself in a certain way. It was almost to the point of cockiness, but in my line of work, I have to be confident. So, just like you, this pain has made me feel weak and powerless. It still does in a certain way, but I’ve been able to change my thinking as the weeks have moved forward. Take care of your mental health. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or seek advice. I withheld telling my closest friend what I was going through but he eventually found out and was mad that i didn’t tell him. It’s been really nice to be able to complain to someone in person that’s not my family.

I think you’ll eventually get back in the gym, but might be awhile. Also, I have been doing the paleo/keto diet with intermittent fasting. I really think its helped decrease some of my pain. Its pretty easy to follow too.

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@Ezekiel Like you, before my vas I exercised every day. I had a regimen of a high-intensity workout followed by some cardio every damn day and was feeling great, looking great, was in the absolute best shape of my life.

The vasectomist told me after a week I could exercise. Ha.

It’s been almost 14 months since my vas and 2.5 months since my reversal. I still haven’t done any high intensity exercise. I can jog for a few minutes carefully, do some sit ups, planks and push ups, but they always cause a flare up in pain, so I try to avoid them. As far as running full-tilt, jumping, playing sports, bike riding, those things are all in my past. I don’t think I’ll ever get them back.

It took me about 4 or 5 months post-vas before I could lift anything heavy without having a massive flare up in pain afterwards.

Right now, my ‘exercise’ consists of walking and stretching. There’s a nature trail near me and a bunch of old folks from the nursing home nearby do the same walk that I do. I guess you could say the vasectomy turned me into a senior citizen overnight.

As to your situation, I don’t know. No one can really say what will happen, as we’re all different. You might heal up and get 100% better or you might get a bit better and move on, or you might never get better. It’s harsh to hear and I’m sorry you’re here.

I did take nortiptyline and lyrica for close to 6 months and I thought they were helping, but in reality they weren’t doing much at all, just dumbing me down.

I’m one week into trying cymbalta, and while I haven’t noticed any improvement, the side effects (for me anyways) have been very mild and tolerable.

Anyways, give it more time, try to stay positive, rest, ice, NSAID’s supportive underwear, take note of things that make you worse or better and most of all, good luck.

Thanks man what do you do for work? I’ve been in EMS for the past ten years EMT/paramedic. Now I’m supposed to be a stay at home dad but I can barely walk. Can’t pick my kids up or change diapers without pain.

:disappointed: that’s very hard to hear man. I can’t believe this is happening to us. It’s weird I know a bunch of guys personally who had vasectomies just fine and I worry sometimes they think I’m bullshitting so that my wife can work and I can just sit on the couch playing video games all day.

I’ll be at 3 years in April. I was the same way. Literally couldn’t get enough sex. I don’t have pain during or after sex, I just dont care to get laid like I used. Don’t get me wrong, I still like sex. I’m just not as horny. I use it like a sleep aid to relax me.

You may want to get you T checked. I know I’m low and T did help. I took weekly injections for about 5 months. About the only thing it helped was libido. That said, if you’re having pain with sex, libido might not be in your best interest.

Sorry you’re here brother.