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Misery, Hopeless,Prayer, Relief - Hope my story helps you


Summary: Developed PVPS (pain, ED, etc ) after vasectomy. Multiple treatments provided minimal or no relief. Then complete relief with trigger point release and stretching as outlined in books, A Headache in the Pelvis by Wise and Anderson and Heal Pelvic Pain by Stein and Ending Male Pelvic Pain by Herrera. Also website

Now the full story,

I was healthy married man, no problems and a very satisfying sex life. I had a vasectomy and within a day or two developed a constant burning pain in the penis/urethra. This pain was not related to urination. That pain would stay for 9 months. Then a burning pain in the rectum that would gradually increase until it felt like I was sitting on red hot golf ball. Erectile dysfunction and difficulty reaching orgasm became a real problem after a few weeks. Noticed a bad smell to semen and also reduced volume of semen. Pain and ED never went away but would get worse with prolonged sitting, exercise especially with squats (tried to exercise) and just before sex/while getting an erection. Sometimes pain was worse after sex. Also developed overactive bladder symptoms - frequent urination and had to urinate immediately, unable to make it to bathroom sometimes. Also another very disturbing symptom was my penis seemed to be permanently contracted and shrunken.

By the way I did have some significant testicular pain that last longer than the urologist had said it would but that got better after 2 months.

For weeks I iced, was very inactive and waited thinking things might eventually get better. But after 2.5 months, with no relief in sight I went to an urgent care a night before leaving on vacation and was diagnosed with prostatitis (urinalysis was completely normal) and given levaquin. I did feel better with Levaquin for the first couple weeks but then my symptoms plateaued and it became obvious this was not going to cure me. I tried naproxen with no significant benefit.

An email to my urologist after the urgent care visit resulted in instructions to continue Levaquin and his office would get back to me about a follow up visit. I never heard back from his office.

Months 3-4 postvasectomy and I am depressed, in constant pain, working but unable to do anything else except lay around and ice, sex life a shambles. Start to pray and ask the Lord for relief, this is was a miserable life with no end in sight.

My wife, my wonderful supportive wife, starts to research my situation - comes across and finds that many other men have had problems like mine and get relief with vasectomy reversal. I talked to Dr. Burrows at ICVR (great office) and decided vasectomy reversal could help me.

Decided to part with $10,000 because I’m desperate. Traveled to Tucson,Arizona and had vasectomy reversal with Dr. Burrows. For about 6 weeks I did feel better, less pain and better sexual function and my semen smelled normal again (had smelled bad after vasectomy) - but I wasnt normal.

Postvasectomy semen analyses were required by Dr. Burrows. Mine showed no evidence of infection or inflammation.

Then as I started to become more active - just walking for exercise, nothing much - I again noticed worsening penile burning and worsening rectal burning and erectile dysfunction. The final blow was when I ate some hot sauce and within minutes I developed a horrible penile and rectal burning and very bad erectile dysfunction and urinary frequency and urinary urgency problems. Tried a short course of antibiotic Cipro and no relief this time.

Wasted an afternoon going to a new urologist who listened to my story and asked me if I thought it could be psychological. He admits he has no idea what is causing my symptoms. Recommends I avoid hot sauce and keep a food diary. Again a urinalysis is totally normal.

My irreplaceable wife again does some research and comes across a condition called chronic pelvic pain syndrome/chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. So we try home prostate massage, truly desperate at this point, and it that provides some relief but nothing dramatic. Tried Quercetin, which actually did provide some temporary modest relief. After awhile though it becomes clear prostate massage and quercetin aren’t the answer.

More prayer. More research by my wife and she comes across A Headache in The Pelvis by David Wise, PhD and Rodney Anderson, MD. Book says chronic pelvic pain is due to knotted up, contracted pelvic muscles and pelvic tissues. Their treatment involves trigger point release, stretches and relaxation techniques. I couldn’t afford $4500+ to go to their 6 day treatment clinic. So we did the best we could at home and it worked. My relief came primarily from the internal trigger point massage - my wife puts on surgical glove and lubricant and inserts finger into rectum and applies pressure to my pelvic muscles as diagramed in the book. Tight, painful muscles in there would relax as she applied mild pressure and my pain would vanish. The penile burning, the rectal burning were noticeably better after 1 day and I was a lot better after a week. After about 2 weeks I was totally back to normal - no pain, able to sit on hard surfaces, no ED, bladder symptoms gone. After nearly 10 months of misery I was not only better but back to normal. It was a miracle. Praise the Lord for my wife and for leading her to this information.

So what I think happened to me (and maybe happens to other men after vasectomy) is that my intrapelvic muscles and other tissues went into a spasm and never let up. That spasm caused pain - maybe pinched some nerves in there and interfered with the muscle or nerve action involved in erection and orgasm and prostate function and bladder function.

I am basically back to normal. There are times I get some pain after sitting too long but it is transient. I do stretches everyday now and the trigger point release when needed. If I have a relapse then I think I might bite the bullet and go to Dr. Wise and Dr. Anderson’s clinic in California.

I hope my miserable experience can be of value to others.



The information that helped me:

  1. A Headache in The Pelvis_ by David Wise, PhD and Rodney Anderson, MD
  3. Heal Pelvic Pain by Amy Stein, MPT
  4. Ending Male Pelvic Pain by Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS


Is this some kind of ad?



No ad. Just the information that helped me. After spending months in misery and spending over $10,000 dollars on various treatments I found what I needed in those books. I have no relationship to those authors, never met any of them but I’m grateful for their information. I imagine I’m not the only one that would benefit.



For myself I cannot say that I am a spiritual person, but I know that amongst my friends who are they find that it is often a great support to them when times are hard.

There have been some other prior posts on the board on pelvic pain therapy where people have found that helpful.

The “Headache in the Pelvis” book is also currently £6.22 for Amazon Kindle in the UK store.

I had a reversal in early 2014 that fixed most of my problems, but still have minor remnant pain and occasional pain level flares.

I may go and buy that kindle book, thanks for posting on this.
Certainly given how expensive every surgical intervention is it may certainly be worth looking into.

Good user name in the circumstances also chap :slight_smile:

@Choohooo Have you ever looked at this stuff as someone with headache problems also?



I found David Wise’s “A Headache in the Pelvis” to be completely worthless. My take on it was that it was an infomercial for David Wises pelvic floor massage clinic in California. “Dr” David Wise is a sociologist by the way.

Stein’s book was better if you ask me.

Trying to train people to insert things into their rectum and self massage seems unwise considering you can find and have your insurance reimburse you for pelvic floor physical therapy.

Men in this condition are vulnerable and susceptible to being sold on all kinds of supplements and treatments.

I went to that pelvicpainhelp website and because it is so heavy on David Wise’s book it makes me think it is just a front to market his book/clinic.

My advice, find a reputable local pelvic floor physical therpapist/group (There is one in Owings Mills that is excellent if you are in the Baltimore area) and have professionals do it.

Don’t buy Wise’s book. My went in the trash a long time ago.



It sure smells like one doesn’t it?

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In that case Mike I might hold fire on my £6.22!



Dude, it’s worthless. It is a marketing thing for the authors clinic. The book reminded me of some other fluff books I’ve seen by marketing guys. Just complete garbage.

“A Headache in the Pelvis” is complete garbage.



For the detractors: I’m a real person, really suffered with the same symptoms that many people on this board describe. I went thru the litany of treatments and was still suffering mightily. The trigger point treatments had an amazing benefit for me. And to be specific it’s the internal trigger points, those muscles were in knots and the treatment reversed the pain.

I haven’t been doing the relaxation techniques to any extent. The external trigger point treatments did not seem to be useful for my issues. The stretches do help somewhat. So I would say I’m primarily advocating for the internal trigger point treatment and also stretches.

A finger in the rectum is an odd thing to do but by now you’ve had scalpels taken to your scrotum and whatever else. A finger in the rectum is minimally risky , far less risky than all the surgical procedures and injections and the pills. Its simply applying pressure to the muscle - not even really a massage. Just find where it hurts, find where its knotted up and put mild pressure on there for 15 -30 seconds and then usually the spasmed areas relax and the pain abates.

I would recommend at least trying it at home yourself. If it helps somewhat then you are probably on to something and go ahead and see a trained therapist if you feel better about it.

So everybody is different and it may not work for everyone but it did for me. I don’t think the books are garbage, far from it. They advocate a safe, inexpensive, minimally invasive treatment option. Why would you do all the risky, costly, dangerous first? Try this before any more cutting seems logical.

If your desperate - and if your viewing this site you are likely desperate- this is a low cost, low risk, simple treatment option.

Best wishes.



I bought the book and the book was worthless.

This review on sums up exactly what I thought when reading it.

“I should have listened to all the other negative reviews. This is nothing but a long, rambling, advertisement. What little information it contains could have been contained in a few dozen powerpoint slides. It certainly does not give you enough information to try the protocol for yourself.”

The book is garbage and I have little patience for people that try to profiteer off of others pain, which is what that book amounts to.



Please buy the book and give it a read. I would like someone else on here to give it an honest appraisal.

If you don’t come back thinking it’s garbage I would be shocked.

I did buy it for a lot more. I was digging through it trying to get past all the worthless blather to get to the actual protocol and it was like that Wendy’s commercial. “Where’s the beef?”. I’m going to leave this thread up as a warning to other men so they can see what an actual person who bought book thinks about it.



I think that’s what guys like David Wise bank on. Desperate people that will buy or try anything. Even books with no substance that are basically infomercials for their 6000 dollar clinics.



@Lazarus - thank you for sharing. I think that I have that book kicking around from when I had constipation attributed to pelvic floor dysfunction. This predated my PVP by 5 years. I thought my urologist was a bit nuts when he suggested Pelvic floor PT (locally I have to go to a Women’s urogynecology clinic to get this done which is a bit awkward). Anyhow…after one session, I really cannot say pain is different, but it’s a lot less invasive than the SCD that is my next step. You’ve given me hope to pursue this further.


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