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Might want to avoid nuts if you're having congestion pain


I saw this article and thought it might of interest, especially to those taking papaya seed powder to reduce sperm count.

EDIT: Sorry for being vague. I posted in a rush. I meant the nuts might negate the benefits of using the papaya seed powder. I don’t know.


I am at a loss regarding the quote above. I’m sure the nuts listed in the attached article do indeed have such effects, but papaya seeds have been proven over a millennia to reduce sperm counts (green papaya specifically). If you can find an article, or a study that contradicts the idea, or other studies that papaya seed, and/or papaya seed powder raises sperm counts, please post a link as I’ve never read such a thing.

There are several other possible positive benefits to papaya seeds, and/or papaya seed powder as well.

Papaya seeds, and/or papaya seed powder also has antiinflammatory properties, which could easily explain why some men report improvement in a matter of days.

Papaya seed powder definitely made my testicles shrink and feel lighter in a matter of 3~ weeks. I’ve gave it a whirl several times.

I could go on regarding proven pro’s and con’s of papaya seed. I think your getting ahead of yourself, lol :wink:


I think you totally misinterpreted what he’s saying…


Sorry, I was saying the nuts might cancel out the effects of the papaya seed powder.

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I couldn’t have been the only one.

Thanks for clearing that up. If your initial post had been presented as such, or had been more clear regarding your point, I never would’ve replied.


In all honesty @Bry, there’s likely a whole list of things that may be counterproductive to lowering sperm count while taking papaya seed, and/or papaya seed powder.

You do make an excellent point that I don’t recall ever being brought up on this site, specifically in regard to papaya seed powder.

Hard to definitively say if similar scenario’s may be worth considering when using TRT. I honestly have no idea.


Well, the article talks about a 16% increase in sperm count which could easily be the difference between pain and no pain. That makes me think that improving your health and diet may bring on symptoms if it’s accompanied by a rise in sperm production. The idea of that kinda sucks. Maybe we should all be playing Xbox while consuming Doritos and Mountain Dew. That seems to be linked to lower counts.



Most definitely. I actually know of guys that claimed this is why they were good candidates for congestive pvps, or why they developed congestive symptoms post vas.

Yea, I’ve definitely heard this before. Oddly enough, I had drank at least one can of mt dew every day for years pre vas, post vas, post reversal/s, etc. I certainly didn’t have low post redo reversal SA numbers.

I’ve actually had at least one guy accuse me of causing my own reversal failure because I didn’t stop using mt dew, tobacco, among other things post redo reversal.

I know of others that had a reversal with top notch highly experienced reversal specialists that didn’t do any of what I am talking about, and still scared over prematurely.

I’m not a fan of a one size fits all answer to a lot of this stuff. Whatever the case, we’ve made some good points in this thread. It’s all food for thought.

(I edited my final paragraph)


I’m just so sad knowing what I know now. The body was supposed to just reabsorb the sperm, no problem. Reversal was always an option if you wanted to go back. It was all so neat and tidy until I had it done. Now I’m afraid to snack on nuts.

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