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Medication request


I’m feeling a bit nervous about my Dr appointment Tuesday. I’ve been off all medications for depression for over a month now and feel fine mentally.

it’s all about the PAIN now!!

have only ever tried amtrypiline for pain before and did not agree with me.

I can’t decide wether to ask for wellbutrin gabapentin or cebrelex???

My pain is nerve pain according to a Dr. problem is that same Dr (uk) said there was nothing I could do.

I’m post vasectomy 6 yr ago and reversal 18 mth ago…

All testicular pain is nerve pain. I already recommend giving celebrex a try, I’m not going to recommend it again.

My sister had an epic seizure on wellbutrin. She was on it trying to give up smoking cigarettes.

cheers RS. just need a few options. I’ve got a gut feeling (and not from the nerve pain) that DR will not prescribe celebrex… hope I’m wrong. DR’s I’m UK are not keen to give out pain meds. I presume they are convinced we are likely to become addicted and they lose there results so need to keep 8ncreasong OR anything they might help someone end there life they are scared to prescribe.

think I’m gonna sell it that I will take occasionally as say a nice relief day once or twice a week. going to be an interesting meet. doesn’t help my doc that knows all my history (depression, grief, vasectomy and meds to date) has now retired, so seeing my new doc…

A big plus on the celebrex is, people don’t abuse it like they do so many other pharmas. People aren’t getting all blitzed on celebrex.

As for all the pain meds you are speaking about, from gabapentin, lyrica, amitriptyline, tramadol, etc, etc, these drugs get abused by many. Theres many idiots in this world that will abuse just about anything that gets them high. From spray paint, to cough medicine, there’s someone that’s abusing it. I know of people that abuse Suboxone, a drug that is supposed to help addicts come off opiate’s. It really messes them up bad.

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I get ya. to be fair, fingers crossed, I don’t get addicted to stuff. just hope doc believes me. I would love the odd low pain day…

take care RS.