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Medical Cannabis - long-term experiences

Yep, smoking cannabis had the exact same effect on me after the onset of pain and during my first several months post vas. Prior to the vas, I had been recreationally using medical cannabis strains daily for several decades without any sort of issue.

Was my body’s reaction to cannabis related to my hypersensitive CNS? Was it related to an autoimmune reaction? Perhaps related to something else? A combination of things? IDK. I have my speculations, but it happened to me to.

Knowing what I know now, I do wonder if CBD THC oil blends like I am taking now would’ve been more beneficial in my early days as I did find xanax helpful then. Hard to say one way or another, but I have a hunch that CBD THC oil blends would would’ve helped me then vs smoking medical cannabis like I always had. There came a point where I could not use cannabis for several months post vas because it made my anxiety go through the roof.

I’m pretty sure that’s not just in your experience. My cannabis doctor swears this is more fact than a hunch. A little THC further activates the CBD and vice versa.

I actually noticed this “activation” when taking the Medterra pure CBD oil prior to getting my mmj card. When I’d smoke or vaporize some cannabis flower after taking a high dose of pure CBD, something was definitely different vs just smoking or vaping cannabis. The two seemed to compliment one another, and my mmj doctor supports the same ideology. He did a lot of his mmj training in Jamaica and in West coast states such as Oregon, Colorado, etc.

I used to think the same thing, but no longer do. Cannabis strains that were breed to be high in CBD have very low THC levels and they are not comparable to hemp. To the best of my knowledge, CBD, CBDA, CBD cannabinoids in general, etc, are all the same.

To the best of my knowledge, the biggest difference between CBD’s dirived from medical cannabis and hemp is the level of concentrate within a specific amount of flower, an entire plant, etc. It takes a lot of hemp product to produce a substantial amount of CBD cannabinoids vs mmj strains that were breed to be extremely high in CBD production - strains like AC/DC, Charlottes web, and so on were breed for their high CBD production.

The Medterra product I still take on occasion is derived from hemp. I have never seen any literature that suggested that CBD’s dirived from hemp are inferior vs CBD’s derived from true medical CBD strains of cannabis. But, if there is some contradictory literature, I would certainly like to see that data.

Yes, lots of people are getting ripped off on OTC CBD oils, hemp oils, and so on. The market is flooded with inferior “snake oil” products. I’d guess that the majority of people don’t know much about this subject prior to making a OTC or online purchase either. IMO, the bottles are labeled squirrelly and there’s a lot to know regarding specific extraction processes that are superior or inferior to one another, and so on.

If a bottle says it is a 30 day supply and the bottle says 300mg - that’s what’s in the bottle as a total. 300mg ÷ 30 = 10, and 10mg of CBD isn’t much. I personally don’t bother with anything less than 1500mg when it comes to purchasing OTC CBD oil products. 1500mg ÷ 30 = 50mg daily for 30 days.

My current average daily CBD intake varies. I’d say it’s somewhere around 80+mg daily. Some days it’s well over 100mg.

And for the record, I still occasionally smoke or vaporize mmj flower. I alternate between sativa’s, hybrid’s, indica’s, etc. Whatever I’m in the mood for. Whether for an added punch for pain relief, anxiety relief, sleep enhancement, otherwise, etc.

Anyway, I wasn’t trying to be contradictory or anything of the sort. Just adding to the discussion.

Hope that helps.

Yeah I had to abstain for a while too. I can’t say whether it was just my mental state at the time or some interaction with my hay wrire nerves. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

I think there’s studies even backing this up. I try to just give my experience rather than state anything as medical fact. But if someone is looking into medical MJ they should definitely consider CBD combos. I had some 50/50 edibles in CO last year that were fantastic. It was some blueberry strain bred to have high CBD content. I almost achieved nirvana.

It could be just inferior products in CBD (hemp derived) only states. I gave up after after a number of disappointing local edible purchases, compared to great CBD products everytime I visit a legal state. But the pain cream works. I agree in theory it’s the same compounds so they should have the same effect. Maybe all the additional processing degrades it? Can CBD only states import CBD products derived from cannabis?

Yeah I’d second that. There was a local story where some products got tested independently. One was just cough medicine, a few others others completely devoid of CBD. I think you have to look at the cost in non-legal states. It’s expensive to extract from hemp, so cheap products should be suspect unfortunately.

@WtfMyNuts (great name btw) I was interested by your mention of ‘tight sack’ - I’m not sure if there is a separate thread on this, but have others noticed that the tightness of the scrotum, which pre vasectomy was - loose when warm, tight when cold or excited, is now all out of sync? I often wake up in my warm bed with tight sack, experience it during the day, after working out or running - basically it is tight a lot more of the time than it used to be. Keen to try topical CBD to relax the poor bastard.

“Tight sack” is definitely a symptom mentioned multiple times on this site. At times mine will get so tight it starts to squeeze on my balls and then it gets painful. My go-to remedies are the CBD cream and hot baths usually with epsom salt. The pain cream I use is 375mg CBD in 1.7oz of cocoa/shea butter from “CBD Theraputics of Wisconsin”. It turns almost liquid from body heat in your hands so its very easy to apply and needs little rubbing in. Downside is you have butter balls in your undies all day. It does appear to be available online. But other reputable brands should work. I hope something works for you.

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Thanks for the advice, LOL at ‘butter balls’ :smile: