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Mayo Clinic Video discussing Post Vasectomy Pain

In this Mayo Clinic Men’s Health Moment, Mayo Clinic Urologist and head of the male infertility clinic in Rochester Minnesota, Dr. Sevann Helo, discusses post-vasectomy pain syndrome


I think they did a very good job!

I thought it was a pretty decent video myself, but from the get go, I think average inexperienced people watching it would think the risk of pvps is very low. Many of us know that many sources suggest otherwise. It doesn’t seem that anyone agrees what those numbers actually are. Whatever the case, I digress. For over a decade, I keep hearing - we haven’t had many - if any men end up with pvps and/or have a bad outcome at our practice.

I also thought the part about reversal was rather misleading. These days its common knowledge that there is more going on with reversals for pain than the good ole congestion theory. Average Joe and Jane would probably believe them, and also assume that reversals stay patent indefinitely. It’s microsurgery - right?

I wonder what their default website looks like? If it mentions all that and then some - and if clients seeking vasectomy at all of their clinics actually get told about all that stuff beforehand… If so, the Mayo clinic is doing a great job of informing people about the risks of vasectomy. But are they? IDK.

Funny how the 500K per year statistic in the states hasn’t changed in over a decade.

Looks like they have a few other interesting videos on YT as well.

Thanks for sharing Ethan.


Somewhat similar video from “Male Fertility and Peyronie’s Clinic”

They sound more pessimistic (realistic?) than Mayo Clinic. Basically say it’s 50/50 whether you will get better or not.

It’s hard to say why this guy is suggesting 50/50 outcomes with reversal for pain. We have seen that statistic posted here by a ~couple clients of other fertility reversal surgeons in the world that do have some experience with pvps.

50/50 certainly isn’t typical in reversal for pain studies, statistics, nor elsewhere - where pvps docs are doing them regularly in real time. Perhaps the number would be 50/50 if every single man went that route? IDK, I’m not sure what’s going on either.

There are a lot of different methodologies regarding reversal for pain and I think it’s fair to say that I/we are aware of the majority of them. Some of them will make your head spin at least once. Perhaps that is relevant somehow.

He never sites any in particular methodology/s, study/s nor referenced any statistics regarding methodologies, etc, in the video. He doesn’t link any studies, etc, on YT in the description box below the actual video, but it does say this -

"In this brief video Joshua Savage goes into depth about scrotal and testicular pain patients may be experiencing or could possibly experience".

Into depth? That’s too funny, lol - the video is 1 minute 19 seconds long.

He states that in ~how many cases, they are unable to determine what is causing the pain. You can find contradictory statistics in many places, including in the link below - definition - chronic scrotal pain. However, I did agree with a significant amount of what he said.

If anyone looks over everything that is relevant and/or related to pvps on Wikipedia - there is some contradictory information on that site about this subject as a whole when you link everything together. Unfortunately, many things are not linked together. One has to know what they are looking for.

I decided that I didn’t like that other video after I thought about it for a while. It lacked a significant amount of reference data and statistics regarding the majority of what she talked about. It was pretty generic information. It was to copy and paste for me. I’m not even sure if she actually knows WTH she was talking about, heh. I could nitpick the video apart, but won’t.

I’m not sure why I gave her video a like. Perhaps I was trying to not be overly critical on the lady last week - IDK

You might find the post below and link within it interesting if you haven’t seen it already Ethan. It ties into the OP, the discussion in this thread, etc, yet it’s more detailed. I’m not saying that I agree or disagree with the contents of the link, but it’s interesting and contains a lot of references, statistics, studies, etc, that you might find useful. IDK.

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