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Matcha tea for Inflammation!

Alright I think I’ve made a break through in my recovery from sperm granuloma surgery. I had it 3 months ago and since then my pain has been bouncing between a 2-7.

However, I switched from coffee to matcha tea 2 weeks ago, and the last week my pain has been a steady 2 and seems more dull and less noticeable.
This could be that maybe I reached a point in my recovery, or its the tea. I also take curcumin but that never seems to help.

She says she has helped a ton of patients because it has tons of anti inflammatory properties, as well as antioxidants, calming and anti anxiety, amongst of tons of other stuff.

I would like some of you guys to test this out and see how you feel after 2 weeks.

I’m the exact opposite of the tea-sipping hippie type, but I’ll try anything.

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I drink matcha tea. I can’t say that it helps me though.

Perhaps removing the more highly caffeinated coffee from your diet is what’s helping? I find that too much coffee makes my pain worse. But its a secondary effect, when I’m over caffeinated I notice that hold tension in my body and pelvic floor.

But speaking of teas, I do find the Rishi brand of turmeric ginger tea to be pretty potent. I was using that for sinus inflammation before pvps and I swear by it. Seems better absorbed than any turmeric pills I’ve tried.

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