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Massive Hematoma

I wish I could go back 2 weeks in time and not had this procedure. 11/14/2019 I had my vasecotmy.

I had a paper from dr that said not to take any pain meds or vitamin E 10 days prior. I totally missed this (life crazy with 2 young kids). I had been taking Aleve up to 8 days prior to to the surgery since I had a dentail procedure that was bothering me. I was taking multi vitamins all the way through survery, which I think had 50 or 100 mg of vitamin E. I also looked online and saw that Ginko has the same side effect, of bleeding, and should not be taken 10 days prior to surgery.

On the morning of surgery I brought my pills with me to the Dr. and told him what I was taking-- I thought there was a solid chance he would delay my procedure because of the meds and reschedule. He said no big deal, its not a problem, and on with the surgery. (I was his first operating appointment of the day and he got up early to do this procedure on me-- know way he was going to reschedule would be my guess)

I got anesthia for the surgery because I was given the option. Heck ya why not? I dont want to be awake for this if I dont have to be. In hindsight now, I wish I was awake, because I would have been able to gauge whether there was a screw up.

After surgery doc says everything went fine I followed recovery procedures religiously as directed by Dr. iced every 20 minutes pretty much through the weekend (4 days). Stayed off my feet, avoided heavy lifting. At about 5-6 days in I started to very carefully pick up my 25 lb year old son. I was progressing well I thought, with just tenderness and hardness on my left size. Day 7 or 8 had sex, with zero impact or trauma (I was on bottom).

I had a hardness and swelling around the left side that seemed to be getting slightly worse. I called the Dr. and asked if this is normal. They said to give it more time. Before I knew it, I had a hematoma the, egg shaped, about 4" x 2.5". I went back to Dr. He confirmed yes it Hematoma, said first one he has seen in a long time. Advised heating, warmy bath, presribed antbiotics so not to get infected, and said to make sure I keep everything up very tight and close to my body. When asked how long it will take to go away Dr says 1-2 weeks (BS!). I havent seen or heard from my left nut in a week or more at this point.

That was 11/15. Its now 11/29. Pretty much no reduction in size. Maybe not as painful and tender as it was, but extremely uncomfrotable and huge-- I cant do anything. I feel tension down there when I lift anything with weight at all, so Im not lifting anything right now, not even my son. Everyhthing is difficult, from showering/bathing to going to the bathroom-- anything where I have to take the scrotal support off is uncomfortable because the hanging hurts-- this is like a several pound hard solid mass we are talking.

Im trying other things such as b-12, vitamin c, vinegar shots with cayenne pepper and ginger, have just ordered some creams (vitamin k and arnica). Im trying to get a second opinion from another Dr. but it seems nobody is open today on black friday,

Im a very active person, like to workout, hate to sit around/watch TV etc. This is killing me. This also happend at the worst time-- when I have two young kids and have so many things to do between work, housework, dadlife, etc.

If you read this far, I am appreciative. If you can comment on any of these questions below, offer any guidance or even just tell me something to help, even a pep talk of somekind, that would be great.


  1. Do you think the Ginko/vitamin E in my system could have intensified the bleeding? Should the Dr have delayed the surgery? Is he at fault for doing it anyway?
  2. Am I at risk of losing my testicle?
  3. Does anybody recommend any other remedies so I can get back to a normal life as soon as possible?
  4. How can I make this more tolerable right now?
  5. Realistically how long do you think it will take for this to go away? When could I actually start working out again, lifting things, having sex?
  6. Can I travel with this sized hematoma? I have several work trips coming up in Jan.

Sorry to hear this brother.

I have no advice for you. I have never had a scrotal hematoma before, let alone one that size, but there are several others that have posted here in the past that have experienced the same or similar.

I tell a lot of people the same thing as I am going to tell you. Use the search bar on this site to find those previous threads and posts. Use keywords like - large hematoma, etc.

Odds are that you will be just fine in time, but it may take quite some time for your body to absorb the hematoma. It’s hard for me to say a whole lot more as there is risk and liability involved by doing so. Keep working with a urologist.

Bottom line, I’m sure what your are experiencing sucks big time, but it may make you feel better when you find those other threads and posts, and realize that you are not the first to experience or post something like your are here, let alone read their recovery progress. There are some gruesome hematoma stories on this site, and yours sounds pretty serious too.

Perhaps someone that has experienced the same or similar will chime in that can advise better than me.

Posting some updates will be beneficial to the next guy.

Good luck brother, and keep us posted.

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It takes a good 3 weeks to a month for those things to resolve. I feel you pain as I have had one and they suck. I got mine 9 days after my reversal and it was from a bump on the groin by a laptop tray. I bucked my hips up to shift position and nailed it. That’s why they tell you not to lift anything or have anything heavy over your groin for a few weeks. It’s easy to jostle that area.

There is no way out but through with a hematoma. Stay hydrated, do warm soaks and I would suggest walking to gently mobilize the area and get your metabolism up.

About 8 weeks later still have lacrosse ball sized hematoma. Pain is pretty much gone as of about 2 weeks ago. Functioning perfectly fine just have to be very careful with what I do. I’m excited to finally see my left nut again sometime soon, it’s been 2 months since I’ve seen or heard from good ole lefty. I’m guessing at this rate that another 3-6 months the hematoma will be gone .

About a week ago, I started using hot hands hand warmer packets and putting it between my 2 underwear and jock. Need to be careful it doesn’t get too hot and burn you, but I feel like it is making a big difference. I have heat on it probably 4-6 hrs per day.

I’m happy that I still have sex drive and I don’t seem to have any permanent pain. Hoping that stays and this thing goes back to normal completely.