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Massive headaches

I know some have mentioned getting pain outside of the general groin pain. I have been having headaches more and more to the point I have them all day long. It’s been MANY many months now that this is going on. My GP, he says to take aspirin. The wife, HA! Don’t even mention that one. She says i just need to take aspirin. Add that into the usual indifference to my issues. Fucking tired of this shit!

Anyways, anyone else had a similar issue? I’m wondering if immune issues is causing this. Like my body has been talking me about the pain and I’ve been ignoring it. So it decided to up the issues so i’d notice?

Gotta tell ya, Mike, part of the reason I went for reversal early was to hopefully reverse the chance of any autoimmune effects.

During my first bout in 2005-06, the internet was a lot less friendly. It was hard to find others like us, but once I found Kevin Hauber and read his book, I was scared straight. I was bound and determined to get reversed and did and don’t regret it even though I have had 2 setbacks since and believe I was probably suffering nerve pain all along, not congestion.

Years ago, I told my dentist about my PVP journey and he said “I always figured there was a problem with all that protein running around the bloodstream.” Wish I would’ve asked for his opinion before my vasectomy.

@Cartman I just sent you a PM

I wouldn’t have cared about sharing it on here. but no worries, i sent you a PM.

Yeah, well, live and learn right. Although the whole having a time machine blah blah blah… Oh well.

I am not getting a reversal for multiple reasons. Here’s the list:
-time for recovery. I can’t be down that long due to work and travel for work.
-lack of help at home. i can’t cause the wife, she won’t do shit unless she gets massively pissed off and then a fucking nightmare. she doesn’t do it well and i end up having to redo things. which just pisses her off more and me more which causes me pain. I tried really hard to not do anything right after my vas cause i didn’t want to fuck anything up. That was a nightmare-LONG stories there!
-money. The wife refuses to spend it. Insurance already said no even with the Clinic intervening. And the wife refuses to incur more debt. She’s an accountant so not only being Type A, she’s also a nut about money due to her job. And she refuses to set money aside for this as “i am fine. clearly it isn’t that bad cause you haven’t said anything to me about it. you must be fine now” Uh…NOPE! I just don’t say anything cause it’s pointless talking to someone who doesn’t give a shit!

Yeah, I know…sounds like dumb reasons for not getting it done. But with lack of support, it’s kind of tough to get it done. My wife, she wasn’t there to drive me home after my vas(i drove) so I have no reason to think she’d be there to help me after this.

I hear you. I just couldn’t live with it without rolling the dice and trying something. I hope you can get through the issues with your wife.

Do you have a job or money of your own? You can also fight it out with the insurance company yourself. You have to pester those people. They will pay if you keep at it. They are trained to say no first always. There was a guy here that successfully fought his insurance to get prior authorization for a reversal.

yeah, the guy above. His wife works for an insurance company.

Yeah, I have a job and my own money. I give most of it to her for family bills and saving and all but yeah, I own my own business.

I was going to us my own business account to pay for my reversal but my wife’s parents gave her/us money for it. They saw it was destroying our marriage and I was crippled and wanted to help. I had the cash. I filed a huge claim with references to medical studies an included a narrative and bills for nerve blocks and pelvic pain clinics and special chairs etc etc and was going to use the money to pay them back but the insurance company denied the claim.

We had been married 10 years and they knew me. They saw how much I changed. What it was doing to me. I was in agony. A complete basket case. I guess I’m lucky I had people that cared that much and had the means and desire to help.

yeah, you’re lucky. my wife and in-laws, they don’t care at all. lol. it’s kind of funny if it weren’t so sad.

I’ve been waking up with crippling headaches since about 3 days post vas. Today with a weather pressure change (chinook) I can barely see, my vision is all messed up, head is pounding, can’t function, can’t sleep. I’ve been around this type of weather my entire life, I know others get headaches from it, I never did, not until after the vasectomy. You mention this kind of thing to anyone and they kinda roll their eyes. Amazing these butchers can mess you up for life and then just deny it, everyone believes them, no one believes the victim. Makes you just kind of keep it all to yourself.