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Massaging reversal scars

Did any of your reversal doctors recommend massaging the scrotum incision and vaso-vaso site to prevent nerve problems and adhesion?

No, and I have chronic pain at the connection site.

Yes several doctors advised massaging to me.
They said that nerves construct bed with massaging and May be beneficial pain relief

I’d be careful as any excessive force causes more pain and imflammation, at lest for me

How far out after reversal did you start this? I would be concerned of damaging the connections.

If I recall correctly, you’ve never had a reversal. What was advised to you may have been more of an individualised recommendation. IDK.

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I’ve never heard any protocols quite like this recommend by surgeons post reversal.

How long ago did you have a reversal?

Had my reversal 9 weeks ago. The past month, I have had an increasing amount of nerve pain. When I had my original Vasectomy, I developed a granuloma at the end of the vas that caused a lot of pain to the nerves in the spermatic cord. What I am feeling now is very similar.

An increase in neuropathic pain at your point in time post reversal isn’t unheard of. I’ve even heard that straight from a reputable source.

Prior to your reversal, are we talking about a unilateral granuloma (one side), or bilateral granuloma (both sides)?

If it was unilateral, is it the same side bothering you again? Or is it both sides?

Don’t assume the worst. I’m just trying to understand better, and trying to be helpful at the same time.

The OP’s testimony in the thread below may not be relevant, but his story comes to mind. Can you relate to any of that?

Unilateral and on the same side as bothering me now. Yes, the vas feels swollen and hard similar to the post that you referenced. Hopefully this is temporary and in time it will calm down.

İ didnt have vasectomy but my pain condition iş similar. Pain before during and after ejaculation. Sex life destroyed. Daily chronic pain in the groin and near scrotum. Some pain in left testicle. Depression. Destroyed sleep. Brain fogging. no body understands me. They say you r okey. İt is all in your mind…At some nigths feeling for suicide…

My problem is scar tussue around vas deference. You called it granoloma. Nerves and vas deference are attached to the scar tissue and create pain. Several doctors adviced massage. They said “pres on the points where you feel pain”. By doing this, nerves creates their own bed. Their external surface May become free from scar tissue. That is also the case in spinal surgery and adhesion problem. Nerve and brain surgeon also adviced excerxise for groin muscles and massaging.
What i have done also is cortizone and steroid injections. Totaly 4 time in this year. 2 for ilioinguinal nerve blocks at different levels. 1 for groin area general… (Steroid injections are good for inflamation also…)
And last one was yesterday… For spermatic cord block . After last 2 shots i feel significant relief…
The surgeon is educated in pur clinic and can perform denervation… :face_with_monocle: The other person after me in the surgery room got denervation surgery :thinking:
May advice is talk with your doctor. Cortico-steroid injections May soften the scar tissue and cary some relief… Please see posts in herniatalk forum. Problems are similar. Scar tissue. This is the advice of Dr Bill Brown…
From my doctor visits and readings i understand some points. With time, remodelling of pure body tissues continues. Some pain problems may resolved after 1 or 2 years.( İf you have pure body condition). İ mean if your vas deference is connnected and cary sperm as normally. İf you dont have foreign subject like mesh…
İ hope you all become pain free and be happy…

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I know that even 15 months post reversal, if I am not very careful and press reconnection site too hard, I can induce all sort of pains and flare ups that can last ~ fortnight. I did not start to feel better till around a year post reversal.

You would be doing far more good if you worked on controlling imflammation, as prolonged imflammation converts to scar tissue, potentially trapping nerves.

@dsyejaculation, I scanned through your previous posts before I replied. I was pretty certain that you never had a vasectomy, nor a reversal beforehand. It’s hard to keep up with everyone’s profile sometimes. BTW, I appreciate your participation on this forum. I know you are just trying to help, and I’m certain your posts help someone. Statistically - there are far more silent readers on this site than active posting members.

Your advice definitely sounds more individualised to me, and not for someone that is ~9 weeks post reversal. By saying that, I’m not suggesting that there isn’t some sort of PT the OP could be doing at this point. I’m going to leave that part to those who are trained and/or qualified to make such recommendations. At ~9 weeks post reversal, the repairs are only partially healed. I hate to give a %, perhaps ~50-80%. It may vary man to man. IDK for absolute certain.

I keep seeing people recommending various types of injections, blocks, etc, almost weekly. Please keep in mind that we have others posting some sort of negative feedback about injections, blocks, etc almost weekly too.

Hard to say what you should be doing at this point @GoingNuts. I do think that taking a antiinflammatory NSAID is a reasonable idea providing you’re GI/body tolerates them. Perhaps give your reversal surgeon a shout, and get their input. Beins that you seem to be having issues on the same side that you previously had a granuloma on, I’m going to guess your issues are related. By saying that, I’m not suggesting that you have developed a granuloma on the same side again. Perhaps it’s just your more pissed off side, and will take far longer to resolve itself - IDK. I agree with you that time is likely your best bet at this point, but please get some input from your reversal surgeon, urologist, etc, too.

Ideas like supplements for scar tissue resolution come to mind. Seems @SomeGreyBIoke should be able to tell you more about them, or what he’s tried. There’s others on here that have tried various scar tissue resolution supplements too. Use the search bar on this site to find those posts.


Thanks for all of the feedback. I took NSAIDS continuously for the first 8 weeks and stopped after the 2nd SA results (70 million motile) because I felt like my stomach was starting to bother me. The surgeon is not local, but said everything is fine based on SA numbers and to keep icing. I have been taking Curcumin since coming off the NSAIDS, but it does not seem to help as much as the NSAIDS did. I may go back on the NSAID if my stomach can handle it, but wondered if I am delaying the natural healing that needs to take place by some of the inflammation.

My guess would be no. I’m not thinking continued use of NSAID’s will have a negative impact on healing. Are there other possible negative impacts to consider? Yes, absolutely. There are many negative stories on this site regarding long term use of various kinds of NSAID’s.

This sounds like good advice to me too. I wouldn’t be excessive about it tho. To much cold doesn’t help the healing process. I continued using ice off and on for ~3-4 months post redo reversal, and I know of many others that did the same for even longer (moderately).

FWIW I’ve been taking NSAIDS only with gastro resistant pills like omeprazole or ones with esomeprazole, which protect your stomach against gastro irritation ever since reversal, and they do the trick. I have no stomach issues. I only take them after food, and with plenty of water or herbal teas.

I also use serrapatease, which suppose to dissolve scars , preserving healthy tissue around, and did notice that my facial scars ( which happened after an accident) are much flatter, I have better range of motion and flexibility, and they are not as restrictive as they use to be for the past 4-5 years

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I’ve never tried those, but the idea sounds logical. I’d guess some people experience negative side effects from those too, but doubt they had stomach issues and/or ended up with a stomach ulcer, etc.

Seems NSAID’s can lead to intestinal bleeding, so, as with all NSAID’s, medications, etc - they all have negative effects on someone.

My stomach/GI tolerates high doses of liposomal vitamin C night and day better than any other form of vitamin C. Liposomal vitamin C is encased in a capsule that doesn’t break open until it travels beyond the stomach, and heads into the intestines. By doing so, it’s said to have other benefits too, but IDK.

These are the latest ones I’ve been using, again no issues, but I did notice a big change under the microscope each time I’ve discontinued NSAIDs. Will stay on them until the numbers are stable


I will look into those, thanks!

Thanks @SomeGreyBIoke for the pic I got the same dose of naproxen but not gastro resistant. Am looking for a post reversal regiment to start after my upcoming reversal next month. Thinking daily naproxen 500mg 2x, serrapatase for the scarring, and tumeric pills. Anything else I should include in the daily regiment.

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