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Male birth control!

Holy shit!!!

If this is real and can end vasectomies, hell yes!!!

After being screwed up for months by Cipro, my first question is what else would this medication mess with?

“_Adam Ramin, MD, a urologic surgeon and medical director of Urology _
_Cancer Specialists in Los Angeles, tells Yahoo Beauty that the latest _
_discovery is “an interesting concept.” However, he points out, the _
_mechanism that drives the tail of sperm is the same that drives the _
movements of other bodily cells, such as cilia, hairlike structures that
_ extend from the surface of cells. These cilia exist in our respiratory _
_tract and help expel toxins and chemicals that we accidentally breathe _
in, and they also help to move things along in our digestive tract.”

Back to the drawing board, even that plug thing has it’s draw backs where the dissolvent won’t disperse the plug. There is really nothing but condoms.

@Socal are you doing better now?

I also hear with the polymer/plug they still might have to isolate and extrude the vas deferens to be able to inject the polymer in there.

heres a good question on the plug…will it cause congestion pain like a vasectomy does? that’s essentially what it is in the end.

Doesn’t sound like much of a solution then.

@Cartman so the idea is if you get congestion pain they put in the dissolver to eat at the plug and you shoot the fragments out. Sounds real safe right? lol

What good is it also if there has to be cutting on the spermatic cords? Sure the vas derferencs is left in tact (more or less) but if you have to slice open the scrotum and cut through several layers of fascia and muscle and skin/nerves/blood vessels etc… you probably end up with the same issues. And that’s my issue. How the heck are they getting the needle inside the lumen? I don’t think your average doctor has the skill to do that so it will be expensive and require a specialist and that will cause it to get rejected by most uros as a viable option.

And they would never get it in the same place twice thus traumatizing more area.

I say the best we can hope for is that guys like us are not seen as “echo chamber” and nothing more. We represent, and the other guys that got more than they bargained for, represent a statistic. That statistic is an important one that needs to be nailed down and reported to men as a matter of law at the time of informed consent.

My vas uro told me 1 in 1000 men have pain problems, then he said “no more like 1 in 3000, then he had never seen it and if it did happen it could be taken care of”. He had no statistical basis to suggest that number.

Yes the best that can be achieved is an honest informed consent where men are given the risk up front and not a marketing pitch.

It should go something like 85% of men have no issues and are very happy with the procedure. 30% of men have some for of permanent discomfort or altered sensation and 2.5 to 5% of men have significant permanent pain that requires a second procedure to remediate and 2.5 % of men, that’s 2.5 men out of 100 have permanent life altering, sex-life altering pain that can’t be fixed…

I would settle for that. I would really like to know what the honest to goodness number is. You will never get it in a healthcare system where it’s every man for himself, it’s for profit and there is not single source of reporting on outcomes…

I’m not lefty and personally, seeing the sheer number of guys from the UK on this forum, does not think it’s the answer. However, if every guy that ever got a vasectomy was tracked and gave an assessment of the impact of the experience on his life… that would be a great thing, awesome thing.


Why not just research heavy steroid gym freaks and what they l abuse and use…
So many testosterone abusers end up sterile that if they threw money at researching a bunch of fertile 20 something gym freaks for 15 years they would soon find the mechanism that the testosterone/steroid/cocaine triggers to make them sterile.