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Low testosterone after vasectomy - article


I was more interested in the comments than the article: Vasectomy and Low Testosterone — A Connection You Wouldn’t Expect

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In my case I actually have symptoms that tent to give away an increased testosterone level…



My T-levels have steadily climbed since my reversal. No idea what they were pre-vas (March 2005) but they were 285 and 325 between Oct 2005 and March 2006. Had the reversal June 2006.

T-Levels later were:
February 2009, - 405
September 2013 - 607
October 2017 - 656
April 2018 - 764

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Did you start to smell like old sweat all the time too? Before my vas I never needed to use deodorant, now I can’t do an hour without.



No issues from a perspiration standpoint pre- or post-reversal that I’ve noticed.

A lot of guys seem to have a lot of unexplained oddities laid on the autoimmune effect of vasectomy. I can’t say I had any effects other than pain (in patterns common to a lot of guys here), a drop in T (like a lot of guys here) and a rise in PSA (like a lot of guys here, too). T and PSA have been fine for 12 years since my reversal. Pain was at bay for nearly 9 years post-reversal. Two years into this relapse.