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Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for pain management

I’ve been hesitant to post this but I feel like I have enough days under my belt to mention it. I’ve been taken 4.5mg naltrexone nightly for pain and to appease my curiosity about the drug. If you do a quick search, there are some pretty miraculous claims about it curing everything from RSD/CRPS to autism. I started at 1.5mg, then 3mg, and finally 4.5mg at week 3. I am now at the 3 month mark.

Before I go any further I’d like to say that I haven’t experienced anything miraculous. However, I do feel like it’s helping. Using it for pain and central sensitization is off label but there is a lot of literature to back it. The biggest change I have noticed is my sleep pattern. It’s known to cause insomnia and can be hard for light sleepers. Since my vas, I wake up feeling like I got run over by a train. With LDN I tend to sleep lighter but wake up much easier and have better energy.

Pain wise I have felt good the last few months but I’m always afraid of coincidence. I took my last pill two days ago and there was some confusion with the pharmacy so my Rx was late to mail out (LDN is typically custom made by a compound pharmacy). Today I started getting shooting zingers in my bladder and the same cord stabbing pain that I haven’t felt in months. I also woke up feeling like crap and it took my voice an hour to finally come around. Personally, it seems to be related to the meds considering the timing of it all.

Like I said, it may be complete coincidence. However, if you’re looking for a pain med that seems to be better for long term chronic use, LDN might be worth a try. Luckily my refill showed up this evening so I’m curious to see what tomorrow brings.

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@Choohooo how you doing since the refill? Did it help with your pains again?

It helped with the neurological stabbing pains. Still have my back pain and muscle pain but a lot of the sharp stabbing pain is greatly reduced.

@Choohooo are you still taking LDN? I am on it now been about 2 weeks for arthritis pain because i cant handle anti inflamatries, as i move to stronger dose it seems to maybe be helping.

I’m not. I took it for about 6 months and stopped. I switched physicians and my new physician didn’t think it was the right treatment for me. The research behind it is pretty good. I have several patients who take it for depression and it’s been very helpful for them.

Good luck

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During all the years I was in pain not once did any urologist or other doctor offer me anything but Tricyclics and Gabapentinoids. I’m always amazed that guys can get stronger stuff especially in an age where opioids are killing more people year after year than CV19.



LDN is none of the above. In fact, walk into 20 med offices and I’d be surprised if 1 of them knew what it was. LDN (Naltrexone) is a drug used for opioid addiction much in the way that naltrexone is used for alcoholics. Micro dosing naltrexone does something to the immune system that’s not well understood. It’s gaining traction for treating depression, MS, chronic pain, and whatever else the treating doc can come up with. It’s far from a pain med. it’s one of those “try it and see what happens” kind of drugs that some people swear by.

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It’s not a gabapentinoid or tricyclic and so is not something most doctors will use.

My Pain Management doctor, who was a Hopkins guy, was fucking worthless. He never was even able to successfully get me Lyrica. The pharmacy kept kicking it back. The guy was completely worthless.

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@Choohooo it appears in my research and a few fb groups i am in that its all to do with dosage. You must trial each dosage and see how you go. Some do well on 1.5mg, some 3mg, some 4.5mg etc etc. Everyone is different and you must find that sweet spot so they say. I am only trialing 1.5mg atm and working up. See what happens.

I don’t remember my main dosage but I think it was 4.5mg. Be careful with the ramp up because it can mess with your sleep. If anything, it’s really good for your immune system so that’s a plus. Good luck

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