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Loose skin on scrotum

2 weeks after my vasectomy my scrotum has really loose skin hanging off my testicles. A good 2 inches hangs below my balls. The problem goes away when my sack is cold and tight, but comes back whenever things warm up. Is this normal? Will this get better in time? Is there treatment for this? Please help!

After my vasectomy I seem to recall my testicles hung the same or maybe a big lower. Did you have any swelling after your vasectomy? If you are not in pain I wouldn’t worry about a thing. Enjoy being sterile and all the benefits that go along with it. If you are not in pain that means you did not win the pain lottery… rejoice. No go out and prosper and spread your seedless seed to the four winds.

Yes l had swelling and was in quite a lot of pain. Luckily, the pain is starting to subside and the swelling is down. But the floppy ball skin is quite uncomfortable. I guess l should just be grateful the pain is getting better. I’ll just have to live with the saggy skin l guess. Thanks for the response.

You just had the thing done and are still healing. Give it time. You may look back on this and feel silly in 6 months. That’s what I’m hoping at least.

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I had a ton of loose scrotal skin after my first reversal due to major swelling, inflammation, etc. I too was a bit worried about it not resolving itself, but it definitely resolved itself in time.

Hope that helps

Thanks for the reassurance. I feel better after reading your comments. I will be patient and hope for the best - Cheers

Thanks for sharing your experience with me Ringo. I feel better after heading your story. Hopefully I just need to give it time…