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Looking for prospective..I’m in debilitating pain

Hello all, my name is K.

I have been experiencing pain ever since my hotch botch vasectomy done 6 months ago…

More notably in the past month where the pain is gotten so bad that I’ve been hospitalized more times than I can count and have been left to use a wheelchair and crutches to get around. I’ve been out of work for a month and I’ve seen four urologists up until this point with no luck. Had a consult with a fertility specialist who denied me a reversal as well. The three that I’ve seen related to the original surgeon has been very unprofessional thought I was making up pain and said they’ve never seen anyone in pain after a vasectomy and 30 years needless to say I switched to my fourth urologist was a very nice guy but this is way over his head.
In comes this forum.

After reading countless posts from you all I have reached out to Dr. P in Florida and have high hopes for a consult. That being said has anyone else experienced symptoms like mine.

Post surgery I was in extreme pain and swelling for the first two weeks I had multiple hematomas, sperm granuloma’s, and bruising . That resolves itself to a dull pain for about two months to where I was in pain but I could work through it.

Then I had a spike of pain and went into the hospital thinking that I had had torsion was prescribed antibiotics with No effect ,this pain resolved itself within three days back to the aching dull pain.

Fast forward to a month ago the pain became excruciating I stopped being able to sit I stop being able to stand up without shaking dizziness and more pain than I’ve ever been in in my life.

This coupled with bruising and my right testicle which is descended extremely lower than the left.

my urologist have mentioned that I still have sperm granuloma‘s I still have bruising and discolored meant as well as a lump that they need to investigate in the next week I’ve noticed a pattern between the dissension in the pain and although a lot of people have talked about nerve injuries multiple people that I’ve talk to and consulted with do not think that it is a nerve pain or at least not exclusively nerve pain because of all the physical changes.

So far I’ve seen four different urologists re-part of the original practice and one outside of the original practice I have had a nerve block performed on me no resolution to pain at all

I’ve been put on antibiotics multiple times with no effect I’ve been given steroids which have had limited affect on pain and certainly not enough to get me out and about it and I’m being ordered a pelvic abdominal CT scan.

I only feel relief with ejaculation…

I should mention I just turned 28 years old and I fear this will severely impact my life.

I have a consultation with dr p and hope he can do the first step of having a reversal.

I am worried my employment is soon going to have let me go and with two kids and a stay at home wife ,to say I am struggling is an understatement.

Ugh, sorry to read your story. All too common. Hope Dr. P. can come up with some options for you. His “mega cord block” really helped me out a lot.

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Thanks man. Have you written your story yet? I’d love to check it out and see if I can hunt down the name of the block to ask about

Yea you need to work with a Urologist familiar with testicular pain.

Get the CT and see what they can find with that. It’s much better imaging than ultrasound.

Dr. Shoskes at Cleveland Clinic has been a good resource for me if maybe he is closer. He is an old colleague of Dr. P’s.

Cord blocks are great for maybe a day. They are primarily used as a diagnostic tool to check if you would be a good candidate for denervation.

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Hey K. Sorry to see you here and that you are dealing with this shit.

First things first: You are going to be ok, and you are not alone. Plenty of guys here are all too familiar with the ups and downs of this shit.

As hard as it is, do your best to keep from stressing over it (and I know how hard it is when you are hurting so bad you struggle to put your shoes on) but stressing is only going to fuck with your pelvic area more.

A few questions for you.

You said you have some granulomas?

  1. Can you describe their location and do you know the size?

  2. Can you describe the pain and the location of the pain when you went into the hospital thinking you had a torsion?

  3. Other than the hospital episode, what is your daily pain level and location of the pain?

  4. Are you able to sleep at night? Or does the pain keep you awake or wake you up?

  5. If you can sleep ok, how do you feel when you first wake up?

  6. Can you locate your granulomas? If so, do they hurt when you touch them?

  7. how does your lower back feel?

You got better days ahead of you man, hang in there. Good to hear you don’t have pain during or after ejaculation.

I just updated my post, you can read through that and see if you find anything helpful.

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Hi lee,

They said I have 3 in my right testicle. It’s right my ball.

The pain was like heating up feeling and seeing it turn sideways with shooting pain.

My back hurts like hell.

I’m sore with ejaculation it just hasn’t hurt to have sex at least yet thankfully for my wife’s sake.

I’ve only found minor relief when I had a 3 nerve block it was 25% better in my lower stomach. My balls still killed no relief there and my back it was 10-15% better.

I’m so bruised it hurts to brush against underwear now. The right ball is basically a hard lump I can’t touch it just sucks.

My pain tolerance is pretty high usually I mean I was a professional athlete before all this and did shit on broken legs and herniated discs. This pain is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

I haven’t been able to work in over a month and my job is about to let me go.

I went to the hospital because I’m having anaphylactic response to all antibiotics and the steroids prednisone and gavapentin. Which nothing helped the pain anyways.

I’m just at a loss. I’m flying up to Florida this weekend and hope dr p can help me

Yea I got the three cord blocks and it helped my back and stomach but didn’t make a dent in my balls. I got some bruises now and some worse back pain than before after the blocks last week

Oh I also forgot to mention sitting and tight underwear hurt like hell too. I don’t get relief at all from them like drs keep saying


One of the things I have going on is I have a granuloma on my left side that will hurt like hell and cause pain in my lower left back whenever it gets irritated. Irritation can come from anything that puts pressure on it. I can’t wear tight underwear because anything that lifts that side up causes pain at the granuloma site and severe lower left back pain. This awesome feature gets triggered whenever my testicles take it upon themselves to lift up like cold weather, engaging core, flight or fight response.

Also, whenever things get tight it puts pressure on my epis and that causes them to ache more.

It almost acts like a catch 22 because for example if I get cold and they lift, it starts to hurt and then the pain causes even more tension and lift and even more pain. As long as I can keep things loose, it is manageable, but impossible to do all the time.

Another thing I noticed with my granuloma was that it seems to obstruct blood flowing in/out and that can cause some extremely bad pain. I can manipulate the location (when things are loose) to help this.

Have you tried sitting on a heating pad to loosen things up down there to see if that helps?

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Wondering if you found any relief

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Yea man I did!
I’m about 2 and a half months after my reversal and I feel a lot better.
I can’t do shit as far as lifting or walking around too much but I can have sex normally again and it dosnt hurt to breathe anymore