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Looking for jock straps that have a butt

I didn’t buy jock straps immediately after surgery and had a lot of pain. In desperation one day I took two twist-ties and used them to pull the seams of my briefs up tight and provide the support I needed. Basically changing the cut of the briefs so that instead of curving out to the thigh, it went straight up to the strap. After a pain free day I immediately went online and ordered a number of jock straps. (I bough Papi and Bshetr brand.)

The jock straps work great at reducing pain, but I have to wear boxers over them. I just can’t go butt-less all day. This is not only annoying to wear two pairs of underwear every day but it doubles my underwear laundry.

I’ve spent a ton of time looking online for jock straps with a back, but it’s incredibly hard to tell if a given pair of undies is really going to give the tight crotch support on either side of the berries that has helped me.

The one that I did find which looks like it will definitely want is the UFM with the string you pull up and tie. But it’s over $20 a pair! I want to buy like 10 pairs so that’s too much for me!