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No that’s what I’m thinking. I can have it covered but have them mess it up then get forced out of the military and have to pursue follow up treatments for who knows how long and how much, or i spend the money for a good shot at a successful reversal now and might be better in the long run.

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Also, coming up on 7 weeks post vasectomy Monday, I THiNK I might be feeling a little better the last couple days; but this might just be part of the ebe and flow of the pain cycle, or the fact that I’ve been on ibuprofen for weeks now and trying to take it easy. Usually feel like pain level 1 when I wake up and am at 4-5 by the end of the day. I feel like Ives been at about 1-2 all day today. I’ve been taking papaya seed powder for 2 weeks now too; haven’t noticed a drastic change. Ejuculation the last couple days only felt like a normal person squeezing my boys as opposed to the hulk like it did the previous few weeks. Still generally feel like I’m full and achy. Even if I got to 100% at this point the fact that pvps could pop back up at anytime makes me wonder if just getting a reversal now while I have a good chance at sucess would be best. If I get pvps 7 years from now after years of blowout then it might not be repairable. Still waiting it out until Feb-Mar if for no other reason than I have to budget for the reversal if I go that route.


It’ll be 8 weeks post vas tomorrow and I deffently have been feeling better (not normal or good, but better) for the last week and a half. Still sore and ejuculation is still unpleasant, lacking pleasure, and feels like someone is squeezing my boys, but now it feels like a over zealous dr during a testicular cancer check rather than the Hulk. The ache has subsided quite a bit too.

I have been taking papaya seed powder at 1 tsp in morning and evening from Oct 1-Oct 15, now taking 1/2 tsp in evening and morning. Been taking 800 mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day. Pelvic floor pain is mostly gone; I think the ibuprofen helped that. I’ve pretty much cut all exercise. Still have been masterbaiting ever day or every other day; really should probably have cut that out, but I think I’m as eager to see a possible improvement in that area as much if not more as just wanting it; although, it is depressing because even if it was not uncomfortable I feel like it’s a mere shadow of what it once was and there’s not the release there once was.

So all and all I’m better than I was 4 weeks ago. I have a follow up with the urologist Thursday Oct 27; we were going to discuss possible surgery options ect if I wasn’t better. I feel better now but I also felt kind of better around 4 weeks until I stopped taking ibuprofen and before I started the papaya seed.

I’m going to do a controlled test of sorts and stop taking the ibuprofen starting tomorrow and see how that’s goes. My BP has been up from the normal 120-125 to 140-145 and while I’m sure the stress and lack of exercise isn’t helping, is like to try to lay off the ibuprofen if I can.

I also did a few overhead 30 lb presses today and some pull ups just to see how I handle that; I’ve definitely lost a lot of strength over the last 2 months as I’ve been doing almost no exercise. I don’t want to OVER do it, but I want to see where I really am before I go in for my follow up. At my pain levels I could deal with it if I never had to exercise again, but being active duty I have to do I want to see were I am.

I know it’s risky, but even if I maintain this manageable level of pain I’d still consider reversal at this point just because orgasms suck and I’m worried even if i get over this pain jump for now, I might have a relapse years from now once I’ve had a blow out and reversals will then be much harder.

Also, what pain scale are we using here? I’ve been saying my pain is about a 1-3 but then according to the pain scale I saw at a dr checkup last week my 1-2 was what they considered to be a 5. According to there scale I belive that pain goes well beyond a 10, which was like intolerable pain. There are different levels of intolerable pain. I would consider a 10 to be 1 sec after getting full force kicked in the balls and my constant pain to be the 2 you feel about 20 min later.

Watch the NSAIDs. That’s the challenge with PVPS. Many of the cures create new problems. There are guys here who rotted their guts from NSAIDs. 2400mg per day can create problems after just a week.


I haven’t noticed any gasteointestial issues yet, but I do want to get off them as soon as possible. I know they can increase risk of heart attack and raise BP. Staying on ibuprofen nonstop, let alone that much, is not a long term solution, so I’m going to stop tomorrow and see where that puts me. Last time I took about 3 days after I stoped taking ibuprofen for things to flair up again, so Hopfully that doesn’t happen but we’ll see. 800 a day took the edge off and 2400 a day got rid of almost all the inflamation; still have some soreness and pressure, but I don’t feel like my groin is on fire and the pelvic floor pain subsided. I think the pelvic floor pain was caused from the inflamation and the constant tensing up as a result. I’m still mostly convinced this is primarily a conjestion think. I’m hoping my recent feelings of improvement are more due to the fact that I’ve been taking papaya seed for almost a month rather than the ibuprofen. We will see.

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Again, I know I don’t have it as bad as some guys here. The way I feel right now, I could deal with it; I wouldn’t want to but I could, if I didn’t have to stay in shape for the military. If I had to push through it once in a while it would be one thing, but because I have to stay in shape that’s the problem. If I can never get this managed to the point where I can run a few miles at a time regularly, that’s the end of the road for me. It’s a shame because I used to be in the infantry but now I work an admin job, but still have to stay fit enough to pass the semiannual fitness tests. Really they’re not that demanding, but having swollen inflamed epis changes all that. Oh well. We will see. Over all I think I’m in a better place mentally these days. I got over the dread and horror of what I’ve done to my self phase and now I’m working on improving how and looking forward to reversal as a last resort. If all else fails I guess this is life; I can deal with the way I feel now even though I wish I could go back to prevas days, which is why I may roll the dice on Reversal even if stopping ibuprofen keeps the pain away. We will see. I will keep updating on here.

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As an update: 8 weeks and 4 days post vasectomy. I hadn’t taken ibuprofen or tylonal since Sunday night (Oct 20) to see how I would feel. Pain crept back a little but wasn’t as awful as last month around 4-5 weeks post vas when I stopped. I want off ibuprofen ASAP to avoid gastrointestinal issues (haven’t had any YET, never have before) and my BP has been up (probably just as much because of stress, eating poorly, and no exercise). I took 800 mg last night at midnight and again today at noon. I might try to take one 800 mg a day or maybe spread out some 200 ones to try to keep inflamation down.

I have read that taking antianflamitory can prevent epididiamal blockages resulting from inflammation. I’m basicslly trying to preserve myself long enough to get a reversal of I have too. I’ve also been taking papya seed powder at 1/2 tps twice a day since Oct 1. No clear results yet but maybe this is why I don’t feel as bad as I used to other than healing and ibuprofen; it’s hard to tell what is working and what I’m just getting more used to. Ejuclation is still LESS painful than before but still not pleasant and orgasm still sucks. I’ve read that no one has ever seen a blow out within the first 2-3 years, but I don’t want to risk it.

I have a follow up with the urologist today. I am thinking of asking the urologist today for Zoloft as I read it is not only an antidepressant and anti anxiety, but can reduce libido. I hate feeling like I want sex because ejulation only makes me feel worse so if I can just put those feeling on hold for now I would like to.

I want to also ask about prednisone because I’ve read it can help inflamation.

We were going to dicuss possible sergurical options today if I didn’t feel better, with I’m kind of better, but not all better. He suggested trying a revision to open vasectomy or nerve blocks last time. I don’t want to do revision because it might make reversal harder and might just cause more issues. I don’t want to mess with nerve blocks either because my day to day pain is not THAT bad that I can’t handle it, it’s just unpleasantries, and I’ve heard some guys say it caused more pain and at best it only helps treat symptoms but isn’t really fixing anything.

I’m only just now at 2 months post vas but if anything I want to start looking into how I would set up a reversal; I would like to hold off till after the holidays before I would get it though, around 4-6 months post vas. I want to see 1. If my insurance will pay for it if it is considered medically nesissary and 2. Who would end up doing it. I’m still considering going to Dr. Daniels even if I have to pay out of pocket because he only does reversals; I don’t want to risk a failed reversal with a standard urologist.

I know reversal can be more risky but at this point I just want out. I’m not in horrible pain but I feel like I want to roll the dice vs just residing to living mike this for life and possibly having it get worse later, once reversal is harder to do.

Had my urologist follow up today. They said they would be willing to do a reversal at this point if I wanted too. Its only been 2 months and I know people on here said it can get better after longer time frames, but being in the military I really only have about a year to be either full duty or forced out.

They said they only do reversals here about once every 3 years… that does not make me comfortable. They said they have a 98% sucess rate, but with such a small sample size those numbers are almost meaningless. I can get a 100% success rate of flipping a coin for heads if I only flip it a few times.

Dr. Daniels of Carolina Vasectomy Reversal is a reversal only surge to so even though I’d have to pay out of pocket I feel like I’d have a much better shot with him if I decide to go for a reversal.

I got prescribed a 5 day course of prednisone so I’m going give that a try. I feel like I’ve been trending better the last 2 weeks so I don’t want to jump into anything just yet. Going to talk to my medical officer and see who all in the area would be covered by my insurance if I do get a reversal and do a follow up with my current urologist in a month to see where I’m at and what i want to do.

One reversal every 3 years or so…

Once every three years would be a non-starter for me. Imagine trying to use a couple dozen stitches to attach 2 pieces of cooked spaghetti end-to-end. And you gotta line up a hole that is not much wider than a human hair. It is generally regarded as a very challenging surgery.

I’d look for someone who does them at least once a week and is going to only do 1 procedure that day. Expect to pay about 10k.

I just talked to the insurance office and they said Tricare (military healthcare) NEVER pays for it. Their website and consultants say they do for medical nesessity but the office said practically they never do.

I may not even be able to choose my own dr even if I elect to pay out of pocket if they’re not “in the net work”.

I’m going to talk to my medical officer about it as soon as I can, but they made it sound like I can:

  1. Find a military hospitals that does it (would be free) but I can only imagine how incompetent they are.

  2. Go somewhere in net work and pay out of pocket (maybe someone is more experienced but not going with once every 3 years guy).

  3. Do it basically illegally, pay out of pocket to go to the good dr that does it every week (only does reversals), costs $7,400 and is less than an hour away, and get f’d by the military possibly.

Gonna talk to my medical officer about options. Very depressing.

Why does the military have control over you if you go out of network? I realize vacation and PTO is a whole different matter for active military than civilians, but if they’re going to let you off for surgery and recovery, why would it matter where you go (other than who pays).

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That’s what I need to clarify, and it’s not like I’m asking to have it done by a vet or in an ally; I’d be offering to pay out of pocket for a more qualified dr. Hopfully the lady I talked to was just an imbecile.

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I need to find out if Dr Daniels is “tricare authorized”. More or less, I think the idea is I can’t go to a random place because if they mess me up I still have to go back to a tricare covered place to have them try to fix it.

It’s such a sham that most insurance will pay for revision surgery, epididiectomy, oscoectomy, but won’t cover reversal. How much do you want to bet it has nothing to do with patient health and everything to do with avoiding more bills for future children?

If I am faced with the rock/ hard place of doing a reversal with a guy that does them once every theee years and spending $10,000+ out of pocket for it anyway, or breaking the rules and seeing Dr Daniels whom only does reversals and charges $7400, I will probably roll the dice with maybe getting in trouble. I could seek my command’s unoffical approval and take leave for a while and I’d be on limited duty anyway. If I get a massive infection or some kind of complication then I guess what happened happened but at this rate I’ll probsbly get forced out anyway and I’m becoming more desperate with all this BS red tape.

First step is to see if Dr Daniels is authorized. Because why wouldn’t a more qualified Dr be authorized???

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So what does everyone think here?

Is this more conjestion , nerves, or both? The early onset of pain (1 week post vas) seems to suggest nerves but the pain tied to epididimis and sex and ejulation seems to suggest conjestion.

The pain from arosal and ejulation seems have improved at about the same time (2 weeks ago/7 weeks post vas) I feel I beat the worst of the inflamation I think I was having after weeks of ibuprofen. Still in constant low intensity pain that gets with arousal, ejulation, straining (such as when lifting) and walking or sitting or tight underwear. Laying down or getting a hot bath seems to help. Always feel best in the morning and it gets worse throughout the day. I feel like there’s always soreness and pressure in my epididimes which seem full and tender.

No one I’ve seen have given me any nerve/conjestion prognosis or suggeionc only options.

I’m leaning towards reversal vs revision (cutting off tips of vas to make open). Either way I’m waiting at least another month or so. I could live like this, I wouldn’t want to, but I could, if I could take it easy physically and never do any physically hard work, so I’m nervous about possibly spending $8000 to make myself worse. I know I’m rushing here. I would like to be able to wait a year and see where I am but as I’ve said before I have less time to play with being in the military; I’ve already put in 12 years toward a 12 year pension so I’d be throwing all that away if I get kicked out now, so I want to try a reversal around 6 months post vas (feb/mar 2020) if not good enough to run again by then. I’m worried about supporting my family so I’m willing to roll the dice on my health if it might mean a cure/improvement.

Could be both. My uro recently told me that epi is innervated by the GF, so if the GF is damaged, you may feel it in and around the epi. That’s why this is hard to diagnose.

I think doctors in general are speculating a lot less these days. Lawyers have gotten to them. Might be a responsible posture in this though because imaging and tests only rule out other causes like cancer, hematoma, etc. I think just about every guy on this forum has experienced the same thing. In fact, even those of us who have recovered fully or partly aren’t sure if it was just luck.

I think it’s a good idea to wait if you can take it. You’ll still be able to have a reversal. My reversal was 15 month post-vas (7 months pain onset as mine wasn’t immediate). If it’s nerves, maybe they’ll settle down. Also, if you’re still in pain by then, your patience will have been tried fully that you won’t look back on a decision to undergo a 2nd surgery.

Agree with you 100% on not converting to open ended. Kevin Hauber in his book If It’s Not Broke Don’t Fix It said the same thing about his PVPS journey. He DID have a conversion to open-ended and regretted it. My feeling is that if one is going to open his scrotum a 2nd time, put it back to the natural state.

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Raising4girls, what is GF?

Also, whatever I have is bilateral. Some days one side will hurt more than the other but overall both sides generally hurt about the same.

Genitofemoral (nerve), one of the three nerves that innervates the scrotum. Others are the ilioinguinal/iliohypogastric and the pudendal (from back/bottom side, not through the inguinal canal).

@raising4girls I think that’s some solid advise, too early and you may always wonder what if…

I’m at 4 months, no change really, I’ll wait another 2 and roll the dice. The decision for me is pretty simple compared to Tyler’s, I can’t really get by like this, I mean I can, but I’m not going to be any kind of use to anyone, including myself. My T crashed hard, this is a good indicator of testicle damage or malfunction as far as I understand.

@Tyler1 have you had you T levels checked ? I apologize if you have already mentioned this and I missed it.

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I haven’t had them checked. It couldn’t hurt; I might bring it up at next dr visit. I haven’t really noticed any big changes to make me think it’s changed. I’m in pain and I’ve been depressed and irritable, but just due to the pain and uncertainty. Again, couldn’t hurt.

You had an open vas right? I’ve read that some people suspect T can crash due to the autoimmune upheaval of the body trying to fight a large release of sperm. I could see it being due to damage or changes in the testes as well. I’m not a dr but hell the drs all seem to say vasectomy is safe and doesn’t affect T levels so we might as well speculate.

I feel like no one I’ve seen is much help. I’m the one asking all the questions and making all the suggestions. Couldn’t hurt to get my levels check.

Yeah, again, I count my self as kind of lucky for now because I know it could be worse. It hurts and I’m not happy at all but I could live my life out on the couch and get by ok. I’d be sexually disfunctinal and not too happy but I could make it work, but there is no way of me living an active life and certainty not staying in the military. Even if I could push through a physical fitness test twice a year, and that’s a big IF, there’s no way I could keep in shape enough to pass it at this rate.

I’ll probdbly wait it out until after the holidays, too see if it gets better and to save the money; thankfully I usually get a decent tax return and it’ll all end up going to the surgery plus I’ll probdbly have to scroung up some more. That’s if I can go to the dr that charges 7400 and don’t have to go to an underqualifed dr that charges $10,000 or more. Military hospitles are free if I can find a military dr that does reversals but that’s probably someone who read about them once 20 years ago and not someone I want to risk my future with.