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Looking for Advice for Dr.Marks & Dr.Burrows Arizona

Hi there, my husband and I are looking at having a reversal with the dad’s again clinic. We will be most likely heading down there next week as the vasectomy has taken a turn for the worst. But I need some advice from anyone that has had any experience with them as we are coming down to Arizona from Calgary, AB, Canada. If anyone can answer any of my following questions, that would be amazing! I am sure some of you can relate to being a concerned wife. Also, my heart goes out to anyone that has or is now experiencing the same. If there is anything I can answer as well please send me any questions.

Here are my questions…

  1. Where do you stay?
  2. How long do you stay?
  3. How is the clinic? From what I can read most experiences have been good. And the phone calls I have had with them have been pleasant and they seem like they want to help.
  4. How was the plane ride home?
  5. Any important suggestions or tips that I might not think of?
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Welcome to the fourm @WifeInNeedOfAdvice.

I don’t personally know of anyone that flew to AZ from your area, but I’d definitely guess someone/s has, as ICVR caters to people from all over the world.

There are many places to stay in Tuscon. I stayed at the Radisson myself (with my wife), and it seems it was fairly close to ICVR. The Radisson had everything we needed within reason in the room. Mini fridge, microwave, TV, etc, and they had a nice restaurant downstairs with room service. We definitely used the room service post op.

We stayed a couple nights post surgery, which seems to be the suggested norm by the surgeons (M&B). We actually flew in a day early to get settled in, shop for supplies, food, drinks, etc, but that wasn’t a requirement.

I have never read or heard of a genuinely bad review of the clinic itself. That’s not to be confused with the fact that I have never heard of a bad review from someone that had a reversal at the establishment (search bar).

FYI, I have heard of bad reviews about just about all the top VR surgeons that get mentioned regularly on this site. Perhaps not about them personally, but from people that were unhappy about something - their outcome, communication, aftercare… you name it, and I’ve probably heard of something negative at least once.

ICVR is not a hospital, and it is nothing like one. ICVR has its own high end VR OR on-site. I know of many that genuinely appreciated that aspect alone, among other things.

Hard to comment much on this part. I think they genuinely want to help too, but remember that this is also business, and such procedures carry inherent risks that come with the territory. There are no guarantees regarding many aspects either. I had absolutely no complaints regarding my experience with ICVR and Dr Marks himself.

I thought it sucked myself, and my ride was about the same distance. I used the handicap shuttles to get to my gates during my 2 layovers as much as possible, and I had my wife helping as much as she could too. She was refilling my ice packs on layovers, carrying essential stuff, etc.

It was kinda strange being in the airports after having surgery. It gave me a different perspective as to how many other people traveling were returning home post any sort of surgery themselves. I was certain that I wasn’t the only one.

Not really. ICVR will definitely have input on this part, among other tips, suggestions, things, etc. Some personalized tips have been posted here in the past. Use the search bar on this site to find those previous threads and/or posts.

Lastly - ICVR was able to help us out with a package deal on a hotel and a reputable company that they use/recommend regularly to drive us to ICVR and back to our hotel from ICVR on the day of the surgery. The service was available for other things too, but that’s all we used it for. Seems we booked this combined service through ICVR at a discounted rate. I have talked with others more recently that suggested those services are still available through ICVR.

Don’t forget that most higher end hotels also have a shuttle, van, etc, to get you around if needed at no cost too, but we didn’t trust such services on the day of the reversal. I preferred something booked ahead of time, guaranteed on time, to and from ICVR.

FYI, many surgeons, similar entities, etc, can provide and/or can be of some help with the same or similar services.

Good luck with whatever you guys decide to do, and don’t forget to post an update/s of sorts someday. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


Figured I’d mention, this service also picked us up at the airport when we flew in, and took us to the airport the day we flew out.