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Leg and foot pain from testicle scrotum

Do any of you guys get pain radiating down your legs and into your feet.

As soon as my testicle / scrotum gets touched by hand, finger or clothing with any pressure, I get pain in my testicle / scrotum which goes down my legs and into my feet, both sides are affected.

The pain is often crippling and I’m trying to understand how my testicle/scrotum is sending pain signals down my legs?

I don’t have any answers but 2 months post op I had weird pain in my left testicle, then groin, then thigh.
I questioned myself thinking I had pulled my hamstring at first, but still there months later.
It’s not horribly painful… but absolutely noticeable.

I’ve started to get pains up the inside of my groin from testicle but not further down my leg - I also have sharp pains in my stomach area under my left rib - I am waiting an endoscopy but stomach acid suppressant tablets didn’t really remove the pain and my symptoms don’t really line up that much with gastric issues so there is a chance I have referred pain from my left nut all the way up to my rib cage so I wouldn’t be surprised if you can get pain the whole way down your leg from it either due how close the groin nerves are to the vas