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Left testy issues, Over all groin pain, odd Penis Sensations

So here it goes.

I am almost a month and knowing what I know now. Never would have got this done. Especially seeing what some other folks are going thru, I think I saw 1 in 1000 of having issues? Not good odds in my book.

My doctor is very dismissal of my complaints because I am still healing I wondering if the consensus here would feel the same.

  1. After reading up on things. And having an ultrasound already. I have a varcocele over my left testie its more like a mass of tangled something or another then to the right of this mass(mind you if I’m standing in front of you, you could visible see where this mass pushes out my skin) is something of a knot which is very sensitive and painful and I think leads upward into the top area of my genitals. They won’t discuss the knot less I come in.
    This had become less painful in general, but a simple graze touch to it is painful and can put me on my knees.

I think I found this same thing on the right but it seems to sit behind the everthing and the testie.
Everything aches in general thru out the day. If I sit too long my left leg has numbing that sits in like it’s going to sleep. pain/numbness goes from a 5 to an 8. Could this keep blood from going to your penis as well?

  1. Sack aches from the get go when i wake and gets worse into the evening, I still have some bruising mind you. But the area right where leg connects to my genitals on the inside) this all feels very strained like I have been working this muscles out all day…Some what tingling and burning like nerves are being pinched in my sack and that general area. Someone told me your testies loose some support and that a muscle down there has to take up the slack? Any truth to that?

  2. Oddest of all in the beginning my penis seemed in shock just felt weird to the touch. Then it got kind of tinglely and numbing week 3, then started feeling somewhat normal. SO just tried to get hard, did not get off,took a little more work but got decently hard, felt good, when I notice my large vein on the left side is not big anymore. I had twin viens, not sure if the left one not rising has anything to do with it, just in case wanted to bring it up.

  3. Last night wife and I had sex, some pulling done on the left side like more skin from my scrotum moving with an upward stroke caused some pain, the incision area some pain but kept going everything felt really good, got off which was great felt normal and everything, and then basically, If you ever had sex too many days or times in a row and your penis has ahd enough, that what my penis felt like afterwarss. Like raw skinned, but kind of a numbing feeling too tired, maybe liked it had been tugged on too hard. Just beat up over all.
    3B also lays weird flaccid or due to the left testy it’s pushed forward and is rubbed raw somewhat. Kind of feels like I don’t have anything there. It’s very strange. Any suggestions on how to fix any of this?

Are the items related together. Is this all too early to tell. thanks everyone!

I feel for you. I went through exactly the same thing. It took me 2 month to be able to sit or walk comfortably. I had by vas 1 yr ago. I am 31. Wife kids.
Then a number of things happen over the past year. Burning on body side of cut vas. Pressure in balls, making me have the feeling of only squeezing them would feel better (not good). Had up to a dozen or more extreme tenderness in testicles could not walk for up to 3 days did the waddle. I had those knots lumps also, upper and lower cut has visible while standing, and especially laying they looked like horns bulging out of sack. Those were tender with pain for prob 2-3 months. I also had numbness in penis on and off. Worst part was a 2yr olds urgency to pee. The first WK I peed 15 times a night then 15-20 times a day. The night pees let up but the day pees continued. If I stood up at work instantly had to find a bathroom to the point of grabbing my crotch. Has created Low sex drive. Low arrousal. Low daily drive. There is more but that sums it up.
13 days ago I got a reversal. A complete 180. Everything is almost back to normal. Burning, pee urgency, gone. Still revoveri g from surgery. I have like muscle stitch feeling in low outer abdomen muscles. Heat ice helps. Epididymis is hard on both sides. Hope that goes down. I will call the doc this morning about that. So far very glad I reversed. The has was a mistake. A non hormonal copper IUD for my wife, would have probably been the route if I had a do over.
Good luck


Thanks for responding Bob.
So started out very similar kind of felt normal after two months then? After that started to get worse if I am reading it right?

Did they ever diagnosis the “horn(s)”?

Did you have a varicocele? I told the doc I had one that gave me some trouble before the surgery… He says oh “You’ll be fine most men have them”. “Nothing to worry about”.

Glad you are recovering nicely hope it all settles down for you. I’m a little ways from a reversal I think, heard good things about a place in Arizona.
Where did you go?

I went to the doc and called them. They either said it should go away, or people heal differently. Or tell me about I havent heard of something like that from a vasectomy. My primary doc was zero help, he sat with a blank face. My urologist was a nightmare. They acted like nothing was wrong or that it was normal even though before the vas they said “you will know the difference, your life will be better without having to worry about pregnancy.” The day I got my vas they did my left, my injection to numb did not work, so just to say that was a little uncomfortable. Horns is what I said they looked like. Urologist said some term basicly scar tissue. Nicole to quarter size scar ball. That was there from the beginning. My incesion scar was a hard mass. They said my body just absorbing the sutures. It was hard quarter size mass grinding on my right but for the first 2 months and painful. Finally went away. I did not have a varic. After my experience with my doc and urologist I just wanted to get back to normal.

Good luck

I have one horn in the left side and it actually feels larger today. It
formed like a week in. I have a hard time believing scar tissue would form
that fast or at least that fast to somehow notice it.

I just got my reversal 13 days ago. After my surgery they gave my a bottle/vile with the metal clips or whatever was used for my original vas. It was big. You can see the metal clip still sticking out of it. (It looks metal.) I could feel that poking me from the inside when it was in there.

What they left something inside?? So some of what you were experiencing
could have been your body rejecting the foreign object maybe? Seems like
you could sue…

I just googled it. They are called hemoclips and made of titanium. Looks to be a common practice.

Common practice to leave them in ?

Clips are common. Most don’t recommend getting the clips as the metal has the potential to be sharp and cause further damage down the road. I think they use those because silk suture can be irritating to the body. They don’t want anything dissolvable because they need something permanent and gut sutures cause even more inflammation.

What about an MRI you can’t have metal in you. And how would you even know you had them… Thats messed up

How are you doing now? Is the reversal still good?

Hey @backintime30, I was wondering how things turned out for you. I have similar symptoms and am currently 1-month post op.

Hey there I just popped back in for a post of my own and see I missed replying to some things. So my balls still ache. My left sides my worse. I have referred pain from nuts to my upper abdomen. Also up the left side of shaft. It sucks. Any activities makes things worse. Everyday starts about a two, I can manage what I do in the day usually doesn’t get that much higher but I am currently unemployed. When I went to work my pain was about a 6 by the time Wednesday rolls around. I’m done. If I didn’t have penis pain I probably would have went for a reversal but because of the aggrivation it causes me I feared it would get worse. It’s pins and pain kinda tingles with my shaft and it’s not fun.