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Lawsuit against "spermatic cord denervation" urologist won

As many of you here know, I was victimized by spermatic cord denervation over 3 years ago. Since undergoing this surgery, I have been permanently disabled, have lost my job, have lost my family, and I’ve had to spend each day lying in bed and taking narcotic pain medication due to the agonizing nerve pain that the surgery inflicted upon me.

A small positive update in this situation is that I recently was victorious in my lawsuit against the urologist who did this to me. I prevailed in the amount of 1 million dollars, which of course is not much considering the fact that my entire life was taken from me by this barbaric surgery, but it is at least something and it is good to know that this will be a permanent mark on this urologist’s record. I sincerely hope that my lawsuit saves other men from having their lives destroyed the way mine was.


Congratulations. I hope it will ease your life a little …
And I hope you will get a little better over time. You deserve it. And thank you for all your inputs for the debate.

Happy to hear you won your case @sdhc81.

Way to stick to that butcher! Glad you are fighting.

So sorry to read about your situation again, but I’m happy for you that you were vindicated and prevailed in court.

I wish I knew more about SEO. Seems like a lot of our stories should be like blogs that drive search engines to find these stories.

Spermatic Cord Denervation should be linked somehow with life-altering pain like this. Maybe it works for some, but I sense the risk is a lot higher than we’re led to believe.

Great news Jesse.

That’s a rare win indeed. I hope the money helps you to minimize the life altering discomfort you will have to deal with. It’s cold comfort I know. I’ve often thought winning the lottery would not mean much for me as money is useless if you have an unfix-able problem. You fought and won and god bless you for that. I don’t remember what the basis for your case was if you could refresh us that would be great.

FYI, to those not familiar and correct me if I’m wrong, Jesse has not had a vasectomy, he had the denervation to “fix” chronic idiopathic testicular pain.

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@sdhc81 so sorry to hear of the life changing effect. glad you won your case. you deserve every penny and more… How did you manage to win the case. I presume there was some error in the procedure otherwise I’m guessing the butcher would have pointed to the disclaimer/terms and conditions? :rage:

Good to hear! Try to keep your budget low and you can stretch that out for a long time. Now you can allow yourself time to de-stress and keep healing!

How do u probe it was ur surgery that caused ur problem ?

@Victor_Melendez, keep in mind that Jesse, or @sdhc81 never had a vasectomy.

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That’s an important distinction especially on here.

Hello guys, and thank you for the support. You are all absolutely right, I never had a vasectomy. I only had some benign testicular pain that was not even all that bothersome. I visited a urologist about this issue, and he convinced me to have denervation performed in order to treat it. He convinced me that he had done this surgery for years and that there was absolutely no risk involved. When I asked him if anything could go wrong, he told me that I was “overthinking things” and that I should not question a surgeon with 25 years of experience. I should have known that he was an overconfident POS at that very moment, but since he came well-recommended by my GP, I fell for it. The surgery resulted in AGONIZING pain that will now have me disabled for the rest of my life. The idiot used electrocautery to burn through my groin nerves, so I now essentially have permanent burn injuries to my nerves.

I went from having a benign problem that would have resolved on its own to being permanent disabled. All for absolutely no reason. To add insult to injury, here is an excerpt from an email that the barbarian piece of human trash sent me after the surgery:

“You have an exceptional amount of anxiety. I really recommend you see someone about getting the anxiety under control. I’ve never seen someone as anxious as you.”

So, the prick inflicts a life-ending injury on me, then taunts and mocks me for having “anxiety.” My story has to be one of the worst tragedies in the history of medicine, simply due to the unnecessary nature of it.

The moral of the story is, if a urologist ever offers you spermatic cord denervation, fucking RUN the other way. It is a barbaric surgery with life-ending potential and should be outlawed.Furthermore, any urologists currently performing it should be thrown in jail, starting with the sociopathic piece of trash who permanently disabled me.

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I apologize if my thinking is ignorant, but since your groin pain is this severe might you consider removal of scrotum (the site of those damaged groin nerves)?


That likely would not help since the nerve damage occurred higher up in the groin. Sprematic cord denervation really is a fucked up surgery. Although we don’t hear about it, I am willing to bet that just about every man who has ever had it done is either dead because he has committed suicide, or disabled and spending all of his days in bed like I am.

Can they do a nerve block or is the issue general pain? Sorry for sounding like an idiot. Trying to understand what the pain is. Is it the skin? nerves?

It’s like having boiling water and acid poured on my entire groin and scrotal area 24 hours a day. I’ve tried absolutely everything to fix the horrific damage that spermatic cord denervation did to my body. There is no cure.

Gotcha. Have they talked about any other options? I know severing nerves isn’t something they want to do, but if that stops pain from getting to the area, i’d consider it.

I’ve done all of that. I’ve had 5 surgeries to attempt to fix the damage that spermatic cord stripping did. It causes severe pain that has no cure. That’s why barbaric urologists enjoy doing it. They know that everytime they perform a spermatic cord denervation, they have personally ended a life. It gives them a sense a great pleasure to know that they indirectly murdered someone.

Jesse we know you are hurting but urologists, providers for that matter, don’t set out to hurt people when they get up in the morning. They simply don’t do that. For most of us a bad day at work is a few more bugs in our code and mild embarrassment, some typos in an email, a missed meeting… when surgeons mess up people get hurt and or die. They can’t be reckless or they would not stay in business. You did the right thing by seeking redress for the pain and suffering your surgery caused. You worked within the legal system and were validated. I really am hoping for the day you come on here and tell us you are in a better place



I agree that most urologists do not set out to hurt people, except for the ones who perform denervation. There is a cult of urologists who satisfy their murderous urges by performing that surgery.