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Latest setback today

I had my appointment with Dr Shoskes at the Cleveland Clinic. All based on what @raising4girls had said about his experience. Sadly mine was not as good. Which super sucks. And here’s what happened.

So Was hoping to get a real answer as to what my problem is. I have seen numerous people and they all come out with a different answer. So I was hoping to get a solid answer like Raising did.

Anyways, I got there early to do all the pre-appointment screening and whatnot. The entry nurse was kind of a whatever. She had a bit of an attitude. Which could be a Monday thing or who knows. She wasn’t listening and I had to say numerous times about different drugs and other things. She finishes up and tells me to head up to the waiting area.

I wait for a bit and another nurse comes to get me. I head back and wait for the intake person. Dr Brandon. Who told me flat out he doesn’t have a sense of humor and doesn’t smile. So I was like, ok. No point in wasting good material on him. I went thru a bunch of other questions which were of course vague and pointless. And I told him so. If you want to know more you can’t use a simple 1-5 questionnaire. Anyways, he finishes up and then does a quick sack check and heads out to get Dr Shoskes.

After like 20 minutes Dr Shoskes comes in and we start talking. We discuss the study and a bunch of drug issues and other questions i’ve had. And we end up trying something. My PM guy Dr Grimm has wanted to do a nerve block but I have been leery of it working. Well…It didn’t. So Shoskes did a shot right into the Spermatic Cord with Lidocaine and Marcaine. Marconi being a longer lasting “caine”. So he said he would give me a Lidocaine shit to help the pain, then the cord shot. Well, i practically went off the table! He was like, “did that hurt?” I was like OMG yes! He said, well, we know the nerve block won’t work. And right when he did the cord shot, i felt like I got stabbed there. My left side which has been more painful lately is the one that got the shot. And holy shit it hurts now. Actually, I am in more pain now, than when I went into the hospital!

So that’s my setback.
I know that the nerve block won’t work. I know that the drugs don’t work directly into stuff even tho everyone says they will and I don’t know what I am talking about. And I know that my only choices are reversal, denervation and an Orchiectomy. Which by the way, he said has an 80% failure rate!!! He also said that denervation has a 50% success rate. And reversal the same-50%.

So my setback is I am in more pain now and I am stuck with a 50/50 choice for the denervation or reversal. And a 20% success rate of an Orchi.

I hate these choices. Not what I was hoping for.

He did say I can do the radio therapy @raising4girls is doing. But he’s only done 1 to completion and that person has slight improvement. I wanted to try the easiest option first, the shot to see. And I was in so much pain I didn’t want to stay. I had been there for over 2 hours. So he said I could do it. Just needed to schedule it. But since I will be out of town for two weeks straight I didn’t want to worry about missing treatments. But honestly, I am pretty crushed. I really do feel like I will never get better. And since I am stuck with a shit homelife, this whole thing just gets worse.

Anyways, not trying to stop anyone from trying options, we have too. Just sucks when they keep getting cut down within success.

So the only way he was going to let you do the program was to try a nerve block?

Dr P mentioned in one of our discussions that you have to be careful not to shoot to close the site of origin. Or was that the whole purpose?

I wasn’t into the plexus nerve block cause you have to be awake and they lidocaine to numb the area. Well lidocaine doesn’t work. So I would’ve felt needles going into my back while they are trying to avoid hitting my spine or other organs.

They would’ve used lidocaine or marcaine as the numbing agent and I was sure it wouldn’t work as it hasn’t before.

So this was an easier test to see if the plexus nerve block would’ve worked and since this didn’t the plexus nerve block wouldn’t.

He said I could join the study but he wasn’t sure what would happen. He and I agreed this shot as the easiest way to eliminate something and it did. The look on his face and his complete surprise was kind of a wow. Honestly I shouldn’t have been surprised tho as it’s the same with everyone when drugs don’t work on me and they insist they will.

So yes, I can join the study. But I’m busy the next two months and don’t want to start something and not do it correctly. But honestly I’m pretty chuffed right now. I don’t like that I am worse now and don’t like my options are limited to what they are. I’m beyond pissed at my wife who again show zero compassion towards me. And I’m super pissed that doctors don’t listen to patients when they say something cause they know their bodies.

The left sid is super heavy feeling. Like swollen. It feels worse like an 9 or 10 constantly now. When I walked in I was a 1. I left in tears cause I just screwed myself up and limited my options. I haven’t slept yet. Not feeling too hopeful honestly. It’s like if something so simple could do this, what happens if I get opened up again?

But anyways no. I did not have to do the shot to get into the study. Which by the way there are spots left. But he didn’t go into the questions and details with me like he did with raising. And I was bummed about that. Was hoping to have the same relief in caring approach he got. Never got that feeling. Not sure if I am gonna do the study tho.

Mike - Sorry to hear about your experience.

My understanding is that if the cord block doesn’t provide pain relief, then you’re NOT a good candidate for denervation.

Seems to me that reversal is your best option. Wish I had better news for you.

not your fault or anything.

he didn’t say denervation was off the table as an option tho. maybe he wanted to get rid of me or maybe he was freaked that it didn’t work. who knows. all i know is i am still in more pain today than yesterday. and it sucks.

He said that was 80% failure?

which i thought was interesting

I wonder what that’s based off. Total pain gone or maybe not enough or no pain reduction for those surveyed.

Not sure what he bases it on. But obviously he gets more info from the medical community than WE do.

Oh, and according to Dr Brandon and Dr Shoskes, they see LOTS of men who have chronic pain from a Vasectomy!!!

Not sure what he means by lots, but the stressing made it sound like that’s all they see and that they are seeing dozens a week or more. I would be curious what his office numbers are. I mean, The Cleveland Clinic is the #2 hospital in the country now. Was #4 last year. Their Uro Dept is #12. So there are clearly better out there-Mayo Clinic was #1. And they were #1 over all. But I am very curious what the numbers are. If they are keeping track and of course if they plan to publish. I highly doubt it tho given it would cut into their profits and doctors new car cash. But it’s always something I wonder about.

No doubt they see lots of men with vasectomy pain. Dr. Shoskes is the reportedly the only guy in Ohio who does denervation. Add him to the number of reversal docs in Ohio who will do reversals for pain, and there might be 5 in the entire state to see (BTW - Brandon is one of his Physician Assistants. Didn’t meet him or Katie. I met Craig.).

The Cleveland Clinic hasn’t been shy about publishing research about vasectomy pain. Here’s one I had saved as a link.

But, there’s no way any hospital system will stop doing them. Like you said, cuts into cash flow.

That’s old now wonder if they have anything more recent.

@Cartman - are you feeling any better after the cord block?

I’m thinking more and more you have congestive pain. Easy for me to guess about your sack, but just a hunch.

yeah, still in pain today. not the 9 or 10 I was in on monday after it. But not the 1 I was in when I walked in the door. Stress is really pushing it up tho. I am super busy trying to get things done for work and i am running out of time. I’m probably closer to a 5 to 6 right now this moment.

I am not sure if it’s congestion or nerve. And thats what I want to know and no one gives me an answer. That’s the frustrating part.

Hi Cartman,
Sorry to hear that you are suffering. PVPS and stress is not a good cocktail.
When the pain increases dramatically, it also has something to do with inflammation. Keep away from sugar and alcohol. It is highly inflammatory. Poor sleep and stress also get pain to explode. And if you combine it all with sex, then it goes horribly wrong.


I don’t drink or smoke so that’s not an issue. I haven’t noticed any increase in pain from sugar or caffeine.
As for the stress, oh yeah. Big jump especially if the wife is around. It’s like a heat seeker to the junk. And I know part of that is due to her not giving a shit about my situation.

I will say this…If I was in pain, and my wife cared or I could do things- ride, run, exercise, sex. I would be a ton happier. But I get none of those. If pain meds worked on me, I’d do it in a second. But I don’t even get the carefree sex or anything supposedly fun out of a vasectomy!!!

The poor sleeping, that doesn’t cause me pain. But I get poor sleeping BECAUSE of the pain. I barely sleep now cause I get woken up with the taser shocks. So i can’t even let the body heal itself. And that what pain meds are supposed to help people do. Heal themselves. But I don’t get that luxury. And I think that’s partly why I am in the state I am. I never had the relaxing ability. No pain meds. No free time. Lots of stress. So it all added up. And then throw in a doctor who clearly didn’t give the tiniest of shits. It was a perfect storm.

I just wish I had not done the cord block shot. Cause fuck did that hurt! But I do know now that nerve blocks don’t work on me.

Hi Cartman.
Sleep is really important. Sleep is highly anti-inflammatory. Have you tried sleeping pills? If you do not sleep, you need the pills.

Sorry to hear that you lack of support at home - this disease is hell. I know. Believe me.

Sugar, alcohol, corn, etc (inflammatory food) will not get the barometer to rise immediately, but the symptoms increase over the following days.

sleeping pills wire me up. i can’t take them. amitriptyline did the same thing

Michael - things settling down from the cord block yet? Really sorry to hear what you’re going through.

When do you see Sabenegh? If I were you, I’d see one of the guys like Dr. P., Werthman, Witt, or other who’s had success doing reversals for guys with pain. They won’t just open you up; they will do some checks to see if they think you’re congested or would benefit from reversal.