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Laparoscopic Triple Neurectomy

Hi, has anyone had a Laparoscopic Triple Neurectomy of the ilioinguinal, iliohypogastric, and genitofemoral nerves to help stop testicle pain?

No but I considered it seriously. Pain resolved itself shortly before I was scheduled.

NO NO No… Don’t do it. neurectomy is dangerous. Triple neurectomy is more dangereous. Laparoscopic neuroctomy is a crime. You loose motor functions of your groin, rectus muscles, your legs, your penis. After that you will use whelchair, no sex life and cannot sit.
If you cut a nerve, free end of the nerve become neuroma…
Your pain is doubled and you meet with new strange pain types…
please follow herniatalk forum. You can find several patients with triple neurectomy.
The famous doctor dr. Chen in UCLA is performing that surgery.
Please follow in facebook “MEsh removal patients”. In that forum, there is a man. his name is Gonzalez. Chen ruined him…
Also, there is another man. Paul braous. He cannot walk after triple. both lost their sex life…
Please contact with Dr. Shrin Towfigh. She strongly aganist laparoscopic triple …
I had a triple… Mine is near the skin. After 4 months i experienced unbelievable strange pains…

What about cutting the ilioinguinal nerve, a ilioinguinal neurectomy?

Which is better, cutting nerves or removing testicle?

@raising4girls how long did it take for your pain to fully resolve? I’ve read some of your story but missed that.

Most recent bout was about 30 months (April 2016 onset to resolutions December 2018). Prior bouts were shorter. November 2008 - April 2009 for 2nd bout and October 2005 - November 2006 (with reversal June 2006 in there).

I’m over 3 months in. Some days better than others. Trying to figure out how long to wait to even contemplate a reversal.

Why not try first a micro denervation of the cord? (I´m not suggesting this, I´m just curious)

That’s a good question. I looked into both SCD and neurectomy, in large part, due to the negative reviews of SCD on this forum. In the end, I was still torn on which surgical route to pursue but, thankfully, my pain dropped to the 0-1 range for the past 2 years. Hard for me to advise. I see risks in both. My sense is that SCD is less risky, but that’s certainly debatable.

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Here in the UK they don’t recommend MSCD, they say it can cause more pain, that is rarely works.

To be honest, the UK NHS is hopeless, they just push you away and give you pain meds, which don’t work, except Morphine.


I went with my pains to GP, asking if I could request steroid injections as have seen many positive reviews here, and was informed that the vasectomy and vasectomy reversal can cause chronic pain, so I cannot have it under NHS, and apart of pain meds, there’s nothing they can do. I did question why is vasectomy available in the first place if they are unable to provide after care if things go wrong, but all I got was a silent blank stare.

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I understand Orchiectomy is an option after Vasectomy.

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I would love to read an objective, medically-based comparison of orchiectomy vs. cord denervation and neurectomy. I seems to me as a layman that while cord denervation and neurectomy are risky and dangerous, orchiectomy would be at least as big of an assault as them.

If I knew with near certainty that congestion or autoimmune response from leakage were my issue, I’d definitely look at orchiectomy over epi removal. Epi removal appears to be the one intermediate step that delivers consistently worse results based on my read here. Everything else seems like a mixed bag. So hard to know.

The general advice of my doctors is “live with this”. Another option is to accept the situation and your current body. Several doctors asked, “after orchiectomy what happens if it didn’t solve your pain…??

I know what you mean, it is a worry, but wearing clothing gets so painful.

What am I meant to do?

So, then doctors worry about your well being? A tad late imo…

Does anyone know what nerve’s go to the epididymis?

Right from day one my pain started at the head of the epi, this has never changed, it has always been the trigger point.

I just gave myself an examination, and the head of my epi is so tender and very painful when I touch it, this has always been the same.

I wanted to see if the pain location would move if I rotated my testicle, so I gently rotated/turned my testicle 90 degrees so the head of the epi was facing towards my inner thigh. I then touched lightly on the head of the epi through the skin on the scrotum and straightaway I got instant pain which also shot down my leg.

This must mean my epi is the problem, the trigger point moved round as I gently turned my testicle 90 degrees, as soon as I touch the epi head I get shooting pain, this then leaves me with chronic ache/pain for minutes/hours until it settles down.

What nerve can send pain when the head of the epi is touched?

Why did the pulse RF block make my pain worst?