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Journal for my spinal cord stimulator (SCS) trial and implant

Six and a half years after vasectomy and almost 3 years since reversal, I am going to have a trial spinal cord stimulator (SCS) attached to my body on Monday, August 5, 2019, to see if it provides any pain relief. This will be somewhat of a guinea pig trial as there is no research on groin pain and dorsal column stimulators.

This first phase is a trial, and if it works, I will later do a permanent implant. Insurance company requires a trial because they don’t want to pay for a permanent device unless it is proven to work.

I have decided to try Nevro’s HF10 device first. If it doesn’t work, I might also try a device from Boston Scientific before having the leads pulled out of my body. If either one works, a different device (smaller and more expensive) will be surgically implanted inside my body. Battery is rechargeable and has to be replaced once every 6 to 10 years.

I have opted to try a SCS instead of going for denervation or orchiectomy because the SCS is more reversible. My cord block didn’t provide any relief, and I’ve had troubles with TRT, so SCS seems like a better route at this point.

I also have opted for a dorsal column stimulator instead of a dorsal root ganglion (DRG) stimulator for various reasons: (1) Nevro’s device produces no tingling, (2) dorsal column is less likely to experience lead migration, etc.

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Thanks for the update. Following for sure. Any idea how long it will take for you to know if the trial is working?

Trial lasts for 7 days. Will make a decision at that point.

Best of luck with this, and thanks for sharing your insights and experience here.

Good luck. Keep posting.

Here is the trial stimulator and its remote control. There are three program settings. Nevro will call me today (day 2) to see how I’m doing and offer additional programs. The two Ethernet cables attach to leads, which lie along my spine.

It’s been almost 24 hours since I had the procedure. My back has been pretty sore from the insertion of the leads. I intentionally slept on my left side last night to test out the stimulator. That’s consistently my bad side. Didn’t notice any reduction of pain. In fact, I was a little worse than usual, probably because I was wearing tight underwear (boxers reduce pain for me) and I didn’t move my testes out from between my legs (this usually reduces pain level as well). I wanted to test out the stimulator. So far, it’s a no-go. Still have six days.

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Day 5. Going back to the doctor’s office. They’re going to take an x-ray to make sure the leads are in the correct locations. So far, I’ve had 0% pain relief. If the leads have moved, they can reprogram the device to adjust for the movement. If the leads have not moved, they will take them out.

X-ray revealed the leads had moved, which may be why I was getting 0% pain relief. It’s one of the downsides of this type of device. They reprogrammed the pulse generator to provide therapy to the correct locations along the spine based on where the leads now are. So I will try for a few more days.

The following image shows what the leads look like along the spine. It’s not my x-ray, but it gives a good idea of what they’re looking at. If a lead moves, they have to send signals to another section on the wires. There are 8 on each wire.


Had the leads taken out today. I had zero pain relief during the 7-day trial. Obviously disappointed and won’t be going forward with the permanent implant, but glad I gave it a shot. Nevro reps worked with me to try different settings and make adjustments, but nothing worked. I get better results from daily Rapaflo. This doesn’t eliminate all pain though; and I’m effectively disabled, unable to do most physical activities without increasing my pain level. Next options are DRG stimulator, denervation, or orchiectomy.

So sorry to hear @Sentosa. Please keep us posted

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Have you moved forward in your therapy plan? Did you try the DRG? Please keep us posted.

Great timing, Juno. I actually have an appointment a week from Monday to set up the DRG trial. I haven’t done orchiectomy or denervation.

Hi Sentosa, how has your pain been as of late? Any improvements?
Do you have any papers or info about SCS vs DRG for PVPS patients, or any patients with CRPS in the groin/testicular area?
What’s the difference in layman’s terms between SCS and DRG?
The urologist I am working with is suggesting SCS but I haven’t found any good literature on it.

DRG is supposedly super successful with groin pain. It is one of the main indications for it’s use. I’m very curious to hear how this goes. Please keep us updated and I would like to know what specific ganglion they block. Much less side effects compared to SCS is reported (no tingling feeling).

Drg stim is new (2016). Much of the research had to do with nerve damage from hernia repair which is in effect damage to nerves of the spermatic cord so I think it should be considered as a treatment modality for us.,pain%20refractory%20to%20conservative%20management.

@Sentosa any updates?

I have to go in for a psych eval on Friday. This is required by insurance. Meanwhile, my doctor’s office is going through the red tape of getting the procedure authorized.

Here’s the link to my DRG trial:

Hey Sentosa. How did the DRG go? I’ve got post op nerve damage after left orchiectomy and denervation of the cord. Living with it for a few years and it’s driving me mad.