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Ive relieved my pain by about 70-80% naturally

So I’m 8 months past the sperm granuloma surgery that I feel ruined my life by damaging nerves. My original vasectomy was over 2 years ago and I had been in pain ever since. Pain levels ranging between 3-8. I can now keep myself below a 2 mostly.

Ive tried many supplements and think I’ve finally found some that have offered me relief for now. This whole process has been a TON of work.

I started pelvic floor therapy 2 months ago, as the whole right side of my pelvic floor was severely triggered. Ive been able to relax and work out that side of my body, which has helped tremendously. PLEASE do yourself a favor and at least try it for 2-3 sessions and see if it helps.

I think the biggest accomplishment was hiring a nutritionist friend of mine. She got me eating more of an anti-inflammatory diet and staying away from sugar and garbage.

Tart cherry and NAC supplements I feel have been my saving grace. As well as curcumin that I have taken for at least 10 years already.
Please do yourself a favor and read deeply into these. Especially google tart cherry and nerve pain. NAC is an anti-inflammatory but also helps heal your liver from the excessive use of NSAIDS as well. It helps with neuropathic pain of unknown origin.

I had a shot of methylprednisolone into my scrotum 2 months ago, which caused me to severely flare up and want to check myself into the hospital for about a week. I couldn’t stand the pain. Literally the day after starting these supplements the following week, I was pain free.

I had thought that maybe the shot had kicked in for a month. I had then weened off the supplements and the pain had come back. Upon reintroducing the supplements again, my pain has gone away.

As soon as I run out of supplements again, I will see if the pain comes back. Obviously I’m a bit scared to, but its research to help everybody out.

I am on the wait list for a pain clinic in town, but honestly am thinking of canceling. These drugs and therapies will just keep me in a viscous cycle of remaining sick.

I was never a true believer of nutrition healing the body until I did this.

I have also been on TRT therapy a good chunk of the time as well. Could potentially help the process, but im not sure.

Hang in there men.


What brand of NAC do you use ? Are you using Tart Cherry pills or what ?

Brands are in this original post. I was using the juice but I think the pills are the same.

Definitely report your findings if you try please