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I've done it all- My story

Just writing to relate to everyone here and share my story. I had a vasectomy 2 years ago at age 33 and knew something wasn’t right a week in. Doc told me the pain will go away, but that never happened. I experienced a throbbing pain and a sensation as if someone was squeezing my nuts. I was in and out of his office for about year diagnosing me with epididimitis, pelvic pain syndrome and numerous infections along with inflammation. I ended up getting a bilateral epididiectomy to try and alleviate the pain and that didn’t work. He basically told me that there’s nothing else he can do other than pain management, so I went and saw a specialist at Baylor College of Medicine who told me I needed a bilateral denervation of the spermatic chord. He then referred me to the best in the world Dr. P who performed this operation. It worked for both sides for about 2 months and then the same pain came back to the left side. Right side is perfect no pain what so ever. We then tried cryoblation which didn’t work either. 2 weeks ago I had him perform a left radical orchiectomy. I never would have though a simple procedure could lead to a testicle getting removed, but here I am and ready for my life to finally get back to normal. I’m now battling scrotal hematoma (egg size) that I as told is normal and will get absorbed by the body with a month or two, but at least the testicle pain is gone. I’ve got 5 scars and one nut to remind me everyday the choices I made. I look back and wish I would have done more research, but all my friends and colleagues who had vasectomy never had any issues at all.


Another tragedy, so sad to read about these while the medical community continues to ignore the risks. My nightmare began in 2005 and while mostly healed, it amazes me that men are still deceived nearly 15 years later into the belief that vasectomy is simple and relatively risk-free.

It saddens me to see that new men like you are having their lives put on hold or even ruined by vasectomy.


Same as me, unsuccessful unilateral epidydymectomy, haematoma lasting 4 months, and then radical orchiectomy on my extremely painful leftie 2 years ago, unfortunately what I found is that after removal, I assume my right one started compensating hormones for the lost one, grew 2 times in size and became extremely painful too. I had a reversal on my right one around 16 months ago.

Wish you all best mate, fingers crossed you’ll recover soon. :crossed_fingers:

I’m sorry to hear this. Thanks for sharing your story.

Can you give us better details regarding your timeline? Like, how many weeks or months in-between all of your corrective procedures? You seem to been through an awful lot in a short period of of time.

Vasectomies destroy lives in a certain percentage of cases. We know this. We have a pretty good idea of the percentages too.
Yet the way they are presented in most media is politically charged and biased in a way that downplays risk almost to the point of being disinformation/lies.

The best we can hope for is an honest appraisal of risk in the form of realistic informed consent.

This place is doing a lot to get the word out that bad outcomes are real and the consequences can be dramatically life altering.

I’m sorry to hear about your problems. Thanks for sharing your story. Its another piece of information guys can use to make the best decision they can for themselves.

No provider is going to share these sorts of stories/outcomes.

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-May 2018 had the non scalpel vasectomy

-November 2018 had a bilateral epididiectomy and bilateral veriococele repair, found out I had veriococele through ultrasound. Wouldn’t have ever know unless I had issues after vasectomy

-May 2019 had the bilateral denervation

-October had the bilateral cryoblation

-December had a left radical orchiectomy

Thanks for the details brother.

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I’m right there with you. I’m down to my right testicle that’s been swelling up just lately. I’ve also been struggling with post op nerve pain since June 2018 after having the left testicle removed.

3 years of terrible orchialgia multiples medication ,vase regraft ,denervation ,and finally bilateral orchi december 20 and completly pain free now ,lost my balls and my pain in same time and d ont regret .


I lived with on going pain with vasectomy for 27 years. I had issues 2 years ago with blood clots on my lungs due to my testosterone levels been out of kilter which caused my blood to thicken which caused the clots. When I say that vasectomy ruined my life I liturly mean it. Men for f sake do your research don’t get a vasectomy because your Dr and wife think your should. Remember men Your body your rights just like your wife uses those words it is the same for you.


update…5 weeks post orchiectomy and the swelling is completely gone. Best of all the left testicle pain is gone!!! 2020 is my year.


Great news @keldon17. What’s your testosterone levels like? Have you tested yourself?

haven’t tested yet, but sex drive is great and have a ton of energy.


That must be an indicator in itself