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"It's psychological", my urologist says about my disappointing orgasms

I’m not sure if @JJ_Bradshaw is a troll, but considering everything he said, I do find it very suspect that several months post an amazing experience he is back online running the internet ropes again and somehow ended up posting such a comment on this website. If JJ did indeed read 100’s of medical journals doing in-depth research on everything related to vasectomy before he had it done to himself, the odds of him not finding this website during the course of all his research is rather unlikely to me. Whatever the case, something doesn’t seem to add up.

There are countless random posts in random threads from countless random men that experienced the same or similar thing post vas. Here are a couple dedicated threads on the same or similar topic.

The video below was posted in the latter of the first linked thread. Dr Jennifer Berman certainly is not dismissive about what men are describing here and elsewhere, and a counter argument was made by Dr Aaron Spitz. Dr Jennifer Berman is upfront and straight up about what she knows to be true - while Dr Spitz seems to dismissively skirt around such an honest and straight up admission. The discussion in this particular video is very limited or baseline considering some of the other comments I have seen posted online by countless others over time.

This guy gets a vasectomy, and like many before him, notices something is off. Like the many before him, he starts taking supplements to try and improve things.

Luckily for him, the supplements seem to help then comes on here and says he doesn’t understand why guys report diminished orgasms when he himself had to supplement after his vasectomy.

Lol, ok.

Orgasm and ejaculation are 2 separate things. During the first part of ejaculating the smooth muscles in the epis and vas deferens contract to move sperm up and out, when this process causes pain or just stops altogether because things hit a roadblock it can mess with the orgasm.

The physiological change that causes diminished orgasms is the cutting and occlusion of the vas deferens which stops the first phase of ejaculation which can effect the orgasm. This shouldn’t be that hard to understand.

Everyone is different, glad it worked out for you @JJ_Bradshaw, but the dark cloud follows you man. At any point your open ended vasectomy can go to shit.

Are you meaning with open ended vasectomy he opened himself up for immune diffency caused by sperm getting into the blood stream

At any point your open ended vasectomy can go to shit.

None of the journals offer a physiological explanation for why men with a vasectomy get prostate cancer more often either. :grimacing:

I can also say that things were very different at climax initially. Also like a there, almost there but not. I experienced almost like a physical pressure too. But fortunately, for me at least, I got used to that and everything is good on that front.

However, what I will say is this, whereby I used to have that clichéd urge to roll over and go to sleep or whatever immediately after climax that’s not really there anymore. Like that sudden decrease in testosterone doesn’t happen.

I kind of feel like I generally have a higher level of drive maybe down to elevated testosterone? I was actually at the point where the wife ended up telling me to leave her alone and called me a ‘sex pest’! It has calmed down recently but still more so than friends I talk to whom have also been snipped.