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It's just in your head

While not directly told that it was in my head, I think people thought I was exaggerating my level of pain. I remember grabbing my wife by the arm and squeezing as hard as I could and saying “My pain is like that all the time, relentless” No one can possibly imagine what it is like to have your only thought be “My nuts ache” unless that is your only thought.

I’ve been told many times it’s in my head. And when I ask them to let me taser their privates so they can see what I am going thru, they back down very quickly. I guarantee they still think I am making it up and all, but tell them, let me kick you in the junk all day every day and you tell me if I am fine.

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All these urologists that suggest the pain is all in your head to their clients… This has gone on for decades! Dont let any of them fool you that they don’t know what’s happening to you.

Anything that could possibly cause such such a “in your head” problem should have been disclosed prior to the vas. I mean, really… These people are really something. It’s a real slap in the face to be told PvP/s, cpps, etc, is all in your head post vas.

I think any urologist that suggests the “in your head” theory should be locked up in jail.

“My urologist privilege” :-1:

An insurance company spent more than 5 million dollars trying to prove that pvps is in your head or as they would say there is a functional basis for your pain symptoms in the case of my litigation.

Unfortunately for them I had the most experienced and the most skilled testicular nerve microsurgeon on the planet in my corner and he told the supreme court that the fact is that my pain is 100% organically based and is caused by the formation and growth of neuroma where the nerves were damaged during the vasectomy. I believe he used the term that I had been butchered.

They spent millions on a litany of “the best expert witnesses in their field” who all claimed the opposite but none had any real credibility when you stood them next to my star witness and I had a couple of other good expert witnesses too.

They spent many years trying to make me bankrupted or suicidal or my small supporting law firm broke, I had one lawyer, one barrister and one Queens council and we would go to negotiations with them at their offices at the top of the Rialto buildings in Melbourne Aust and we would face off with 5 or six each of their barristers lawyers and QC’s enough to fill a huge boardroom just their side.

They didn’t offer a proper settlement until we were all inside the supreme court and the magistrate began to hear the case.

It was around one millisecond after that point I believe.

I am free to discuss any and everything about the case because I informed them that the confidentiality agreement gag order that I was required to enter into as a condition of them paying me settlement to no longer pursue the legal case against them could be inserted into the uppermost regions of their arseholes along with their cheque and that I would be following it up with an Almighty kick to the balls to give them a little perspective.

I also refused to accept it unless they tripled the amount and when they could only get approval from London to double the maximum amount that Australian employees of their company (it was Loyds of London i think cannot actually remember) can be authorized to offer I still refused to sign it until well after the finaldate that the offer can be accepted before it is permanently withdrawn and never to be repeated and they had no problem extending the offer deadline a couple of times and accepting it minus the gag order.

So yes they pretend that there are functional chronic pain systems that mysteriously cause pain after vasectomy for some men unrelated to the surgical technique but the truth is that no vasectomy should ever be performed without a microscope and a highly skilled microsurgeon. It is the only way to avoid damaging nerves when they are stripped from the spermatic cord and local anaesthetic should NEVER EVER be injected into the spermatic cord or even near it during the procedure.


Safe to assume you won your case? On what basis? Id like to hear the details. I go in for neuropsych testing tomorrow for cognitive issues I’m having. If I’m diagnosed, I’m planning on pursuing the AUA. The only thing that’s going to stop this stuff is proper awareness.


Bump for more info I’m currently in litigation myself I would like to know the name of the surgeon who told you this should only be done with microscope and never a local. I had the local and had to be renumbed and I know that is when the damage occurred.

Yes you are correct when local is used and in particular when a lot is used it causes the nerves (and the blood vessels I believe) to constrict to such a degree that they become invisible and it is impossible to properly strip them from the spermatic cord,

I will never forget the pain of having these nerves crushed with a clamp during the procedure.

The surgeon that you refer to in my legal case was Professor Earl Owen, one of the greatest surgeons who has ever lived, and who unfortunately passed a couple of years ago.

Two of my other expert witnesses were
Dr Lou Zaninovitch and
Dr Adrian Zentnor

They are both very nice and particularly sympathetic to men who are in our situation.

All the best and good luck to you if you are pursuing legal action, it is a VERY VERY DIFFICULT PATH to follow for men with pvps and extraordinarily expensive,

I was lucky enough to find a lawyer who was willing to cover all the costs for me during the case including all of the " out of pocket " expenses which you generally have to pay for upfront at the beginning and also throughout the case and which amounted to several hundred thousand dollars.

The case was settled out of court, they agreed to offer a settlement once we had made it to the Supreme Court and the magistrate had actually begun the hearing

Thank you what’s another 100k I’ve already shelled out at least that in medical expenses

Are you able to give any tips on legal avenues rochan? I can hardly even get anyone to return a call let alone take me seriously. Thanks for any advice you can offer, cheers

I’m up close to 100K lost myself when you add up all the medical treatment and copay’s, standing desks, cushions, failed supplements and other worthless treatments plus I could not work for a good part of a year due to pain. I wish I could sue my original urologist and get that money back. I guarantee you if I could make any judge or jury go through for 1 week what I went through for 5 years they would not hesitate rule in favor of that payout.

So this may be random but in a thread from 2016 I saw where you said that your post vasectomy pain ended almost instantly after reversal, were you being treated for “prostatitis” at the time of reversal? My husband has on and off issues for years but only required medical attention the past 6 months. He’s on his 4th round of antibiotics (21 day cycles) and is having zero relief. We are planning a reversal for reproductive reasons but his urologist says he shouldn’t do anything until the “prostaritis” is cleared. His urologist also insist there is NO link between the vasectomy and his issues. My husbands greatest complaint is that he “feels like there’s a knuckle” in his rectum and sharp shooting pain in his testicles. We are desperate for any input that anyone can give us.

Wow. Typical urologist denying that a vas can cause testicular pain. I mean c’mon, you’re blocking an organ which produces millions of sperm cells per day, and the epididymis balloons to double it’s size, of course there’s going to be pain.

A lot of us have prostatitis like symptoms from the vas, so it’s too easy for urologists to say that’s what it is.

I’ve had rectal pain/pressure on and off since my vas, but pelvic floor stretches and relaxation techniques help tremendously.

Anyways, as always, sorry that you are here, but I think it’s wonderful that you are supporting your husband in this crap.

I would definitely reach out to a pvps specialist in your area. Good luck.

@ChandraRene, I think this is a real terrible idea. Your husband sounds like an accident waiting to happen if you ask me.

I second everything @vasregret had to say as well.

@RingoStar what do you mean an accident waiting to happen? You think the reversal is a bad idea or continuing to take the advise of the urologist is a bad idea?


Do you know anything about post vasectomy pain syndrome (pvps)? Ever heard anything about PvP(post vasectomy pain)? How about post vasectomy nerve damage?

If you do not know these terms, I can understand why you sound sincerely confused.

Please read the post/reply above mine, and answer them questions before I continue any further.

@RingoStar I am very sorry if my ignorance to this matter offended you. To answer your question I know very little about any of the post vasectomy pain, I have only found out about it by digging day after day on the internet trying to figure out why my poor husband can’t seem to get any better. As a woman, I cannot relate and I certainly am not trying to down play the situation. We may be different in the sense that we want to have a reversal for family reasons but also with the hopes that the reversal will alleviate some of the symptoms he’s currently dealing with. I am reading a lot of forums where men have had good results from the reversal of their vasectomy. Are you of a different opinion?

@ChandraRene, no worries, I’m not offended, nor surprised.

Read the 8th post in this thread, that could be your husband Researching for my husband (I'm the wife) :)

There are many smart guys, and gal’s on this forum that may be of more help to you far as explaining, or showing their concerns with your husband’s condition, and having a reversal.

Do I think reversals cure prostatitis, and/or prostate problems? I certainly would not go out on a limb and recommend such advice.

This forum should be very educational to you far as reading, learning, and asking questions. I’m certainly not going to answer them all.

Your husband has a serious medical condition, and that should be your main concern at the moment. Personally, I’d recommend getting babys off the brain myself.

Good luck :slight_smile:

I think he means taking the antibiotics for such long periods. If they’re not doing anything by now then I don’t see how they could ever fix the problem.

Most of us were given antibiotics after developing pvps to no avail. Some suffered some nasty side effects from their long term use.


This is a world of billions of people, and I don’t think there is a one size fits all answer here. I will note that I am not a urologist, etc.

I personally would not recommend having a reversal with all the prostate problems happening. A reversal could very well aggravate things further. Your husband’s urologist and I agree on that.

I do not agree with your urologist that your husband’s prostate problems are 100% NOT related to the vasectomy. 1000’s of guy’s would tell you the same thing.

Personally, I think vasectomy is bad for the prostate, but that’s just in my experience, and opinion. I never had any sort of prostate issues till shortly after the vasectomy.

I’ve had crazy prostate craziness happening at some point after both of the reversals I’ve had. I was fertile for several years after my second reversal. That’s another story.

Let’s keep in mind reversals fail all the time. This isn’t a durable solution to whatever the outcome of this situation may be.

Tack on the risks… I just think the killing two birds with one stone idea is a hit and miss idea.

My intent isn’t to sound harsh. I’m really glad you posted here. You may have saved your husband’s life as he knows it.i