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Is the chronic pain pain reversal primarily seem to be post surgical pain

Question for those who have had a “successful reversal” but still have some pain, is the pain seem to be primarily post surgery type of pain. In reading the success stories (unrelated to the horror stories) it seems that everyone says there’s still some pain but they can deal. It also seems to no be in epi’s. Would describe this as being surgical and scare tissue related?

Nearly 14 months post reversal. Still have swimmers. Yes, at this stage, I only feel surgical pain at the reconnection sites, sometimes spreads to the inner thigh or leg, but this only happens after a very busy day

Is the surgical site pain constant? Do you ever have days without it?

Sbnick. Off topic, but how long did they tell you to wait before ejuculating? I’ve heard some say your not suppose to for 3-4 weeks to let everything heal and avoid a rupture, but after that you’re supposed to everyday to keep things open.

On and off. I get 3 good pain free days a week, and then some days where it hurts. Still, much better than pre reversal.

Thanks. And, a day pain free sounds amazing. I am looking forward to that.

Day12 post reversal and today’s pain seems to spike a bit. I did some simple laundry folding today and was a bit more active. Is the first month up and down?

First year was very much up and down. I kept a detailed journal, have a read through it.

Fairly sure my remaining aches/pains remaining pain is due to scarring around the epis and/or damage to fine branch of the GF. My evidence is that I’ve gotten good relief from injections, especially the heavy/mega dose cord injection by Dr. P. and the heavy dose GF injection I had last 12/31/18 by a radiologist. He used 4 viles as opposed to Pain Management that seems to pride themselves on using as little solution as possible.

Thanks. By chance, how do the the do the blocks? I envision this long needle.

Exactly. I was asleep for Dr. P’s cord blocks and the Pain Management GF and II/IH blocks. I was awake for the GF block delivered by a radiologist and the II/IH and GF blocks delivered by a peripheral nerve surgeon. The one done by the radiologist was shockingly NOT painful. Said he used the narrowest needle on the market and with ultrasonic guidance, he seemed able to avoid painful tissue. Magician.

But, yes, if you fear needles, get put out or don’t watch.